Sunday, February 14, 2016

NEW SHIT...... (Download)

VENDETTA VINYL dropped a new mix composed by Drasar Monumnental from the BCB CREW / NO JUGAMOS CLICK nothing but grease on this one. I checked in and I give it the "thumbs up" Lots of hardcore mixing, hardcore drums, and heavy frequency.

 Don't sleep



1..Drasar Monumental & Blacka Dread – “Heathen Dead 2 Dubplate” 2..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “The Bear” 3..Candystore – “Jewels Heist” 4..Architects Of Intellect – “Syndrome” 5..Live Wire – “Tables Turn” 6..P.Brothers featuring Boss Money – “Cold World” 7..Cliffhangerz – “Ready 4 War” 8..Roc Raida & Wayne O – “U Dont Stop” 9..Big City – “Disgusting” 10..Shamus featuring Flu – “Tight Team” Drasar Monumental remix 11..Deda Baby Paw – “Cant Wait” 12..The Legion – “It’s Thorough” 13..B-1 & Ayatollah – “Hustle” 14..Lord Finesse – Funky On The Fast Tip, original version 15..Capitol D – “1984” 16..Showbiz & AG – “Stand Strong” 17..Call Of The Wild – “Sometimes The Neighborhood” 18..Scum – “Taking No Shorts” 19..Al Tariq – “Crime Pays” 20..Beneficence – “Aim,Fire,Spit” 21..Sam Hill – “Project Misery” 22..Godfather Don & Sir Menelik – “Life Aint The Same” 23..Drasar Monumental – “Apex Predator Blades” 24..MF GRIMM & Drasar Monumental – “Rhymes Against Humanity”

Download here: