Friday, January 29, 2010

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 1/28/10

We went in last night on that Battlefield Funk Radio tip.. Here is the footage from the show. This week we featured a all EXCLUSIVE Get Bizz Kids Show and featured nothing but Get Bizz Kids production.. Check the footage MP3 coming soon!!!
Rest In Power Mike Dot, and Greg Cambell Jr.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dose Green.. Pt 2.

My man Predakon sent me this clip in the email so i just wanted to share it.. This is part 2. from the Dose Green trailer check it out and get in the know..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check Check It Out...

The graffiti writers Vans and Sofles get bizz and paint a large space over a span of a few days in in Brisbane, Australia.

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

DJ Eclipse checked in and sent me his new download of his Rap Is Out Of Control Radio Show for all of you to enjoy.. Check the playlist and if it's your thing, then do the right thing, and download it..

"Rap Is Outta Control" 1-24-10 Playlist

K-Dot-O-Dot “Facerape” prod. by The Arkeologists
Bekay “Top Of The Food Chain” prod. by DVient, cuts by DJ Dutchmaster
Freeway & Jake One “She Makes Me Feel Alright” prod. by Jake One
The Away Team (Khrysis & Sean Boog) feat. 9thmatic “Fire It Up” prod. by Eric G
Donny Goines “No Apologies” prod. by M-Phazes
DJ K.O. feat. MadKem “What We On” prod. by Analogic
Theology 3 “How I Flow Part 1” prod. by Phat Tony
Statik Selektah feat. Bun B, Reks, Termanology, JFK & Kali “Best In The World” prod. by Statik Selektah
DJ Skizz feat. Killa Sha and Zu “Queens Kats” prod. & cuts by DJ Skizz
Killa Sha “God Warning” prod. by Lewis Parker
Big Twins “Don't Be So Amaze” prod. by Rheezo
Fresh Vetz “Letter To The Fallen” prod. by DJ Pause
Marv Won “The Chase” prod. by D Fresh
Get Busy Committee (Apathy, Ryu, and Scoop Deville) “Left Behind” prod. by Da Beatminerz
Nametag “The Product” prod. by Black Bethoven
Reflection Eternal feat. Jay Electronica, J Cole & Mos Def “Just Begun” prod. by Hi-Tek
BURNTmd feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Copywrite, Reks & Phil Da Agony “Let's Get ILL” prod. by Illmind
Hydroponikz feat. Jay Legaspi “The Blues” prod. by Illmind
DJ K.O. feat. DaveNotti “Destroy” prod. by Hi-Res
Mykill Miers feat. Prince Po “We Official” prod. by Mykill Miers
Statik Selektah feat. Lil Fame, Havoc & Kool G Rap “Do It To Death” prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
Strong Arm Steady “Cheeba Cheeba” prod. by Madlib
Obie Trice “What You Want” prod. by MoSS
Fes Taylor feat. Solomon Childs, King Just, Paulie Caskets, Castro, Baker Don, Leathafase & Iron Mic “Killa Hill Anthem” prod. by Bloody BL
DJ Kay Slay feat. AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah “See The Light” prod. by DJ Green Lantern

Part 1: Copy & Paste Link:

Part 2: Copy & Paste Link:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Minnesota Hip-Hop Awards...

A scuffle breaks out at a Minnesota Hip-Hop Awards show. Check the footage and get in the know!

New Sh*t ....

For all you Simpson's fans this ones for you.. Check out this 10” Homer Qee. This upsized version of the previously released 3” figure will be available in both a regular and DIY version. Rumor has it there is a Homer Simpson Custom Tour on the way..

Check Check It Out...

Tribe Called Quest had a reunion show at the Knitting Factory.. If you didn't know check the footage here!
Happy Monday,

Friday, January 22, 2010


UZN Belgium celebrated their 21st year of the UZN November 21, 2009, with the help of Street Knowledge TV (Belgium's 1st Hip-Hop Web TV Show) you get a chance to see how the UZN overseas gets down. This footage is over a hour long with some real nice interviews and excellent footage. If you look close you might even see a few Zeez you just might recognize.
Ahki Peace,
-P Rock

* Sup Defi J, and DJ Big W. I see you!*

Thursday, January 21, 2010


You know what it is, you know how we get down, DON'T SLEEP!
See you tonight,


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lo Life's...

Checkout this 9 minute music video of Thirstin Howell featuring Sadat X and the Lo Lifes ( Rack Lo, Ralph Lo, Filo, Meyhem, Greico El Pardino, G-Gorge, Ritchie Balance, Malik Lo, Ski Black, and Disco) called "Together Forever".
Nuff Said,

Big Fun In The Big Town...

Check out this classic 1986 Hip-Hop documentary called "Big Fun In The Big Town". This video features some ill footage of the N.Y. Hip-Hop scene. As well as interviews with Run DMC, L.L. Cool J, Grand Master Flash, Roxanne Shante, Bizz Markie, and so much more. If you love this Hip-Hop shit then i SUGGEST you check this one out. Not only will you appreciate the interviews you will appreciate the footage as well.. Straight up classic if you ask me!

Doze Green..

Dose just dropped a trailer of him getting it in live and direct in the studio. Check the clip and get in the know.

*props 2 f151*

Bron One...

Graffitti writer Bron 1 from San Francisco CA. sent me a smooth video portfolio of some of his work..If you haven't seen it I suggest you check in and get in the know.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



New Sh*t ....

Mitchell and Ness honors one of the illest in the game RUN DMC, with the Run DMC fitted baseball cap. This piece features the timeless RUN DMC logo in raised embroidery atop a Black base. The Mitchell & Ness logo is embroidered on the left side of the cap. You better act fast cause this one is super limited on the numbers.

2010 shots..

Ewok 5MH and Deter RIS got bizz on some chromies on that 2010 stee. Peep the clip and get in the know.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Out The Office....

I'm going to be heading out to San Francisco this weekend to get it in with the boys of Sarap-Sarap Multimedia, attend a few meetings for the radio show, and celebrate my birthday weekend with my ahki's from the Northstar.. So that means there will be no updates until i return ( hopefully Monday) But like always when i get back I will have that exclusive footage for you of the trip and whatever antics me and my mans from Battlefield get into.. Alright cyberspace i got to split brotha's STILL got to pack, and I got to rock a disco tonight. Much love for all those who check the blog, and big ups to everyone that checks the show!

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 1/14/10

Here you go last nights Battlefield Funk Radio Show.. Last night my man Drasar Monumental held it down for most of the show.. Then due to the chat room they wanted us to continue so I went on and ended up doing a extra 45mins.. So check it out once again it was all off the fly and always off the dome.. Big ups to those who checked in and much love to Psol out of Los Angeles who got this weeks trivia questions.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's Thursday and you know what that means Battlefield Funk Radio time.. It goes down tonight LIVE 9PM Sharp! We got a real good show lined up tonight.
tell a friend,

Due to popular demand we are a making MP3 downloads of all the shows. So snatch yours up today!


Mode 2

Frank 151 did a colab with Graffiti Writer Mode 2 to create this ill basketball from there 4th part in there "4 Elements 4 Icons" basketball series. If you are not up on Mode 2, I suggest you Google him!
1 hundo,


Peep this time lapse video of one of the illest in the game East from the 808 Giants UZN/RSC. My man goes in straight styling! If you aint seen this i suggest you get in the know!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Luxury Loves Compant and the graffiti writer Saber have teamed up to create the limited edition Saber Bag. Each bag is made with two original hand-painted canvases by Saber. Perfect time for a Valentines gift if you ask me...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check Check It Out...

The Zee hommie Daze Roc out of San Diego CA. stepped into the blog world for those who don't know.. Daze Roc's blog features all types of jive sh*t from cooking with Daze all the way up to some San Diego Hip-Hop.. Check it out, and tell him that Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

Copy & Paste Link:

Coming To A Theater Near You....

B-GIRL tells the modern day story of a female dancer forced to find her inner strength through the one art form she knows Breaking. B-GIRL is the story of Angels journey - not to a destination but to the woman she once was. This b-girl has to learn how to be. B-GIRL stars Lady Jules, one of the best b-girls in the world, as well as Wesley Jonathan, Aimee Garcia, Drew Sidora, b-boys Flipz, Flea, Legacy, Remedy, Steelo, Rainen, and more.

Chicago Stand Up....

Peep this video brought to us by Oink Art Ltd. of graffiti artist WDATA rocking this Zapata mural in the Chi...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Live From Headquarters.... ( Quick Download)

DJ Eclipse just shot this one over to me in the inbox.. I guess he pulled a sub for Premier over the weekend.. I didn't get a chance to check in on it just yet but knowing Eclipse he is getting it in... Now check the tracklist and if your digging it then i suggest YOU get it in...

"Live From HeadQCourterz" 1/8/10 Playlist (w/DJ Eclipse)
1. Marv Won "Thin Line" prod. by Mr. Porter
2. Heltah Skeltah "Neverending" prod. by Kount Fif
3. X.O. "Blah Blah" prod. by Oddisee
4. Willie The Kid feat. La The Darkman "Necessary Way" prod. by Lee Bannon
5. Strong Arm Steady feat. Sick Jacken & Mitchy Slick "Pressure" prod. by Madlib
6. Diamond District "Who I Be (Remix)" prod. by Marco Polo, scratches by Shylow
7. Statik Selektah feat. Lil Fame, Havoc & Kool G Rap "Do It To Death" prod. & scratches by Statik Selektah
8. Fes Taylor feat. Solomon Childs, King Just, Paulie Caskets, Castro, Baker Don, Leathafase & Iron Mic "Killa Hill Anthem" prod. by Bloody BL
9. Skyzoo feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Naledge "Say What You Say" prod. By Illmind
10. Black Milk "Keep Going" prod. by Black Milk
11. Blakroc feat. RZA & Pharoahe Monch "Dollaz & Sense" prod. by Black Keys
12. DJ K.O. feat. East, Chaundon & Finale "Run & Gun (Remix)" prod. by Analogic
13. Marv Won "The Chase" prod. by D. Fresh
14. Jojo Pellegrino feat. Sean Price & Inspectah Deck "Triple Homocide" prod. by Frank Dukes
15. Statik Selektah feat. Talib Kweli, Termanology, & Royce da 5'9" "Come Around (RE:Union Version)" prod. & scratches by Statik Selektah
16. Jay Electronica "Exhibit C" prod. by Just Blaze
17. DJ K.O. feat. East "Wut I Do" prod. by Analogic
18. DJ K.O. feat. Silent Knight "Living Out A State of Mind Pt. 2" prod. by Analogic
19. Jaysaun "Hustlers Code"
20. Strong Arm Steady "Smile" prod. by Madlib
21. DJ Lethal feat. Pharoahe Monch "Hands Up" prod. by DJ Lethal
22. Reks feat. Slaine & Torae "RapANomics" prod. by Statik Selektah
23. Strike Team (Craig G & Mr. Cheeks) "See Me"
24. Copywrite feat. Royce Da 5'9" "O.D. (Overdose)" prod. by Camu Tao
25. Strong Arm Steady feat. Planet Asia & Fashawn "Questions" prod. by Madlib

Pt 1:
Copy and Paste Link:

PT 2:
Copy and Paste Link:

2010 Skratch Battle..

2010 Skratch Battle is coming up.. If you ain't knowing i suggest you check the clip in get in the know!

2010 Cortona Park Jams Trailer...

Tool Of War just dropped there trailer for the 2010 True School Park Jams.. If your not familiar with this massive FREE event then i suggest you check the clip and get in the know!

A Trak....

Check out this clip of A Trak tearing shit up on a whole other level.. Some of these juggles you might recognize but the way he transitions into another routine just damn near makes it look seamless.. Then you add some nice cuts you got a straight deadly combination!
Happy Monday,

More updates coming this afternoon!

*Props Stanky*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 1/9/10 ( MP3 Download Included)

Today me and my mans from Hip-Hop Battlefield decided to do a last minute Battlefield Funk Radio Show for the new year. In our special saturday show we flipped all types of NEW 2010 Hip-Hop joints, threw in some Hip-Hop Trivia, and rocked a couple of blends all off the dome.. Like always if you want your music heard on the show please send it in! If it makes the cut then your on the show!

Oh yeah, as a added bonus my man Mons Rock laced us up with a MP3 download of this weeks show.. So if you are liking what you are watching PLEASE feel free to download the MP3 of the show..
Now check the tracklist duke,

*F.Y.I. this weeks trivia question is still unanswered!*



Battlefield Into. Song
"P" & Drasar open the show
Ike Turnah- Upside Down
United States of Mind-USM Represent
Aarophat / Illastrate- Midwest Kids
Crown Nation-The Crown
Ghetto Socks- Out For Treats
Quelle - Special Ingredient
Ghetto Socks- Ricochet Ft. El Da Sensei
Blunt Speakers- Mayor Hawthorne Remix
Planet Rock "Freestyle" Remix Blend
Strong Arm Steady- Get Your Money Right
Planet Rock "Freestyle" Remix Blend
Interlude ( Hip-Hop Trivia Question )
Get Bizz Kids Production Exclusive!

New Sh*t ....

All you Wu fans will appreciate this one.. Applebum x WuTang Shaolin are back at it again, this time they created this nice New Era fitted baseball cap.. The release date is set for January 15 and will exclusively released at

Check Check It Out...

This isn't new but i know cats bug off it. Do your thing Pops!
Ahki Peace,

Friday, January 8, 2010

C'mon Son.... #9

Ed Lover is baaaaack with his famous "C'Mon Son".. PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch this!!
Nuff said,

Pimp Shit.......

During the holiday season while you were eating your honey baked hams and opening presents.. Dirk VH was doing that stay busy work, and finished up a project that took him 2-3 days to plan just focusing on gravity issues alone! Then add 60 hrs of work to put this massive 80cm YOSHI together made completely out of Lego's!! Yeah you read right Lego's, when I was a kid I was always so fascinated by these build blocks.. So when i saw this, I just had to share with all you party people.. Now check out the footage of Dirk VH putting it all together..
Pimp shit,

For my Hip-Hop Collectors....

Blind Skateboards is back at it again with the Brotherhood Program which is Blind’s way of supporting their fellow skaters and artists. The latest installation pairs the brand with none other than Jeru the Damaja. The result is the skate deck you see above, which was designed by Marc McKee. It is limited to only 200, and is available at only a select few Blind retailers. You better act fast if you want this one!

Funkwhatyaheard... EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

My man DJ Predakon gave me a call last night and told me he was at the Nike store for the release of DJ Premier's Air Force 1.. He told me his peoples Terry Urban was filming it as we speak and that he would shoot me the footage soon as it was edited, so here is that footage!!! Now check the clip and get in the know.

*Big up Predakon for the hookup*

Funkwhatyaheard... EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

The peoples Kodac Vizulaz out of Skratcha'mento California sent me a EXCLUSIVE of him demonstrating what he likes to call Ashma Funk.. Do yourself a favor and PLEASE get in the know!

While you are at it make sure to peep my mans official website.. It features some ill deejays, some beats, and a little of everything else to keep you locked in... Like always tell him Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!


New Sh*t..( quick download)

Sup everybody and happy FRIDAY!!! Yes we all made it thru the official 1st week of work for the New Year.. Like always im always looking for the perfect beat or mixtape to keep me motivated.. Then I check my inbox and there it was a mixtape by a cat out of Denver who goes by the name DJ Low Key.. After hearing my mans mixtape I appreciated that he actually mixed the tracks.. So that alone made me want to look this cat up and just let him know that someone out there appreciates and is listening.. Not only did we talk, we ended up agreeing on some of the same similar Hip-Hop codes that deejay's should live by.. As well as how people will listen but they never reach.. HAHA

Anyway Long story short he is a coo cat and sounds like he is on his Hip-Hop square no question... So it only made sense that is the reason why his mix flowed and why i actually liked it.. So with all this being said I figure I would share the mixtape with you and instead of me telling you ill have Low Key tell you himself....
Take it away Dj Low Key,

"The homie Mikal Hameed aka M11X hit me up a while back to put together a mix for his contribution (pictured on the cd cover above & flyer below) to the now-in-limbo De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising Art Tour. Mikal does “sound sculptures”, pieces of art that can play music from either ipods or turntables and needed something to play on his De La Soul chair. De La is my favorite group ever, so I was happy to put together a mix of rarities, remixes, guest spots, bootlegs & b-sides that’d please the craziest of De La fanatics for him. Anyways, the De La art tour is still up in the air, but M11X is about to hit the road for some solo shows, so we decided to drop the tape with our homies from on New Year’s Eve as one last tribute to De La as they close out their 20th year in the rap. The tracklist and links are below and last but least, if you’re in the Bay, make sure to check out M11X’s “Urban Audio Manifesto #2″ show in San Francisco on January 8th."

1. DJ Low Key “De La Extras #2 Intro”
2. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul “Fallin (Remix)”
3. De La Soul “La La La”
4. Joel Turner feat Dave “You”
5. Big Pooh feat. Posdnuos “People (Remix)”
6. Eslam Jawaad feat. De La Soul “Rewind DJ”
7. Malcolm McLaren feat. De La Soul “Hey DJ”
8. De La Soul feat. Sean Paul “Shoomp”
9. De La Soul & Camp Lo “So Good”
10. De La Soul feat. Jazzy Jeff “Hold Tight” aka “Cobb Creek (Demo)”
11. De La Soul “Breakadawn (De La Soul Remix)”
12. Oh No feat. Posdnuos “Smile A Lil Bit”
13. J-Live feat. Posdnuos & Oddisee “The Upgrade”
14. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Posdnuos “Let Me Hear U Clap”
15. J Period feat. De La Soul “Excursions”
16. Adam F feat. De La Soul & DV Alias Khrist “Time 4 Da True”
17. Ty feat. De La Soul “The Idea”
18. Nat & Onda feat. De La Soul “It’s A New Thing”
19. Matt & Kim feat. De La Soul “Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)”
20. Jungle Brothers feat. De La Soul, Monie Love, A Tribe Called Quest & Queen Latifah “Doin Our Own Dang (Richie Fermie Mix)”
21. Queen Latifah feat. De La Soul “Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children”
22. Mint Royale feat. Posdnuos “Show Me”
23. George Clinton feat. De La Soul “Do Fries Go With That Shake”
24. Last Emperor feat. Masta Ace & Trugoy “Clear Day”
25. Rob-O feat. De La Soul & Pete Rock “Stay Away”
26. Truth Enola feat. De La Soul “Voicestress”
27. Bush Babees feat. De La Soul & Mos Def “The Love Song (Remix)”



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Psol EXCLUSIVE.... (quick download)

The peoples DeeJay Psol out of Floss Scandalous CA. (Los Angeles CA.) Sent me a real exclusive mix to check out... This mix is called "Full Circle" and it was made for a Mixtape Competion with the winner being able to showcase at the 2010 Winter Music Conference in Miami.. Deejays were asked to submit and with the competition goes a gang of perks and a smooth ass sponsorship to boot.. This mixtape is fully mixed and flipped on some whole other frequency's... It's a little Hip-Hop, a little electro, and all around party time... Check it out and don't forget to VOTE!
Now check the tracklist duke,

1 DJ P-SOL — You got it! Intro 0:00:00
2 Suzanne Vega — Tom's diner (P-SOL Blend) 0:01:45
3 Spank Rock & Brendan Bring'em — Watch the people 0:03:10
4 Daniel Wang — In the street 0:06:05
5 A. Skillz vs. Beatvandals — Beat don't stop 0:07:35
6 Phoenix — Lisztomania (Classixx remix) 0:09:13
7 Status IV — You ain’t really down 0:11:10
8 Kid Sister — You ain’t really down 0:12:26
9 The Lovin' Spoonful — Summer in the city loop 0:12:55
10 Bobby O — I’m so hot for you 0:13:20
11 J-Roc — Protest 0:14:21
12 U-Tern — 808 remix instrumental 0:15:10
13 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke — Penthouse Serenade 0:17:47
14 Classixx — I’ll get you (Treasure Fingers remix) 0:19:52
15 Bobby Konders — Nervous acid 0:22:12
16 Masters At Work — Deep inside loop 0:22:43
17 Sheryl Jay — Let the beat hit ‘em loop 0:23:37
18 Jeff Morena — Disco shit 0:23:58
19 Duck Sauce — Grand steppin’ 0:24:05
20 Riva Starr — Trompe D’Amour 0:26:43
21 Bingo Players — Devotion 0:29:15
22 Mousse T — Horny acapella 0:31:16
23 Larry Tee & Roxy Cottontail — I called you nasty (Flavo bootleg) 0:31:45
24 Sidney Samson & Tony Cha Cha — Get on the floor 0:33:34
25 Vandalism & Angger Dimas — She got it acapella 0:36:05
26 Laidback Luke & Diplo — Hey (Sidney Samson remix) 0:36:20
27 SonicC — Stickin 0:38:20
28 Count & Sinden — Mega (Dub remix) 0:40:20
29 Bounce Camp — Good beat (Londonting remix) 0:41:46
30 Bounce Camp — New beat (Breakdown remix) 0:43:12
31 Steve Strip — Dancin' 0:44:54
32 Chris Kaeser — Who’s in the house (Chuckie remix) 0:47:35
33 Jinder — Youth blood (12th Planet & Flinch remix) 0:48:48
34 Rusko — Cali anthem 0:51:07
35 DJ P-SOL — The beat! 0:52:2


New Sh*t..

13th Witness got it in with Futura 2000 and created this nice footage for the masses.. If you ain't knowing then i suggest you check it out... Don't sleep, Futura got that can control!

Check Check It Out...

I was surfing the internet the other day and I ran across my Ahk's Mikey Ice You Tube site.. For those who don't know Mikey is holding when it comes to Hip-Hop footage! I have known Mikey for well over 15 years now and sense I could remember Mikey has always collected footage from all around the globe.. Way before the internet was out Mikey was doing pen pal type shit and trading footage with just about anyone he could contact.. I even remember back when Mikey even had a add in The Source Magazine stating that if you wanted or want to trade Hip-Hop footage let's connect.. Mikey was so deep in this footage game that he even made a business out of it and would sell his footage all around the world for 20 bucks for 4 bootleg video copies.. He was a savage when it came to this type of stuff and still is a Hip-Hop junkie till this day!

So with all that being said my man decided to make a You Tube page and post up some of his personal footage (FOR FREE) for the whole world to see.. Mikey has over 1 thousand clips coming out of his own personal stash and over a million hits on his You Tube page.. Mikey features clips with westcoast and eastcoast pioneers, interviews, sessions, practice sessions, and all out wild behavior.. If you really want to see some real ill shit on this Hip-Hop shit (especially if your a B-Boy/B-Girl) check him out and I promiss you won't be disappointed! Just do me a favor tell him "P" from Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

*Big up Mikey Ice Funkwhatyaheard salutes you!*


Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

Yeah you see it, the legendary DJ Rob Swift is making his rounds, and gearing up to promote his new project "The Architect".. This one is going down January 9th, in Portland, OR. If your in the hood i suggest you check in!
-P Rock

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Sh*t..

Thud Rumble just released a new clip of DJ Q-Bert testing out some new slip mats called " Trip Mats".. Trip Mats are designed for party rocking and juggling Deejays... These slip mats are thicker then Butter Rugs for a bit more grip.. Now check the clip and see a grandmaster fuck shit up..


Got this one in the inbox this morning, and i decided to share it... Athletic Mic League dropped a unreleased 2004 video for all their fans.. This track is featured on AML's "Jungle Gym" album.. Check the clip and get in the know...

*Big up's Steph for checking me in*


Check out this jive ass clip of a new application for all you I-Phone users.. The application is called "Dust Tag" it let's you write out your own tag and then gives you some options to analyze your hand styles.. Check it out you just might find this one interesting...

J-Rocc's Stash....

Peep this photo of J-Rocc's from the Beat Junkies private stash.. Rumor has it, it's not the entire collection, but you get a idea..

*F.Y.I. the audio is a new J-Rocc joint called "Chasing The Dragon".*

Alien Ness 2010 "Public Enemy" DVD Trailer....

Alien Ness from Universal Zulu Nation / Mighty Zulu Kingz just dropped his 2010 B-Boy trailer for his newest documentary.. I suggest you check the clip and get in the know..

*Yo Ahk big up's on showing the famz (NS Warparty) love*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Coo Pics.......

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that is what it is a "Coo Pic".. This weeks "Coo Pic" is brought to us by the young hommie out of Oakland CA. who goes by the name of Prize representing that TNS crew.. My man is still kinda new to this graff shit, but he sure is coming up fast! What you think?

*Big up Prize Funkwhatyaheard salutes you!*

new Shit...

DJ Premier posted these up on his site about a week ago and cyberspace went nuts.. For those who don't know DJ Premier is getting laced up with us own Air Force 1.. The shoe features a few highlights on it such as the Turntable clear soles, Premier on the lace tips, Premier on the lace tab and the Year Round Record Logo on the side .. If your digging these then i suggest you hustle down to your local Nike dealer and snatch yours up.. Release date for these jump off's will be January 8, 2010..

New Shit....

SNEAKTIP just released a new joint for all you hat collectors.. This New Era is composed of a Black base with raised “Sneaktip” embroidery across the front. Also found on the hat is contrasting stitching under the brim and a Red New Era logo on the left side. With a nice pair of rims ( sneakers ) this combo could be deadly in those streets...

New Shit....

Here is something to start off your Monday on the goodfoot.. The peoples DJ Eclipse sent me some Ustream footage of himself rocking all 1980's Hip-Hop on wax live and direct on Beatminerz Radio.. Eclipse drops bombs on this one, doubles up, and mixes for the masses.. Check it out you won't be disappointed..

*Big Ups E

Saturday, January 2, 2010

For My Break Boys.. New Sh*t!

This one goes out to all my Break Boys out there in cyberspace.. Adidas Gazelle's are getting ready to drop for Spring 2010. These jumpoff's will hit you for $62 smacks.. (which isn't that bad) Of course they feature classic suede construction with the traditional three stripes and white contrast for all that footwork!!! Score your pair at selected Adidas Originals store, or maybe even your local Footlocker..