Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Shit... (quick download)

DJ Total Eclipse from the X-Ecutioners put out a new mixtape called "Urban Legend Series #2. I was able to get a brief preview of this one and for sure I liked what I was hearing some doubles, cutts, and some funky slept on joints that you should be up on. The mix is composed with samples, original samples, and drops to keep you locked if you got a minute I would check in!

Good luck Total Eclipse on the Master Of The Mix Show!

*Sorry No Playlist =(

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For The Wu Heads... (New Shit.. Quick Download)

While I have been absent on the blog this one got me thru a few days.. Check it out, it's new and it's a double c.d.


01 04:47 Intro
02 02:41 Shimmy Shimmy Ya
03 03:26 Baby C’mon
04 03:38 Brooklyn Zoo
05 03:02 Hippa To Da Hoppa
06 04:02 Raw Hide
07 02:48 Damage
08 04:27 Don’t U Know
09 02:23 The Stomp
10 04:20 Goin’ Down
11 04:21 Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)
12 05:27 Snakes
13 07:21 Brooklyn Zoo II (Tiger Crane)
14 04:00 Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo
15 02:28 Cuttin’ Headz
16 02:43 Dirty Dancin’
17 06:16 Harlem World
01 03:49 Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version)
02 05:08 Don’t You Know Part II
03 04:06 Brooklyn Zoo (Lord Digga Remix)
04 04:39 Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix)
05 04:09 Give It To Ya Raw (SD50 Remix)
06 03:47 Brooklyn Zoo (Instrumental)
07 03:40 Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Instrumental)
08 04:00 Brooklyn Zoo (Lord Digga Remix Instrumental)
09 04:15 Raw Hide (Instrumental)
10 03:06 Don’t You Know (Instrumental)
11 03:42 Baby C’mon (Instrumental)
12 03:29 Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Acapella)
13 04:13 Ol’ Dirty’s Back (Lp Version)

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Congrats Rox Rite....

Just incase your not up on game B-Boy Rox Rite took this years BC ONE. Check the tapes and get in the know!

Congrats Br0-Bro all of CALIFORNIA / US is proud of you!

Coo Pics.......

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics", why??? Cause it's a "Coo Pic". This weeks Coo Pic is brought to us by Kufy X from the GFC/NS crew. Peep this nice work he did for the Amen Ra of Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa. This was actually painted on the birth of Hip-Hop (November 12th and the weekend of the NY UZN Anniversary)

While you and your crew were sitting around the coffee table smoking and talking about the old skool, me and my squad were out putting it in.

Salute to you KUFY X and thanks for sharing this experience with us all!

Sorry for the lagging on the blog I have been extremely busy on my Hip-Hop. (sketching, dj'n, traveling.) So when I start to go in the blog suffers sometimes. So please bare with me and I promise I will be updating way more and getting back to the norm around here.

*Photo taken: San Francisco, CA.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mixtape Monday's ... (NEw Shit Quick Download)

Here is a new mix from Diego called "Somatopsicopneumatic" featuring nothing but that Brazilian Soul Power. You might be up on a few of these tracks but then again you might not. Never- the-less it's a smooth listen with some frequency's added to spice your attention. It's perfect for a Monday morning back to work or this weeks rainy weather if you ask me.

Happy Monday & Enjoy,

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blast Master Check In's. (new shit)

-Mad Lion on the video work.. Nice touch!

-Happy Saturday Night to all the heads hittin the Disco!

-P Body

New Shit.. Quick Download

Finally back baby paw.... But before I go back in on the cyber tip with the updates I still got to do a few more errands. So in the meantime here is some new shit to hold you over for the weekend.

*Stay tuned Hip-Hop updates are back in effect!*

01. DJ Rugged One – Intro
02. Akrobatik – Always Bet On Ak’
03. Black Moon feat. Busta Rhymes – Onslaught
04. Finsta Bundy – Feel The High Pt. 2 (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
05. The Artifacts – It’s Gettin’ Hot
06. Originoo Gunn Clappaz – No Fear
07. Da Beatminerz feat. Cocoa Brovaz & Black Hearted Skavengerz – Extreme Situation
08. Smif-N-Wessun feat. Talib Kweli – We Came Up (Crystal Stair)
09. The Pharcyde – Drop (Beatminerz Remix)
10. Black Moon – Act Like U Want It
11. Da Beatminerz feat. The Last Emperor – Mafia Don
12. Doujah Raze – Spinmata
13. Jean Grae – Love Song
14. Black Moon – Reality (Killing Every…)
15. Black Moon feat. Phonte & Keisha Shontelle – Chicks Out The Pen
16. Royal Flush – Movin’ On Your Weak Production
17. Da Beatminerz feat. The Last Emperor – Hustler’s Theme
18. Black Moon – How Many Emcees (Must Get Dissed) (Album Version)
19. Black Moon – How Many Emcees (Must Get Dissed) (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
20. Heltah Skeltah – Prowl
21. Smif-N-Wessun – Wontime
22. O.C. – Stronjay
23. Sadat X – The Interview
24. Boot Camp Clik – Think Back
25. Black Moon – War Zone
26. Mic Geromino feat. Royal Flush & O.C. – Men Vs. Many
27. Da Beatminerz feat. Flipmode Squad & Vinia Mojica – Take That
28. Black Moon – U Da Man (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
29. Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Hurricane Starang
30. Black Moon – I Got Cha Open
31. Flipmode Squad feat. Buckshot – We Got You Open Pt. 2
32. Smif-N-Wessun – K.I.M.
33. Smif-N-Wessun – Bucktown
34. Da Beatminerz feat. J-Live – O!
35. Da Beatminerz feat. J-Zone, Karniege, Larry Thomas & Poison Pen – Check 1, 2
36. Da Beatminerz feat. Shades Of Brooklyn – Drama
37. Shortie No Mas – U Like My Style (Remix)
38. O.C. feat. Big L – Dangerous
39. Black Moon – Two Turntables & A Mic
40. Black Moon – Who Got The Props??

TO Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Out The Office........

Peace Everyone,

Im still out the office till mid next week (Tuesday) for a Hip-Hop misson. So that is why we are having a lack of updates on the site. So upon my return I will have some updates to what i was up to and some photos of my mission.

Thanks for checking the blog!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coo Pics.......

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics" why??? Cause it's a "Coo Pic". This weeks Coo Pic is all about Occupy For Hip-Hop. Over the weekend my and the crew (GFC) decided to set up shop bring some turntables and just take over a Hotel lobby. While everyone is on some other shit we on the right shit. (Hip-Hop) This pic is the outcome of what happened... Nothing but that hardcore Hip-Hop pumping, heads sketching in the black books and the homies cutting it up on the wheels of steel.

Aint no one gonna stop us when we set our minds to it.. HAHA!!!


*Be on the lookout cause we might be in your hood with a GFC take over! *

Monday, November 7, 2011

New SHit.. Quick Download

It's been a while that I have checked on the Conspiracy Radio Show. Let alone it's been a while since they even did a show. But to my knowledge they dropped a new one last week (halloween time) with a gang of people on it. In this show they feature live guests IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, JEDI MIND TRICKS, EVIDENCE, MACKLEMORE, SNOWGOONS, REEF THE LOST CAUSE, BROTHER ALI, BLUEPRINT, GRIEVES, MR MF eXQUIRE, FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP, LOWKEY and more! Expect real on point interviews the music tends to get questionable but the interviews are always in debt and on hit.

Perfect for a Monday morning,

Download Pt. 1 here:

Download Pt 2 Here:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New SHit.... (quick download)

New Rap Is Out Of Control hosted by DJ Eclipse this weeks special guest is M.O.P.

"Rap Is Outta Control" 10/30/11 Playlist (w/M.O.P.)
1. Kool G Rap & A.G. "Rap Is Outta Control Intro" prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by DJ Eclipse
2. Bronze Nazareth feat. Canibus (additional vocals by Raekwon) "The Bronzeman 2" prod. by Bronze Nazareth
3. DJ Cosla & Tribeca "The World's Best" prod. & cuts by DJ Cosla
4. Torae "For The Record" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
5. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles "B.A.P. (Bumpy and Preem)" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
6. M.O.P. & Snowgoons "Anybody Can Get It" prod. by Snowgoons, cuts by DJ Danetic
7. The Away Team feat. Laws & Big Remo "Paid" prod. by Khrysis
8. Black Milk & Danny Brown "Loosie" prod. by Black Milk
9. TEF "4 Tha Love" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
10. Styles P feat. Pharoahe Monch "Children" prod. by Pete Rock
11. Immortal Technique feat. Styles P, Vinnie Paz, & Poison Pen "Black Vikings" prod. by Southpaw
12. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Young Zee & Pacewon "Design in Malice" prod. by Mr. Green
13. ILL BILL feat. Q-Unique "Let It Go" prod. by Q-Unique
14. Bumpy Knuckles "Fake" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
15. 9th Wonder feat. Phonte & DJ Flash "Band Practice" prod. by 9th Wonder
16. Median feat. Halo "Right On" prod. by 9th Wonder
17. The Away Team "4 the People" prod. by Khrysis
18. The Regiment "The R" prod. by Soulution
19. Sha Stimuli "The Realist" prod. & cuts by DJ Qvali
20. M.O.P. & Snowgoons "Get Yours" prod. by Snowgoons
21. King Syze "Damage" prod. by Skammadix, cuts by DJ Kwestion
22. Statik Selektah feat. Sean Price & Termanology "Population Control" prod. by Statik Selektah
23. Rasheed Chappell "The Genesis" prod. by Kenny Dope
24. Bronze Nazareth "King of Queens" prod. by Bronze Nazareth
25. Immortal Technique feat. Joell Ortiz, CF & Pumpkinhead "Young Lords" prod. by Southpaw
26. RUN D.M.C. "Jam Master Jay" prod. by Russell Simmons & Larry Smith

To Download Pt. 1 Copy & Paste LInk:

To Download Pt. 2: Copy & Paste Link:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The UZN Calls On The World To Recognize The Month Of November As Hip-Hop History Month!

The official birthday of the Universal Zulu Nation is November 12, 1973.

The official birthday of Hip Hop is November 12th, 1974.

With consideration to the above mentioned dates, nothing makes more sense than to celebrate Hip Hop culture and it's history during November, which is exactly what the Universal Zulu Nation has been doing for over 27 + years. November is also significant in the fact that it kicks off the "indoor jam season". The Hip Hop community jams, enjoyed outdoors in the parks, throughout the Summer, had to move indoors for about 7 months to community centers, gymnasiums, schools etc. for the Fall and Winter seasons. The Hip Hop World should recognize this month and pay tribute to those who laid the foundation and paved the way as well as to those who continue to preserve the rich tradition of the culture.

Of course, The Zulu Nation appreciates all efforts to preserve the whole of Hip Hop culture, including any days or weeks set aside to conscientiously appreciate Hip Hop, but would rather that all of these days and weeks combine to celebrate in unity every November as the tradition has been since the beginning of this culture. Founded by the godfather of Hip Hop himself, Afrika Bambaataa, The Universal Zulu Nation is the world's oldest, largest and most respected grass roots Hip Hop organization. It's members and supporters are Hip Hop's most famous and legendary artists. True school enthusiasts travel from all around the world to be in New York City, in November, for the annual Zulu Hip Hop Anniversary, the only true Hip Hop Anniversary since the beginning. The Anniversary hosts a positive Hip Hop community coming together from all walks of life to celebrate the true essence and excitement of what Hip Hop was meant to be. Many artists who have donated their performances to help raise funds at Zulu Hip Hop Anniversaries have gone on to become legends and many of these legends continue to return to NYC, in November, to give back to the core community who supported them since their careers began.

A Little Background Information: In the early years of the culture, the movement went untitled until Afrika Bambaataa, started calling it "Hip Hop", a term originated by Lovebug Starski. In the 70's, ten years prior to it's gaining global recognition, Hip Hop was a celebration of life gradually developing each of it's elements to form a cultural movement. Due to it's energy, dynamics, and momentum, Hip Hop culture has become, ultimately, a key to upliftment and reformation, as well as a billion-dollar industry.

From the 80's on, the Rap industry and media have helped to make the terms "Hip Hop" and "Rap" synonymous, leaving out the other elements included in the culture. In light of this enormous oversight, the Zulu Nation promotes the "5th element" of Hip Hop, which is KNOWLEDGE, and actively tries to educate the masses about the history and foundational elements of true Hip Hop culture. Bambaataa declared: "When we made Hip Hop, we made it hoping it would be about peace, love, unity and having fun so that people could get away from the negativity that was plaguing our streets (gang violence, drug abuse, self hate, violence among those of African and Latino descent). Even though this negativity still happens here and there, as the culture progresses, we play a big role in conflict resolution and enforcing positivity."

Hip Hop is the Vehicle to Deliver Innumerable Lessons! Afrika Bambaataa doesn't believe that Hip Hop heads should just have knowledge of Hip Hop. He promotes and proves that Hip Hop can be used as a vehicle for teaching awareness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, unity, love, respect, responsibility and recreation, overcoming challenges, economics, mathematics. science, life, truth, facts and faith.

The Elements: Hip Hop culture is defined as a movement which is expressed through various artistic mediums which we call "elements". The main elements are known as MC'ing (Rapping), DJ'ing, WRITING (Aerosol Art), SEVERAL DANCE FORMS (which include Breaking, Up-Rocking, Popping, and Locking) and the element which holds the rest together: KNOWLEDGE. There are also other elements such as Vocal Percussion/Beat Boxing, Fashion, etc. Within the past 20 years, Hip-Hop culture has greatly influenced the entertainment world with its creative contributions in music, dance, art, poetry, and fashion.

Due to their lack of knowledge about the whole of Hip Hop culture, many of our world's youth are mistaken in thinking that activities such as: smoking blunts, drinking 40's, wearing a designer label plastered across their chest, carrying a gun, or going to strip clubs, are "Hip Hop". Hip Hop is being portrayed negatively by many artists who work in the element of Rap (emceeing), and this negativity is usually instigated and promoted by the record industry and various other corporations who exploit the culture at the expense of the youth's state of mind and morality. The Universal Zulu Nation believes there is a difference in speaking out about negativity (activism) and promoting it as a desirable lifestyle. Gangsters, pimps, playas, hustlers, niggers, spics, and many other derogatory words once used against us are now self employed in our everyday vocabulary. Our ancestors who have fought and died trying to free us from these sicknesses and slave mentality are probably turning over in their graves! Bambaataa asks you to just think about this, "How in the hell did we turn from gods to dogs?"

Afrika Bambaataa encourages you to do more research about our story, his/her-story, and what you think is your mystery is actually your history. Where are our Hip Hop thinkers, lawyers, holistic doctors, scientists, agriculturalists/herbalists, revolutionaries, politicians, judges, researchers, teachers, police, army, accountants, anthropologists, etc. Where is our own Hip Hop Museum? Many talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Many straight out sell-out to the liberation of our people as well as to all humans on the planet so called Earth! He also encourages you to do research on any Hip Hop organization that deals with consciousness and the upliftment of all people. To all those who purposely make up your own history and lie about the culture- DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You can contact the Universal Zulu Nation at their main website WWW.ZULUNATION.COM and to explore links to other Zulu chapters and websites.

Thank you in advance for forwarding this announcement to everyone you know!

Peace and Blessings Afrika Bambaataa & the entire Universal Zulu Nation.

As we say in Zulu - respect the many universes and especially mother earth - cause if you don't she will spit your asses out!

PS: If you are planning any events in honor of Hip Hop History Month in November please feel free to write to the webmaster at to keep us up-to-date!