Monday, June 30, 2008

Yo Break Deejays....

This one goes out to all the Break Deejays..This track is featured on the "Dance To The Music" C.D. This track is not featured on the original album... But with technology now,(Serato) it really don't seem to matter these days.... So now there is no excuse why Break Deejays should not be ROCKING DOUBLES... I mean really rocking them, as in flipping them, looping them, doubling up on them...Not just doing some half ass rocking back and forth shit, this is 2008!
Track: "Soul Clappin"

July 22nd Mark It On Your Calender...

Skillz got a new project coming out intitled, "The Million Dollar Backpack". The project release date is July 22nd..In the meantime peep the video..
"So Far So Good" / Sick (Feat. Talib Kweli)

This Is The BCC....

Here is a clip of that new Boot Camp Clik "Yeah"..This is taken from their new documentary called "Band Of Brothers" The Story Of The Boot Camp Clik.

Support Lazy......

First off i want to give a shout out to brother Lazy for still keeping them customs banging.. I have always been a fan of this cats work.. So much, that i even had to grab a pair of sneakers from him (For Lazy Or Money).. Even though he hit me for $150.00 to me it was way worth more. Due to the fact that they were hand designed, hand painted, and like all of his work, one of a kind ( at least back then he was making one of a kinds) I knew for a fact that he was going to blow up.. So to me it was way worth every penny...

Now many years later he still more active then ever and he is dropping a shoe with so much swag that it hurts...This is the Lazy X SBTG Paramount Nike Dunk Low. This sneaker features Regalia colored selvage denim, Olive Drab British SAS Shemagh, Faux Croc Leather on the Swoosh, and Starks “Gucci” inspired laces. These sneakers are limited to 15 pairs worldwide, and will only be available exclusively at the Royale Fam. Price for these bad boys are $550.00, with a release date of 06/29/08 (sold out)

The actual shoe (which i still own) "For Lazy Or Money" Nike Dunk One Of a Kind with custom box... If you look close those are not dollar bill printouts, it a "Lazy Bill" (picture of lazy himself)

New Rakim Single....

This is the new single from Rakim called "Love For Sale". This joint was originally released on Rakim's last project a few months back entitled, "Live, Lost, and Found, The Archive". This track was 1 of 3 new tracks that was featured on the project.

For The Kids Of The 80's...

This is the new Zo ( Detroit M.C.) and Tigallo ( Phonte of Lil Brother) new project called 'I Love The 80's". This project is dedicated to the 80's but with a twist on that production... Rumor has it that they are only going to be making limited numbers of the project w/ a release date in mid July....
Track Title: "Take On Me"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Time Splash...

Nike dropping some banging Blazers. Peep those colors, gray w/ the brick red swoosh, and Brick red laces to match.. Then to see that footwork, Nike dropped the white soles with black caps... (Out Now)

And The Drama Continues.....

This is the latest in the Ice T. VS. Soulja Boy drama circle.. After Ice made his video reply back to Soulja Boy saying that Soulja Boy made a mistake on even replying to him, and then went as far as having his son dissing on Soulja Boy on his clip. Now Soulja Boy, does a follow up, and continues to put more fuel on the fire..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funk The 4th.....

Here is a flyer for a jump off that i will be playing some records @. The event is going to be July 4, 2008, in Sacramento Ca. This promisses to be a great show. As i will be playing a entire set of NEW MUSIC & EXCLUSIVES...
See you @ the jam,

Tag Town...

Martha Cooper has a Book out called "Tag Town" featuring tags that date back to the 60's as well as the orgins of N.Y. Graff. This one is a MUST have for any Hip-Hop collector..

Sk8 Shoes Have Come Along Way......

Vans Syndicate colab. w/ WTAPS and dropped the Bash “S”, which is a all new model created by WTAPS(clothing line from Japan). This first colorway will also have a follow up with two other releases as well. (OUT NOW)

For Them Golden Era Deejays......

For those who don't know Group Home dropped this project out late May of 2008. One of my peoples asked me to drop it on the page and give it alittle shines.. Even though its around month and half old.. I'm real suprised that many deejays on my block, didn't even know Group Home dropped a new project. But yet, all of them will play "Superstar"....
Track: "Real Brother Never Die"...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Got To Have It......Soul Power !

Here some more soul power coming out my personal stash. This track is rocked by the mighty swagged out Carl Carlton. The song is called "I Wanna Be With You". Stop being a wobble head and add this one to your collection now it's a banger. Oh yeah, and for those deejay nerds that are wondering, "YES I OWN IT ON WAX"..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainbow Scribble

These are the Nike "Rainbow Scribble" Blazers. The scribbles printed onto the sneaker’s black body are colored red, yellow, green, and blue blending together the entire package. (Available Now)

2008 National Hip-Hop Political Convention...

The 2008 Third Bi-Annual National Hip Hop Political Convention (NHHPC) will be held August 1-3, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The NHHPC is a gathering of social justice activists, organizers, students, journalist, scholars, artists and concerned citizens who come together to define the political agenda of the Hip Hop community.

On July 28-31, 2008, a pre-convention will be held called "The State of Hip Hop", which will include a film festival, concerts, art exhibits, academic symposium and bboy/bgirl battles. Thousands are planning to come to Las Vegas to discuss the role of Hip Hop culture in political and social activism at the three-day convention from August 1-3, 2008 which will include workshops, trainings, celebrity guest speakers and concerts.

Hawaii's Own ...

The mighty graff writer from Hawaii East did a colabo with Kid Robot to give you the "East3 Spraycan Mugsy". Stands 8 inchs tall with removable visor, 3 spraycans, 2 markers, and movable arms. This toy is a diffently something to add to the Hip-Hop Collection. (OUT NOW)


Happy B-Day Drasar Monumental....

Yo Kiko, I just wanted to give you a B-Day Shout. Much love to you and all the family. Keep smashing those turntables, and remember "95" is theirs and 2 thousand eat is ours!

Monday, June 23, 2008


This goes out to someone very close to me. I know you will make it threw this little hurdle cause you are a strong individual.

Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group??

Here is a sure shot track called "Be You" from a group of brothers out of Brooklyn/Cincinnati who call themselves Tanya Morgan. The album is entitled "The Bridge" and is Tanya Morgans 4th project to date. Go out and support these cats you won't be disappointed.

Keep Rippin Stop Slippin...

Peep the 3rd installment from the summer's Greatest Hits Pack “Keep Rippin Stop Slippin”, featuring the safari print from the Nike Air Safaris to the Air Max 1 once again. Rumor has it there is going to be a matching shirt dropping the same day in late June.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Beans & Rice Exclusive....

This is a "Exclusive" joint called "Gotta Be Different" from the new upcoming album intitled "Beans & Rice". Brought to you by Monsrock of the I.N.E. Crew and P.B. of The Cuf. Rumor has it they been working on this project together on the super lows, with Monsrock controling the mothership (production) and P.B. holding down the fort (Lyrics). This album promisses to keep you fed.
"Thumbs Up Guys"

Put Some Flying D's On it.....

This is a quickie from the Mighty King Denz live in action on the early morning smash. This cat is making waves everywhere he goes, from smashing Europe, all the way up to cracking jokes with Hugh Hefner himself. Keep rock shocking it ahki!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sneakers or should i say rims???

Cats are rocking them sneakers so clean and hard these days that it still makes me envy. There is nothing in this world that gives you confidence like a clean brand new pair of sneakers. With all the Dunk craze and all this "Limited Edition" stuff. People tend to forget about the classics and the simple things. I ran across these the other day and I just had to share.. Classic "Techno Color Blue" Pony's w/ the "Cherry Bomb Red" laces, super classy.. Pay attention to how clean the lace job looks...


In Funk We Trust...

Here ia a little tune to get you ready for your weekend.. I remember hearing my pops playing this one on a friday night on his little sound system way back when i was a young blood. Damn someone tell me that bass guitar isn't getting slapped.. ( throw your funk signs up )

Soul Power...

This one is for all you Break Deejays who just only play drum breaks at battles.. What about the soul power? All these b-boys claim to dance, but when some soul power comes on they don't know what to do.. But yet still call themselfes b-boys. Deejays got to stand up and force them cats to dance.. So many b-boys confuse speed with style and flavor with execution.. While they miss all the soul power.

A true master of cermony.... Rammelzee

Rumor has it that the Legendary Rammelzee is working on a autobiography..Please say it's so.. This is one autobiography that is well overdue.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Unreleased" Planet Mixtape..

This was a unreleased mixtape that i put out in 02" called "A Seriers Of Stick-Ups". 13 tracks of that ruff, rugged, raw, 100% Gun Clapping Music... I ended up flipping little blends and tricks if you listen real close... As well as rode the mixes as long as i possibly could....
Download it now...

Afrika Bambaataa.... The True Master Of Records.

Here is some "EXCLUSIVE" footage of the Amen Ra Of Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa doing his thing.. This was about two weeks ago ( May 24, 2008 ) in San Francisco at the Black & White Ball. Tickets ranged from $250.00 -$1200.00 dollars with all proceeds going to local children's charity, with Afrika Bambaataa being the headliner of this event. I have seen Bambaataa do his thing a many of times, but this by far was the jivest one to date. He must have played about a 45 min set, and by the 3rd track he flipped, he had over 2500 people rocking tuxedo's in his pocket.. By far a lesson in it's self for any deejay and student of Hip-Hop Culture..

Left to right: Planet, King Kamonzi, Afrika Bam, King Sha One, Ground Level


The Ruler....

Had a chance to rock with Slick Rick The Ruler. It was my first time seeing this cat rock. He came to my home town before. But due to technical difficulties i couldn't make it out.. ( couldn't get in free ) So i had to pass on that show.. Two years later ( June 6, 2008) i shared the stage with him and got to witness the brother do his thing.. If you haven't had a chance to peep The Ruler do yourself a favor peep him out, and take notes on how to rock a show...

Much love to King Sha One, and Kevy Kev it was a pleasure rocking wit both ya!

"This Be My Town Sh*t" ....

This art show will be featuring works by none other then the Legendary West Coast graff crew T.C.B. ( The Capitol's Best ) This event is going down in Oakland CA. @ The Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland CA. with art by Refa 1 and Grandmaster Toons and yours truly holding down the wheels of steel going down August 29-31st.

Get your damn swag right........

Adidas is killing it wit this one... REST IN POWER JMJ!

New music for your jeep..

If you didn't know Craig G. & Marley Marl got a new one out.. It has a few guests on it but for the most part it will make your head snap.. Oh yeah, look for that bonus track on the album its called "How About The Mic", say it wit me .. "SCIENCE"