Thursday, October 28, 2010

For My Hip-Hop Heads...

This one drops November 23, 2010 on DVD.. If your not up on it, then you already know what to do...

Steady Rocking.....

It's Thursday and to get you thru this weather and keep that Hip-Hop flowing. I decided to post up this classic documentary featuring Cope .. If your not up on this one i SUGGEST you watch the clips and if you are locked in then continue to hit the YOUTUBE and watch the whole entire documentary..
Salute to you COPE 2,

New Shit....

Paying homage to Hip Hop DJ Legend & 1995 DMC World DJ Champion:
Grand Master Roc Raida, FLüD Watches is proud to present the Tableturns Roc Raida Limited Edition watch. All proceeds go to support the late DJ's wife and children. The watch retails for $90 and can be purchased only by e-mailing the FLüD team at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roxrite VS. Focus

As a promo the people from Outbreak just dropped this quick video getting people prepared for this years Outbreak.. If your not up on Outbreak then i suggest you check this footage... 12 rounds no judges and Skeme Richards on the wheels.. This years Outbreak goes down December 4th and 5th in Orlando, Florida...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Put A Zee On It #6......

My brother Kufu 1 from NS Waset Oakland Chapter sat down with KPFA for a 30 minute indebt interview on what he is been up to these days. As well as what future projects he has instore with the youth and the people in the Oakland community. If you really want to know what it is to be a ZEE and why it is important to build with the future and really stand up for something then this is your show.. Not only does Kufu drop a ton of jewels in this interview, he also asks the community to get involved... Please do yourself a favor and check this interview out especially if you are a Zulu Nation member.. It will boost that Zee morale up to the highest no question! As well as give you a better understanding to how you should be moving your damn self...
Salute to you Kufu 1!!!

To Listen to show: Copy & Paste Link:

Check Check It Out...

Just incase you aint up on game... My young bro Cold Chris from Northstar / Dynasty Rockers is going on a over seas adventure. If your looking for that check in on that hard core rocking tip. My man Cold C. got you covered.. Not only will he be out there for two weeks teaching workshops. He will also be bringing them Zee lessons for building purposes. So if you are in the hood check in wit my man...
Safe Travels Ahki,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Bull Beat Battles....

Red Bull Beat Battle Minneapolis just went down.. Be prepared to see tons of air keys, air drums, stage dancing, and even some air car driving.. (That's a new one for me HAHA).. Sometimes I really wonder who even picks these producers to get on stage.. Personally i wasn't feeling any of the beats.. But never the less im still going to check in...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Shit (Quick Download)

The international deejay/record label owner Gilles Peterson from BBC 1xtra just dropped a new mix promoting his show (Worldwide International). If you are not up on Gilles Peterson or BBC then I suggest you google it.. Those that are in the know already know what to expect.. Nothing but soul power and high power frequency.. Now with that being said check this tracklist and prepare for a rollercoaster of sounds that only Gilles can deliver...
Happy Hump Day,

Swede:Art – Linguistics [B Bravo Remix] (Tokyo Dawn)
Hygher Baby Let You Go [DJ Aspargus Remix] (Tokyo Dawn)
Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away (Uno Melodic Records)
Baths – Lovely Bloodflow (Anticon)
Javelin – Intervales Theme (Luaka Bop)
Hugh Masekela – Stimela [Jazzanova Remix] (White Label)
Cylo Baptista – Mumakata (White Label)
Orquestra Contemporânea De Olinda – Tá Falado (Pernambuco) (Mais Um Discos)
Os Ritmistas – Samba De Pacto (Rio De Janeiro) (Mais Um Discos)
Gotan Project – Rayuela [Daniel Haaksman Remix] (Ya Basta)
Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby [Architeq Dub] (White Label)
Floating Points – Postsuite Ninja (Ninja Tune)
Nick Rosen – Ancestral Echoes (Porter Records)
Dark Sky – Reflex (Pictures Music)

Ross Allen Mix
Light Of The World – London Town 85 (Ensign)
Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love (Manhattan)
Wally Badarou – Novela Das Nove (Island)
Tourist – Hooked On You (Reelin’ & Rockin’ Records)
Hypnotic – Are You Lonely (PTG Records)
The Controllers – Stay (MCA Records)
Juicy – Sugar Free (Epic)
MCD – The Time Is Right (Epic)
Music Of The Mind – Popcorn Brain (Lastrum Japan)
Soweto Kinch – Help (Soweto Kinch Recordings)
Whatever Sincerely – Find A Way (33 Records)
Rongetz Foundation – Broken Doll Beat (Heavenly Sweetness)
Jules Chaz – Yes I Do (Wagon Repair)
Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears (Ninja Tune)

To download: Copy & Paste The Link:

What's In The Bag????


Check out this b-boy who goes by the name Crumbles. He is representing Gravity Benders crew Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you aint up on this dude i suggest you check the clip.. The illest thing about this cat is he breaks all barriers and proves that size doesn't matter..

New Shit..

Peep this clip of Cope going in on a 30 foot burner.. Ask somebody!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Shit... (quick Download)

This one went down LIVE in Japan... Premier and Pete Rock go head to head, record for record, and both crazy on the mic.. They tap into breaks, Motown, 80's, then Hip-Hop. This one delivers no question! Don't sleep cause this link will get broken.
Happy Monday,

To Download Copy & Paste Link:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rest In Power.....

When i went out to Seattle a few years back to meet up with the local Zee chapter i met a ahki who went by the name Talk Sick.. When i met this brother there was a instant connection on this Hip-Hop sh*t.. So much of a connection me and my man Drasar went to his house the following morning at 9am to build more with him and his queen on a private level... He ended up lacing me and my mans up with a gang of mixtapes and music for our ride back to CA. as well as drop some private jewels on the Seattle scene.. (I will never forget that day) We ended up keeping in touch after that and kept building on many levels.. Then one day out of the blue I got a text saying that brother Talk Sick had passed.. It was a real sad day for me and I will never forget this brother. One day we are talking and the next day he had passed! So out of respect for this ahki i had to post this up and celebrate his life.. If you are in the Seattle area PLEASE check in and show your love for a ahki that really had a passion for that greasy Hip-Hop and a passion for Zulu Nation...
One love to you ahki,

Hip-Hop Morale #2

Okay it's about that time for another edition of "Hip-Hop Morale" this weeks morale episode features one of the illest in the game Large Pro. (this one is a little old, but still funky).. Peep this nice clip of Large Pro ripping it at the Do Over in Los Angeles CA.... Not only does Large Pro do all his classics live and direct with straight control and finesse. He also has J-Rocc from the Beat Junkies help him out on the assist.. If you are a Hip-Hop fan this one will put a smile on your face, NO QUESTION!
Happy Thursday,

What Up Jay?????

Peep the newest clip of " What Up Jay"??? This clip features COPE2, KEM5, WANE, SCIEN, KLOR, INDIE, SCAN, STARE and ZEK156. If you aint up on it, you betta click play!


New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

Here are two clips for you to get hype on.. Clip 1: Ces getting bizz on a Molotow train.. You betta ask somebody!

Clip 2: Wayne COD co rocking the spot... Check the clip jack!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bomber..... (New Shit)

Peace yall... As you noticed i was out for a week and so there hasn't been any updates for a few days.. Due to my hecktik Hip-Hop schedule i won't be able to update everyday. So i talked to my man Drasar Monumental from Battlefield to hold me down this week. So before he jumps in i just wanted to lace you up with a few posts. So to kick off your Monday morning peep this quick Hip-Hop movie called "Bomber" . This short movie is about the daily lives of Dutch Writter's.. If you haven't seen this on yet i suggest you check in, it will keep your attention no question!
Happy Monday,

New Shit. (quick Download)

Here is the new Main Ingredient Radio Show for you out of the U.K... If you aint up on this one i suggest you check that playlist and if you are feeling it then you already know what to do..
Big ups Kingstun,

1. Bekay-Main Ingredient Radio Show Intro Remix Snippet (Ill Poetic Produced)
2. Break One
3. Break Two Snippet
4. Montage One –Gather Round -(RBC Records)
5. Break Two Full
6. Skyzoo & Illmind-Flow By Numbers-(Duck Down Music)
7. Asia Jackson & Smoovth Dude (Tha Connection)-Speed Kills-(Digi Crates Records) DJ Kryptonite Produced
8. Tha Connection-Rap Shit Fresh Sly Remix -(Digi Crates Records)
9. The Good People-How I Represent-(White)
10. Baba Zumbi (Zion I) & The Are Feat Martin Luther & The Grouch-The Edge-(Jah Works)
11. MindsOne-Keep Building-(Soulspazm Records) Illmind Produced
12. IDE & Alucard-Drunken Masters-(Creative Juices Music)
13. Epsilon Project-Get Live Remix -(Audacity)
14. Canibus- - Golden Terra Of Rap Instrumental Talkover-(Interdependent Media) DJ Premier Produced
15. Canibus-Free Words-((Interdependent Media) J Zone Produced
16. Baba Zumbi (Zion I) & The Are –Just Another Day-(Jah Works)
17. Break Three & Richard Pryor
18. Tuff Crew* (Do Your Research) *Flash Back* 1988
19. Tuff Crew* (Do Your Research) *Flash Back* 1988
20. Skyzoo & Illmind-The Winners Circle-(Duck Down Music)
21. IDE & Alucard- Feat. Respect Tha God-Porcelain Gods -(Creative Juices Music)
22. Tha Connection-Dangerous- Fresh Sly Remix -(Digi Crates Records)
23. Cornbread & Elevated Soul-Ode to Hip Hop-(White)
24. Cornbread & Elevated Soul-Ode to Hip Hop Instrumental Talkover-(White)
25. Spectac Feat Sean Boog-Superman -Clean Single-(Domination Records) Khyrsis Produced
26. Nutso -Stronger-Clean Single-(Poor Pocket Muzic) DJ Green Lantern Produced
27. Ras Kass- 08 Scenario 2012 ft. Planet Asia, Phil the Agony & Krondon (Strong Arm Steady), Montage 1, Mistah FAB, Chino XL –Beat Junkie Sound)
28. Montage One Feat. TriState- Krylon (Colors) –(RBC Records)
29. J. Bizness & Sahtyre-We Got We-(White)
30. Dimensions (Dimes of the Package)-Therapy -(Out PKG Ent)-Slimkat78 Produced
31. Baba Zumbi (Zion I) & The Are -The Burnerz-(Jah Works)
32. Cap D-Feat Brother Ali-King Of The Mountain-(All Natural Inc) Illmind Produced
33. Breez Evahflowin Feat. Core Rhythym, Infinito 2017, Freestyle, Rabi Darkside, Homeboy Sandman, Atari Blitzkrieg, Agent 23, Dacapo- The Best-(White)
34. The Kid Epsi & Amsterdam-Attention Whores-(The Gorden)-Sapient The Great Produced
35. Break Three Outro

To Download Copy & Paste Link:

"P" & "G" Gets A Check In.....

I want to say big up's to my manz Kufy X out of Oakland CA for giving me and my mans Drasar a shout out on his "quickie"... That's what's up Kufy big ups and you know FWYH (funkwhatyaheard) got your back!

Sneak Peeks.....

Here is a sneak peek at a new design that the WST famz is working on... Be on the lookout for this one!

Even Henry Chalfant wants to be down with the WST famz... WOO!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

TC5.. You betta ask somebody...
Happy Monday,

Friday, October 1, 2010

For My Record Collectors...

Here some footage from the last Highland Park Record Sale.. This one goes down New Jersey you betta ask somebody!

*props to CK*

For my writers.... (New Shit)

Meyhem Lauren from the Lo Lifes dropped a new video dedicated to all them graff writer's out there.. The name of the song is called "Got The Fever"... If you ain't up on this cat then i REALLY suggest you check in Meyhem has been making some heavy noise lately with them lyrics...

Happy Friday,