Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Shit....

Peep this battle from X Fenz VS. Dynamic Rockers from the Rock The Bells Freestyle Sessions that went down over the weekend in NYC.

New Shit.... For My Ladies!

BET dropped a special that focuses on the often overlooked female MC. With contributions from MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Missy Elliot, Jean Grae as well as a few cameo's by some well respected cats in the music game.
Don't sleep,


Check this clip of Mr. Cartoon and Danny Trejo breaking down the Lowrider car culture..
Westcoast Stand The Fuck Up,

New Shit...

Just incase you didn't make it to the 2010 Meeting Of Styles that went down in Paterson, NJ. Here is some real nice raw footage of the event for you to check in on...

*Next stops for this event*

10-12 September, New York City (USA)
17-19 September, Chicago (USA)
24-26 September, San Francisco (USA)
01-03 October, Mexico DF (Mexico)
08-10 October, Wroclaw (Poland)
22-24 October, Venice (Italy)
29-31 October, Lima (Peru)
06-07 November, Lisbon (Portugal)
27-28 November, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Check Check It Out...

Here is the official video that recaps what went down at the third annual edition of STYLE FIGHTERS in Lugo. Montana Colors was the official sponsor of the event. The jams featured a gang of top ranking UK writers.. Check in if you know what's hood!
Happy Sunday,

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Shit... (quick Download)

Here is something to get you on the good foot for your weekend Hip-Hop festivities.. Here is a link for this weeks (8/24/10) "True Skool Radio Show" featuring Afrika Bams, Eazy L.G., Dr. Shaka Zee, and Yoda X. Once again expect nothing but soul power bombs and breaks from the master of records!
Happy Friday,

*Thanks L.G. for the link*

Copy & paste Link:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New shit....

Retna and EL Mac are continuing to stay busy these days.. Check out this footage from there newest project called "Of Our Youth" this shot went down in Culver City, CA.


Coo Pics.......

Ahhh yeah it's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics," why???? Cause it's a "Coo Pic". This weeks "Coo Pic" is brought to you by my mans and demz Daze Roc from the San Diego Zulu Nation/ Wildstyle Technicians. This one went down in San Diego CA. at a event called "Style a Thon" held at the "Writer's Block".. Check out my manz detail in this burner straight fires if you ask me.
Salute to you Daze Roc,

*click pic to see details*

Afrika Bambaataa.. (new shit)

Just incase you didn't get a chance to check in on Afrika Bams on Crazy Legs Lunch Breaks Show yesterday.. Here is the entire footage for you to check in on..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Shit..... Quick download

Here is a link for the newest edition from the Main Ingredient Radio Show rocked by DJ Kingstun.. Check that playlist you just might find it interesting..

1. Bekay-Main Ingredient Radio Show Intro Remix Snippet (Ill Poetic Produced)
2. Break One
3. Break Two
4. Greydon Square- The Kardashev Scale-(White)
5. Greydon Square- Stockholm Syndrome-(White)
6. Break Three
7. Wyldbunch & DJ Qvali-Not What I’m Here For-(White)
8. Sonreal Feat Rich Kidd-Ones For You-(White)
9. Relic-Invisible Lines-(White)
10. Ayinde Feat Indigo (of M.A.E.)-Shhh-(Tru Statement Entertainment)
11. Spectac-Green Eyes-(Domination Records) Exclusive
12. Greydon Square- Proof Of Concept-(White)
13. Junk Science Feat Cool Calm Pete-Millins-(Mondern Shark)
14. Relic-Easy Now-(White)
15. Koncept Feat Silent Knight-The Preview-(White)
16. Break Four Talkover
17. Hus Kingpin (Tha Connection)-Dearly- (Domination Records/Digi Crates)
18. Asia Jackson Feat Hus Kingpin Tha Connection-Crazy Skills-(Digi Crates/Domination Records)
19. Rah Digga-Do Your Numbers-(Clean Single) -(Raw Koncept/Traffic Entertainment Group) Nottz Produced
20. Willie The Kid & Lee Bannon-MI40 Ways A Ton-(Embassy Ent/AMG/Toy Box Music)
21. H.Solo & D.Thomas-Phone Sex-(White)
22. Q-Unique (Arsonists)-Crack Era-(Fat Beats Records) Cuts by DJ Presto One
23. Casual- Casual-ual Clean Single (Hieroglyphics Imperium) Rod Shields Produced
24. Rel!g!on-Paralyzed Instrumental Talkover-(Wandering Worx Entertainment)
25. Mass Influence (Rubix, H20, Cognito & Spearhead X)-Morning Breath Chasers-(FroLab) Devil McDoom Produced
26. Versis-The Need-(Motek Records)
27. Spectac Feat Big Daddy Kane- One Day Remix (Domination Records)
28. The Tones-Sweet Music- Still Searching-(White)
29. Starrs & Murph-Sunday Morning -(White)-AraabMUSIK Produced
30. Mass Influence (Rubix, H20, Cognito & Spearhead X)-Systematic-(FroLab)
31. Tomorrow Yesterday-Reminder (Amiri’s Today Remix)-(Hip Nott Records) Exclusive
32. Versis-The Journey 4U-(Motek Records)

33. Theology 3-Make It Big Instrumental-(Screwface Capitol)
34. Theology 3-Make It Big-(Screwface Capitol)
35. Theology 3-Make It Big Muneshine Remix-(Screwface Capitol)
36. Theology 3-50 Bars, Same Pattern-(Screwface Capitol)
37. Theology 3-Time-(Screwface Capitol)
38. Theology 3-Step Your Game Up-(Screwface Capitol)
39. Theology 3-Away-(Screwface Capitol)
40. Big Sproxx Feat Tona, Theology 3, Ignay, Frankie Payne, JD Era & Adam Bomb-Ground Work-(White)
41. Theology 3-It’s Theo Prickly Pear Remix-(Screwface Capital)

42. 2 Hungry Brothers Presents 8thW1-Everyday -(Domination Recordings)
43. DJ Lord Ron Feat Triple Ace-City to City-(String Note Recordings)
44. The Sweep-Time Pass-(White)

To download show copy & paste link:

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Shit.....

Madlib The Bad Kid just drop his newest project Madlib Medicine Show: Vol. 8 Advanced Jazz. Here is a quick sound bite for you to check in on..

Put A Zee On It #4

The Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture aka the Master of Records is going to be getting it in live and direct tomorrow August 24, 2010 on Crazy Legs Ustream Show.. I suggest you check in and maybe you just might learn something..
Salute to you Bammy,

Watch the show here:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Down By Law...

Just incase you can't make it up to the East Hamptons.. Here is the link for you to check in on the ‘Down by Law’ art exhibition being hosted at the Eric Firestone Gallery. This art show is celebrating the early days of aerosol art and street art. The show features a ton of classic photo's that any Hip-Hop head can appreciate. So do yourself a favor and check in jack!

To see pics copy & paste link:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Backyard styling...

Here is something to get you geared up for your sunny weekend.. Peep this clip of Kurupt and Frank Nitt having some freestyle fun backyard boogie style...

GZA Wu Tang Documentary...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For My cr8 diggers.... (new shit)

The second part of TMI's Soho Record Stores story visits Wyld Pytch, Sister Ray and Sounds of The Universe. According to Zora, manager of Wyld Pytch for the last 12 years, there were once as many as fifty record shops in this part of London. Is it all coming to a end?????

New Shit.....

Serve VS Ces went down at Tuff City... Check the footage and hear what the judge has to say about this one...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Shit..... (quick download)

Just incase you didn't get a chance to attend the 2010 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Fest. Subsonic Radio got the exclusive plug in (direct from the boards) to get you 2 hours (there entire set) live audio from this years headlining group De La Soul.. With 20 plus years experience you should expect nothing but SMASH.. These brothers go in with all the classics and some new joints to keep you plugged in.. Do yourself a favor and check in, cause this one delivers!

To Download Copy & Paste Link:

Unreleased Material...

D&D Studio's just dropped a gang of unreleased footage from there 40's and Blunts party's.. Check the footage all you golden era Hip-Hop heads will appreciate this one...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Shit.....

Krink is getting ready to drop a collab with NEW ERA on the 59Fifty tip. The cap features the classic Krink drip effect and should be hitting production very soon.. For more info check krink.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Shit.....

Under Pressure Montréal www.fredmusa.com from goofywelldone on Vimeo.

Here is the footage from the Under Pressure 2010 Jam that went down in Montreal.. Do yourself a favor and check, check, it out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Shit.....

KMEL VS REMIND exhibition battle went down over the weekend at the Style Elements Anniversary. If you didn't get a chance to go here is the footage from the battle.. Enjoy!
Happy Sunday,

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Shit..... (quick download)

Here is last weeks R.I.O.O.C. radio show brought to you by DJ Eclipse. I haven't had a chance to check in just yet.. But after looking at the playlist it looks like this one will deliver..
Don't sleep,

PLAYLIST 8/10/10
1. Taiyamo Denku "Lost In Production" prod. by Ayatollah
2. Shawn Jackson "Bay Bwoy" prod. by Cloud
3. Crown Royale "RIght Here" prod. & cuts by Rhettmatic
4. Trek Life "So Supreme" prod. by Oddisee
5. M.E.D. "MEDical Card" prod. by Madlib
6. DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL "Cult Assassin" prod. by DJ Muggs
7. IDE & DJ Connect feat. Tha Outsidaz "Still In This" prod. by DJ Connect
8. Grand Daddy I.U. "Hustlin'" prod. by Grand Daddy I.U.
9. Killah Priest feat. Cappadonna "Betrayal" prod. by Kount Fif
10. Tek "Pushin' Game" prod. by Illmind
11. Amazing Maze feat. Lord Tariq & Wyldbunch "My Story Is Yours" prod. by Amazing Maze, cuts by DJ Danetic
12. Vinnie Paz "Role Of Life" prod. by Bronze Nazareth
13. Koncept feat. Sene "You Knew" prod. by The Audible Doctor
14. Trek Life feat. Olivier Daysoul "Everything Changed Nothing" prod. by Oddisee
15. De La Soul "The Return Of DST" prod. by Posdnuos
16. Canibus "Golden Terra Of Rap" prod. by DJ Premier
17. DJ Jean Maron & M-Dot feat. Masta Ace "You Don't Know About It" prod. & cuts by DJ Jean Maron
18. Soul Khan feat. Marv Won "Thunder in Paradise" prod. by Marink, cuts by DJ Brace
19. 2 Hungry Bros & 8th W1 feat. P.So & Fresh Daily "Can't Win Em All" prod. by 2 Hungry Bros
20. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) feat. Cassidy & Xzibit "Goin Back" prod. by Statik Selektah
21. Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Sadat X "Rhyme After Rhyme" prod. by Grand Daddy I.U.
22. Eternia & MoSS "Pass That" prod. by MoSS
23. Black Sheep feat. Rhymefest "Power to the Pih Poh" prod. by Tough Junkie
24. 2 Hungry Bros & 8th W1 "Everyday" prod. by 2 Hungry Bros
25. DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL feat. Sick Jacken & Uncle Howie "Narco Corridos" prod. by DJ Muggs

Download Pt. 1 Here:

Download Pt. 2. Here:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Shit.....

Here some new sh*t to get you pumped on your thursday.. Peep this clip on Soho independant record stores. Any deejay can appreciate this one...

New Shit....

Kool Keith got a new single/video out... Joints called New York, check in if you know what's good for you jack!

Hip-Hop Mission #1

Me and my manz and demz Drasar Monumental from HHBF got a phone call last week from our Zee Famz Kufu 1 from NS Waset. Kufu was calling saying that he just got his transfer papers and he report to Vietnam, CA. August 6, 2010, @ 1400 hours.. Those that know me and my mans Drasar Monumental know we live for this sh*t then you add the fact that its our NS Zee famz looking to ride, so you know we gonna ride...

Now my man Kufu had told me prior that he wanted to have a black book session. Never in my right mind I thought he was going to arrive with a duffle bag full of paint and that his black book was the concrete... By 5PM Friday evening me, Kufu, and Drasar Monumental were off to the concrete jungle to get our outlines up before sundown, and still be able to report back to the N.C.O Club to smash the disco. (remember people I'm a deejay.)

Day 2:

We wake up early in the morning turn on some Hip-Hop and plan our attack with the color skemes.. Now please make a note the last time I painted on a wall was 1995. I rarely draw anymore but i still study the writing culture and still have a passion for it till this day. So i knew that i was going to be rusty, but my Hip-Hop ethics told me that no matter what happens I NEED TO BE CLEAN.. That way if worst comes to worst at least my piece will be clean. I was told that you don't have to have the craziest letter style but if your work is clean that someone out there will appreciate it. So with that in mind I started to do my fill-ins and take my time and really plan out my attack...

As i am laying down my fills and deciding how i want my color to flow Kufu is really going in smashing everything in site and moving to the rhythm of the boom box. Five hours into our mission I step back and see what exactly is going on around me and relize my body is starting to feel kinda achy and my feet are starting to hurt. It started to feel like i was doing some type of workout.. But the Hip-Hop energy was such at a high frequency that i could do nothing but continue on my mission and finish what i started. But make sure i still have enough time to shake the spot grab my records and proceed to hit another disco that i was scheduled to rock later that night. (talk about hip hop savage)

Through out my mission with these two brothers i learned a lot and it sure did feel good to get back in the battlefield on some writing sh*t and still be able to express myself and have fun at the same time. I want to thank you Kufu for all your inspiration and patience with me. You truly inspired me to continue on some rock shock sh*t and I can't wait to paint with you and the rest of the TNS/TCB famz.. As for all your writers out there I salute you all! This shit is no joke and at 33 years old it sure does wear the body down but it sure does keep the Hip-Hop sprit alive!
mission accomplished,

Big ups 2: Drasar Monumental, Sean, State Of Mind, Mig, Fran, and a big born day shout to my brotha Kufu 1!

"Click picture to see entire black book session"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Shit....

T-Kid and Ske take a trip to Paris and get bizz.. PLEASE do yourself a favor and check the clip SKE is truly amazing with the can control!

As a added bonus just incase your sleeping on yourself... T-Kid has a video documentary in the works, check the clip and get in the know...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Put A Zee On It #3....

Sedgwick and Cedar just released the Planet Rock line. The line pays homage to the global hit Planet Rock that sparked the first global Hip-Hop tour, NUFF SAID!
Respect to you Pops,

Score your teez here:

New Shit....

Unofficial Def Jam photographer from 1987-92 and Hip Hop historian Ricky Powell, who earned the moniker "the forth Beastie Boy" has recently dropped 'Rappin' With The Rickster' DVD, a collection of the best bits from his public access TV show which originally aired in 1990 -1996. The show flipped sidewalk antics and backstage tom foolery with interviews with numerous heads including: Russell Simmons, Doug E Fresh, Harold Hunter, Kool Keith, Rahzel, Laurence Fishburne, and Cypress Hill. The DVD also features a 2010 edition of the show and Ricky Powell dropping some commentary over a slideshow of some his most iconic photographs.


DJ Craze sits down and talks about the DMC, digital Deejaying, and production... Check the clip and get in the know!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Check, Check, it out.....

Here some behind the scene footage from the All City Black Book Show at 5 Points.. Check the footage and get in the know!

New Shit... quick download

Tek got a new mixtape out... I haven't had a chance to check in on it but after peeping the tracklist it looks like it just might have a few on it...

1. Hey Gurl Intro (00:56)
2. Smokes Theme (04:01)
3. Pushin Game (03:53)
4. Touchin That Green (03:24)
5. Grind With Me feat. Sheek Louch (03:48)
6. That Barrel Go Bang feat. Inspectah Deck and Fes Taylor (04:24)
7. Shottaz feat. Freeway and Jakk Frost (02:54)
8. Eyes On The Prize feat. Mbusi (03:22)
9. Trunk Fulla Bang (03:06)
10. Death Iz Forever feat. General Steele and Havoc (04:14)
11. New Luv feat. Drawzilla (04:21)
12. Forever feat. Iman Jaunte (03:43)
13. Courtesy feat. D’Shaun (03:56)
14. Toast To The Good Life (03:08)
15. Grind Wit Me G-Mix feat. Sheek Louch and Drawzilla (04:18)

To download: Copy Paste Link

UBC 2010 Clips.......

The 2010 UBC went down in Vegas over the weekend.. If you missed it here some clips to check out.
Happy Monday,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get In The Know....

Mark Bode is staying bizz as of late.. Check this quick clip commercial for his newest project...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Shit ....

The Chief Rocka himself Busy Bee got a new sure shot that just surfaced on the internet.. The name of the song is called "Busy Revenge" produced by Kid Capri... Check in you just might like what you are hearing!

*Salute to you Busy Bee!*

Check, Check, it out....

By now you all should be up on the Tools Of War Cortona Park Jams.. Last weekend was the last stop of the sessions ending in the South Bronx.. But before they could come to a close WNYC got it in with some interviews and check in's with some of the legends and organizers of these events.. Check the two snippets and get in the know...

Check entire article, photos, and some BX knowledge here:

South Bronx: Where Hip-Hop was born.....

Snippet from the 8th Annual Cortona Park Jam...

New Shit....

Your mans and dem Slick dropped a new tee dedicated to one of the hardest in the game... The tee runs about 30 bucks, and i believe its limited press.. So you better act now!
Rest In Paradise IZ,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Shit (quick download)

Brother Mane 1 and S.O.J. got a hold of Mr. Freeze from Rocksteady Crew on their Super B Beat Radio Show for a nice interview. Mane and S.O.J. jam up Freeze on some hype questions and having him break down his newest project the U.B.C. (Ultimate B-Boy Championship) and all the poli-tricks that go with these battles and comps. If you get a chance check in, this one delivers!

*Don't forget to tell em' Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!*

To download copy & paste:

New Shit....

Peep this clip of Easy Roc, Flomaster, and Mr. Freeze getting it in for a judges showcase at the 2010 International World Battle that went down in Vegas...

*Salute to you Easy Roc*

New Shit....

Check out this clip of Afrika Bams tearing the house down at 2010 Torino Traffic Festival. If you aint up on it i suggest you check in...
Respect to you pops,

*Sup Kamonzi??? I SEE you!*

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Shit... (Quick Download)

Your mans and dem Dam Funk got it in on BBC Radio 1 the other day.. If you ain't up on game I suggest you check in.. Dame goes in with that westcoast keyboard funk!
Now check the tracklist jack,

J1 – LiftOff [intro]
Devonwho – Slapshot
Reggie B – Khemitian Temple [Instrumental Version]
Teeko X. – BustAMOVE!GO!OFF
Chesca & Elliot York – Twilight Fades
B. Bravo – Two 2 Tango
AD Bourke – Cosmic Connection feat. Amalia
Distant Starr – Here We Go
Odidisee – Curl
Pudge – Jungle Funk [Jus Dance]
Subtitle x DâM-FunK – Experts
AD Bourke – One For Me
Grooveman Spot – Affection feat. Ahu
Teeko / Dibia$e / Devonwho – Young Funklords
Electric Wire Hustle – Unknown Instrumental aka Track 8
Computer Jay – Slipping!!
Fatima – Warm Eyes
Dam-Funk – The Funk Is 4 U/Outro [Unreleased)

To download : Copy & Paste Link:

Rocksteady 2010 Anniversary Clips...


Big Daddy Kane


Just like I figured the clips are already popping up.. Here are a few that i found from the Sunday outdoor jam..
Happy Monday,