Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kodac of Famed Subterraneous

I'll be honest I'm not really up on Kodac but this video shows he got some heat with 14KT on tha beat!!!

The Video is also entered in a Music Video Film Festval so show some love and give him your vote.

MF Doom on The New Yorker

If your a subscriber to "The New Yorker" your in for a treat, The current issue has a brief overview of Doom's background and his collaboration with Madlib.

Check in!!!

We Got A New Staff Member!!!!!

Sup party people?!?! For the next month or so I'm going to be in and out of the office doing work up and down California.. So to hold the blog down in my absence, I decided to add on a new staff member so we can continue to give you your daily Hip-Hop doses you all crave.. So with that being said I like to introduce you to my man Markass from Sarap-Sarap Multimedia.. Markass is a beast when it comes to being in the "know".... So that will be a bonus for you, cause like always he will continue to bring you nothing but the heat while I'm gone ... So be on the lookout for his posts and all his jive antics to come to the blog..

Not only is he up on his cyberspace game, he is up on his music as well.. So prepared to stop by and get a dose of his jewels, downloads, and anything else he decides to drop on the blog!!!
Big up Mark and thanks for getting down on the team,

Mike Giant.....

Upperplay Ground sat down with Mike Giant to do a real nice video interview.. If you appreciate the work of Giant i suggest you check in.. If you are not up on Giant, then you really need to get in the know...

Slick Back On His 59 fifty grind....

Check out the SxBones Slick Edition NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted baseball cap which is now in stock at Karmaloop. The cap features a “s” crossbones embroidered in White on the front panel and a graffiti signature placed in the back. Available in sizes 7 1/4 to 8

Monday, September 28, 2009

These are a Copper...

The folks at got the exclusives on these, Stay Tuned...

Zo! With the Youth!!!

Much respect goes out to Zo! for building with the youth, This video goes to show that the music of the next generation definitely got some soul power...

DJ Shortkut & Apollo Roc Raida Tribute

Surfing thru cyberspace I came across this video of Triple Threats finest spinning @ True Clothing (East) for a Rock Raida tribute!

Mighty 4 11th Year!!!

This Years Mighty 4 has a lot in store, With Special Guest "Pharoahe Monch".. This jam is going to be a FREE event going down in Oakland CA.. Featuring B-Boys, B-Girls, open circles, appreciation awards, and so much more... If your in the Bay Area i SUGGEST you check in on this one it's going to deliver!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary UZN....

BattleField Funk Radio.. (9/24/09)

Here is last night Battlefield Funk Radio Show... Big up to everyone that checked in last night... Congrats to Talk Sick from Seattle Washington, and Bron One from San Francisco, California for this week Hip-Hop trivia question.. Your Hip-Hop packages are in the mail!! Once again big up to everyone that checks in live and all those that watch the archive...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's going down tonight live for all you in cyberspace... We got another nice show lined up NEW Hip-Hop music, some exclusives, and some slept on classics in rotation tonight.. Show starts at 9PM sharp...
See you tonight
, -P

Watch Show Live Here Tonight @ 9PM Sharp!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

If you are into the funkstyles then this is your sure shot.. This event goes down in Oakland, CA. it features some bay area pioneers.. Click the flyer and get in the know....

Monday, September 21, 2009

For The Beat Nerds... (quick download)

I haven't thrown up any downloads lately so i figure i slip one in on you real quick.. Here is a nice beat tape by Slimkat 78 representing that Chocolate City.. If you appreciate soul power, nice chops, and some appreciation for some samples this one is your sure shot, now hit the play button.
happy Monday,


King 157

San Jose CA. graffiti writer King 157 sat down with Bombing Science to give them a nice interview on what he has been up to lately (doing work) .. I suggest you check it out and get in the know...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

For The Hip-Hop Collector...

K1X did a colab with Frank 151 and just dropped the 2nd project from the AIR ball limited artist series.. This edition is honoring one of the illest grandmasters in the game legendary N.Y. graffiti writer Stay High 149.. Check the clip and get in the know....

For You Writer's...

Creative Victim just dropped a new medium for all you writers.. It's a 140mm high 12mm thick cut out of a freight train.. The canvas even comes with mounting equipment so you can hang it on a wall... For more info on this one checkout

Rest In Power Roc Raida...

Our prayers go out to you and your family you will truly be missed!!!

New Sh*t..

Goodfoot is dropping more NEW ERA 59Fifty styles for the masses. The classic G logo comes in 7 new colorways for the Fall season. Available now exclusively at Goodfoot..

Friday, September 18, 2009

BattleField Funk Radio.. (9/17/09)

Here is the archive of last night Battlefield Funk Radio Show... This week we had a couple peoples slide thru to the bomb shelter, along broke a few new tunes in the mix... Much love to everyone who checked in, and big up's to my man Riff Riff for winning this weeks Hip-Hop trivia question your Hip-Hop package is in the mail!
See you all next week,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We On Live Tonight!

It's baaack once again... If you watch the show then you already know how it goes down.. For those who don't me and my mans from Hip-Hop Battlefield throw on the combat helmets, turn up the speakers, and go in with that high power frequency.. This week we got a nice show lined up chalked up with a gang of new Hip-Hop music, and never heard before tracks.. The show start's 9PM sharp! ... Tune in you just might like what you see/hear..
Watch Show Here live Tonight @ 9pm Sharp!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. T

I ran across this one today just surfing around cyberspace... Checkout this real jive ass clip of Mr. T doing back up on a info commercial... Mr. T. is so damn funny no wonder why he was one of my favorite stars growing up as a kid...
Do yourself a favor and watch this one!

*props 2: F151*

F*ck Shit Up.....

This is the Grog Squeezer Marker 25 it features a 25mm tip and it comes filled with Grog Ink. Normally Grog offered the choice of black, white or chrome ink, now they’ve just released four new colors: blue, red, purple and fuchsia. Grog is known for having an ink that stains, making it hard to buff and the new colors are no exception. Check the clip to get some more info on this wonderful product and how you can score yours today!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pro Keds....

All you B-Boys and B-Girls get ready for the new Pro Keds Spring 201o release of the Royal Flash Mid.. The classic Pro Keds will turn heads at any battle especially with those white trim soles...

Coo Pics....

It's another edition of 'Coo Pics"cause that is what it is a "Coo Pic".. This weeks coo pic is a nice production by my man Kufu and Young Prize from the TNS Crew (Takin No Sellouts).. This burner was done live in direct in the city of Oakland.. Check the color skemes and the entire theme of the production.. Straight Jungle Boogie if you ask me!

Check Check It Out...

Here is something to get you thru your tuesday.. Checkout my mans Daze Roc and Nick Nayme "Peace Ahki Podcast/Radio Show" The radio show broadcasts out of San Diego CA every monday night 9PM on and it features nothing but that hip-hop with a dash of classic material to get your neck snapping.. The show is all live and all mixed, or you check out the link and peep out a few shows from the podcast section either way i recommend you check in you just might like what you are hearing...


Monday, September 14, 2009

We Here......

I am offically back from my trip and does it feel good to be home.. The last week or so i have been out of town handling B.I.. Then when I got back, I had a gang of emails to check along with doing some major catch up to see what's going on in the world.. When I finally caught up and wanted to share some info, I just remembered that I had to take a trip out to Santa Rosa, CA. for a B-Boy Battle that some of my Ahki's did at the local community center.. Then the next day shoot out to San Francisco to do a little record digging with the fam-famz (So I just basically just opened the door, and then turned right around and walked back out.)

It actually was a nice jam, and a decent turnout..My man Mane One from S.D. was holding down the wheels of steel along side King Sha One.. The winners of the jam were the Renegades out of San Francisco and they took the bag of cake ($1500.00).. All in all it was a good night and it sure did feel good to fly some colors, and build with the Z-Famz.. Brothers even had a jive after party for the grown folks.. I will say this Santa Rosa CA. has some honey's..

After the battle we all shot out to San Francisco to do some record digging and build on some Hip Hop Sh*t.. I wish i had my camera so i could have got some footage of all this but due to the lack of time brotha's forgot it.. Anyway before I cut, I want to say big up to Sha, Manny, Ground, Fooders, Markass, Child, Zulu Grim, Dragon, Zulu Gobz, Remind, B-Boy Crumbs, Mane One, Bas One, Mel, Outsiders Cru, and everyone else that was getting it in over the weekend..
Happy Monday,

Thru down some updates check in...

*Photos courtesy of Mane One*

London Graffiti.....

Ran across this one surfing cyber and figured I share it with ya'll... But instead of me talking about it, ill let you check in yourself..
Happy Monday,

The book features forty of the most exciting and prolific graffiti artists to have lived and painted in London, Crack & Shine is the only London graffiti book ever to be published. Also presenting the work of London-based photographer Will Robson-Scott, Crack & Shine includes a series of over 50 beautifully-composed photographs, created exclusively for the book; giving articulate and vivid insight into the awkward moments of waiting, the apprehension of hiding and the calm and stillness that comes with seeing the world from an altered perspective.


For The Hip-Hop Collector...

Carhartt is doing a colab with Montana Colors to drop the second limited edition Montana Colors "Hardcore 400 series" in Carhatt's classic trademark orange... Whether if you are filling in the burner or smashing the streets super duty tuff style this color will do you justice.. But if you are like me you just can appreciate a fresh color and add it to the stash of other Hip-Hop collectables...

As a added bonus here is a clip of Bonks & Rask doing a Montana paint demo in Floss Scandalous ( Los Angeles CA.)

Tempt Getting It In..

Legendary L.A. graff writter Tempt is still getting down like James Brown with the use of a few computers, some home boys, ustream, and other cyber tools to keep him in the game.... You can't keep a king down, we salute you Tempt!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Check Check It Out...

LIDS got your hook-up on the blank 59Fifty New Era's... It's about time these bad boys get released thru the years it has almost been impossible to score a blank 59Fifty.. Rumor has it these are only going to be released for a limited time and come in a few different colors.. With a little creativity you can show up on the set with your own custom!

Junk Dunk......

Here is something for all you sneaker fienz.. Check out this men's size 9.5 Nike shoe made from junk made by Gabriel Dishaw.. Gabe used very little wire and more glue to keep the piece more clean, and less bulky. He also added new details, a hinged tongue and nike logo's on both the tongue and back of the shoe. The detail on this whole concept is pretty amazing and any shoe collector could appreciate that, Nice work Gabe!

Having some fun...

Here is something for all you toy fanatics.. This is a paper foldout character by Keeps DMC.. If you follow the instructions you can do some folding here and there and you come out with this nice charcter kinda cool huh???

- this model has 2 sheets. one for all the parts, and one to print on the back to add colour to the underside of hat, shirt, so on...
- you must print the first sheet then put it back into the printer on the other side, head first. if you dont follow these instructions, the template won't work.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sup party people I'm back on the set for a few days.. Damn it's been a real hectic week for me! It feels good to be back home and able to get it in with all my party people in cyberspace! As you know it's Thursday so you know what that means it's Battlefield Funk Radio time.. This week we got a real good show lined up with some new beats in rotation and another dope Hip-Hop package to give away tonight on the show.. Only if you get the Hip-Hop trivia question right! So tune in tonight at 9PM sharp west coast time and get in the know.. Big up to all that support the show, the site, and me and my mans Drasar Monumental..
See you tonight live,
Stay tuned for some major updates and some site announcements in the next few days...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Out The Office....

Im going to be out the office for the next few days... Brothers is going to be shooting up North to meet up more potential sponsors for the Battlefield Funk Radio Show.. But when i return i'll have some more of that high power frequency for all you party people in cyberspace... So stay tuned and hopefully ill be back this tuesday! (9/8/09)
Big up to all the people that check on the site and show support!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Deejay Q-Bert pays some homage to some fallen soliders.. Check the clip and get in the know!

BattleField Funk Radio.. (9/3/09)

Here is the footage of last nights show for you to start your friday off on the good foot... Much love to EVERYONE who checked in live with us on the air and in the chat rooms.. We had a a great time getting it in with everyone who tuned in.. This week we even went a extra 30 mins, dropped a new trivia question, took live phone calls on air, and dropped a ton of NEW Hip-Hop and classic Ragga Muffin music...
See you next week,
-P Rock

*Big up to DJ Deuce this weeks Hip-Hop trivia winner...
We will be sending you your Hip-Hop package in the mail!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's about that time.. If your not familiar tune in live tonight @ 9PM Sharp! We got a really good show lined up with a gang of new music we are going to be dropping.. Please do yourself a favor and check in you just might enjoy it....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Sh*t.. (quick download)

Your peoples Waajeed the founder of Platinum Pied Pipers and the Bling 47 Crew is back with a new mixtape to honor his Conrad Baatin.. The mixtape is called "The Eternal Mixtape (R.I.P. Baatin).. The mixtape features some of the classic songs we all grown to love and appreciate as well as some unreleased tracks.. Please do yourself a favor and download this one.. It's put together very well and without a doubt when played will bring the sun out in your neighborhood!
Rest In Power Baatin,


For The Hip-Hop Collector...

Superdeux created this very nice set including AUTO, a cassette-shaped toy (auto-reverse of course !) and its fella BOOMBOX which is hiding a 1GB USB KEY.(Yup it comes with a USB junk drive) Several versions will be released shortly : ARTOYZ Version (100 pi├Ęces), REGULAR version (700 pieces) And EUROPE Version plus US Version limited to 350 pieces each.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slick back in the 808.....

Here is 2 clips of Grandmaster Slick tearing shit up with his cru the Bomb Squad back in Hawaii.. This was Slicks last day in Hawaii before his return back to Floss Scandalous ( Los Angeles CA.) Do yourself a favor and get in the know..


New Shit....

Hella tight just re-released a new color skeme for the Republic .... The crown is done up in White corduroy contrasted by a Black denim visor and button. The Front logo bear is felt and star is raised embroidery. The interior feeatures White satin taping. Every Hella Tight hat comes in a branded drawer hat box. This release drops today September 1st @