Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coo Pics......

It's about that time for a "Coo Pic", why?!?! Cause it's a 'Coo Pic".. This weeks "Coo Pic" is brought to you from the East Coast Family, NS Lost Tribes (Jersey/Brooklyn connections)... When these two brothers( Enok /Sen 1) are on the set best believe forward motion is taking place.


*Salute to these two Zee's because no matter what life shoots at them, they always shine so bright.

Ahki Peace!*

Monday, August 18, 2014

For The Skratch Nerds...

Q-Bert got it on on some cuts and light weight drums on Revolt Live's.. If your not up on it then this one is for you...

CA. Represent!


*Skratch.. Breathe.. Skratch.. Breathe... Not skratch like a nut bar and have no style... Salute to you Q. for keeping Hip-Hop alive!


New mix tape from the boys from Chopped Hearing.. If your not up on this label then this mix is for you, it features all there recent releases from now to then.. I suggest you check in lots , of cuts, doubles, and some nice selections!


Track list:
Intro - Mr. Sonny James
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Kick It
Zigg Zagg - Da Man Upstairs
Endangered Elements - Lanodalos
Epidemic - Past The Margin
J-Zone - Wifey Dearest
L The Head Toucha - Rain
NBA - Live 97
Finsta Bundy - Payday’s Bliss Remix
Starvin B ft. Timeless Truth - Higher Power
Da Buze Bruvaz - Cold Ones
Zigg Zagg - Pick Any Tip
uMaNg - Stay Focused
Meyhem Lauren - Freestyle 1
Timeless Truth ft. Action Bronson - Amazin
Masta Ace ft. Paula Perry - Kick It On The One
Da Halrazzers - Death Rattle (Rockmaster Remix)
Tha Grimm Teachaz - Muthafucka Ay
Doap On Arrival - Jimmy Swagglers
Masta Ace - Scared of the Dark
JW Hype - On The Phone
J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. - It’s Like That Anna
Da Buze Bruvaz - Tag Team Tactics
Endangered Elements - Here Comes The Sun
Keefy Keef (Keith Murray) - Thoughts My Brain Comsume
Mr. Sonny James - Interlude
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Committing Mad Sins
Smooth Criminal - Something to Hip
Meyhem Lauren - Egyptian Musk
LEX - Queens Action
Truth By Design - Let My Tape Rock
Meyhem Lauren - Freestyle 2
Killa Kidz - Timing
Him Lo - Elohim
Shaz IllYork ft. Sean Price - Power Pieces
Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - When I Blow Up -
Doap On Arrival - So Bad
Doz Funky Baztardz - Straight Outta Remix
Modern Occupation - MO
Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Shit Iz On Point
MarQ Spekt - Aquamarine
Da Henchmen - Gotta Make Moves
Natural Elements - Done
First In Command - My Next Project
Starvin B - Ulterior Motives
DJ Stitches ft. Eternal Intellect - Never Have Da Skillz
Meyhem Lauren ft Action Bronson & AG Da Coroner - Stewed Rabo
Mr. Sonny James - Outro
Download/listen Here:

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 Here is a couple of clips of the BC One that just went down.. If your not in the know then this is for you!