Friday, October 30, 2009

7 Gems....

Here is some footage from some of the illest in the game breaking down their version of the Top Rock.. Check the footage get in the know...
Happy Friday,

Battlefield Funk Radio.. (10/29/09)

Here is the archive video of last night's Battlefield Funk Radio Show.. Me and my mans Drasar Monumental went in with a gang of NEW Hip-Hop music and snuck a few classic torpedo's in the mix.. All live all off the top of the dome with no mistakes allowed.. Big up's to this weeks Hip-Hop Trivia winners: DJ Riff Raff Sac. CA., Big D.O., Denver, and Mando Santa Rosa, CA. Your Hip-Hop packages are in the mail fellas...
Happy Friday,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We On Live Tonight!

Yes yes ya'll we going back on the air live tonight for the first time in over a month.. If you watch the show then you already know what's the haps.. For those who don't check in! We got a really good show lined up full of NEW Hip-Hop music and a gang of FREE giveaways..


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary UZN Belgian...

One of the longest and most active chapters in the UK is gearing up to have their UZN Anniversary to pay homage to Hip-Hop's 1st Family.. Checkout the line up, this one looks to be a jump off no question... Now click the flyer and get in the know!
Ahki peace,

*Big Up Defi J!*

Beat Junkies Paying Homage...

Peep this really nice footage of the Beat Junkies paying homage to Roc Raida at this years Tableturns Reunion in NYC..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hip-Hop's First Family Celebrates....

It's about that time to pay homage to Hip-Hop's first family, the Universal Zulu Nation.. This years 36th Anniversary looks to be a real nice event, with some nice battles, and a really good line up.. With November being Hip-Hop History Month it's only right you make your pilgrimage to the mecca (N.Y) and pay your respects... Now check the clip and get in the know.. Happy Anniversary to all my Kings, Queens, Shaka's, and Malika's worldwide..
Ahki peace,
*props To Ahki Sen*

Fat Cap Dedicates To Star Wars....

Fat Cap’s gearing up to drop their newest issue (#17) of their magazine.. This issue will feature Star Wars graffiti. Check out the a video preview of what you can expect from the new magazine, coming out in November 2009.
You betta ask somebody,

My Mans And Dem...

My mans and dem DJ Riff Raff was caught on Fox 40 News tearing it up for some monthly gig he does in Sacramento.. Im glad to see my peoples is still holding it down.. Now check the footage and get in the know..
We salute you Riff,


Here is a clip of Havoc from the Mobb Deep getting it in live in direct in front of 60 thousand people in Bogota, Columbia.. That's whats up Havoc... Free P!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess What's Back?!?!

I got this one in the inbox this morning and i had to post it up.. $10,000 cash prize with some ill ass judges, and coming to the west coast, you betta ask somebody!


Here is a clip of DJ Craze paying homage to Roc Raida at this years Table Turns Reunion.. Check the clip and get in the know...
Happy Monday,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seventh Letter Making Moves....

The Seventh Letter Graffiti Crew x World Tour Bag Collection is now available at Known Gallery Store now. These bags have been highly anticipated and are really nice looking and have a gang of features. Let alone just might be a nice little piece to add to the Hip-Hop collection!

Do The Knowledge...

Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente are back with Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings 1985–2005, showcasing some of the hidden works by two decades of graffiti artists. The ‘piecebook’ is a special part of the graffiti artist’s life, holding all the work they’ve done, will do, or hope to do. They’re usually only seen by other artists, so this peek into the piecebooks of some of the best graffiti artists of the last twenty years is a great opportunity for any fan of street art and culture. Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings 1985–2005 will be released by Prestel Publishing on October 29th, 2009.

Soul Power....

Checkout this trailer for a re-released classic called "Soul Power" if you aint up on it i suggest you check in and get in the know...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bobbito aka Cucumber Slice..

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of this shoe Pro Keds and Bobbito got together to create his version of this classic. Bobbito had embossed the words “El Barrio” on these bad boys in homage to Spanish Harlem and it’s storied basketball history and culture. In addition he has embossed the words Add on and Palante on the shoes as well. The Bobbito x Pro Keds releaes on October 28th at your local shoe store...

Friday, October 23, 2009

" Quick Download "

I should have put this up sooner, but better late than never...Your boy, Oddissee continues his 2009 bumrush...

Put this in your rotation for the weekend kid...POW.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The God Blesses S.F

Rakim Allah will be in S.F. 10/ 25 at Slims nightclub...Do the right thing and makes sure you are in attendance if you know what's best for you, money grip !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Soul Power.... (Quick Download)

I had a few minutes to spare this morning so i decided to do some cyber surfing and right when i was getting ready to bounce i ran across this one so i thought i share it.... Check out this nice Brazilian mix by Phat Kev.. I really aint up on Phat Kev, but after going in on his mixtape i might just google this cat.. As the mix is concerned i was digging it.. Phat Kev does some doubles here and there and sorta links it all together with some nice composition.. Its not really mixed but it does flow well and features some real nice music.. So i can appreciate that... But then again any mixtape that features Brazilian soul power I can appreciate... Anyways check this one out and and i promise when you play it not only will the sun come out, your co-worker is going to be snapping their fingers too, happy Monday....
Yes here comes my ride,
-P. Dogs

Happy Monday.....

Sup cyber?!?! Well i see you came back to check on your mans and dem "P" at Funkwhatyaheard.. Over the weekend (had a few days off) i had a chance to hit the blog pretty hard with some updates to keep giving you a reason to check in with your family... As long as you believe in "P", then "P" is going to be giving you your Hip-Hop fix... As you scroll down i laced up some new music, as well as some footage to keep you in the know.. This week my mans from Battlefield is going to be throwing something up here and there so like always make sure to check back in.. I should be back by this friday for a few days (hopefully) and when i get back ill check my emails tap into some cyber sources and go back in with another massive weekend update.. Anyway, i'm out I gotta catch this bus to my next stop...
Happy Monday,

*Photo of Marge Simpson Courtesy of Playboy Mag*

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

Here is something to kick off your Monday morning in a positive direction.. Check out this promo mixtape for this years "Smoke Free Tour" featuring Prestige and Mega Banton.. The promo mix is put together by San Francisco's mi dancehall selektah Irie Dole from Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi.. The mix features all types of sounds from lovers rock to some dancehall as well as some dub plates for the sound clash champion... Irie Dole is also going to be on the tour, which is scheduled to hit some Northern California city's next month.. So be on the lookout for the tour cause they might be coming to a hood near you.. In the meantime check out the promo mix...
Happy Monday,


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rock Shocking It...

Here is alittle something to get you started off in the right direction for your sunday afternoon.. Check out this brand new Seventh Day Project video. The video features Dame MSK co rocking a burner.. Check out the RIP Baatin T-shirt, that's whats up!

New Sh*t ....

The ‘New York City Black Book Masters’ is an intimate collection of personal drawings from some of New York City’s finest old school and new school writers. The likes of, RIff 170, Noc 167, Case 2, Chain 3, Dondi, Erni, Daze, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Ghost, Freedom, T-Kid 170, Cope 2, Nic One, Ewok, Zimad, Ket and many more. It is a great opportunity to see these writers unplugged. The release date for this jump off is October 22, 2009!!

Rest In Power.....

God bless you and your entire family....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Latino's shining.....

Here is a clip of two of the illest latino's (Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriel) eating real big and doing the cover for Snoop's new album.. Check out the clip and see how southern CA. gets down...

Happy 20th Anniversary Tribal....

Southern California clothing company Tribal out of San Diego CA. is celebrating their 20th year in the game.. To celebrate the anniversary they decided to drop a video to pay some homage to their team.. (Mr Cartoon, Jose Lopez, Franco, OG Abel, Fieldy, Lisa Boyle, Steve Soto, Risk, Latisha Wood, Spider, Trevelen, Big Gus, Killafornia, Maxx242, Tattoo Tony, Noah, POD, Korn, Shepard Fairey, Justin Bua, Mike Giant and Retna.) Check the trailer out and get in the know...

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

I ran across this one and after checking out the tracklist i decided to check in on it.. I'm glad i did it got some beats on it no question.. I noticed after i played the mix the rain stopped, so i decided to post it up and hopefully it will bring some sunshine to your hood as well.. It's a 30 minute mix by Nilez and Mr. P (if you aint up on them i suggest you goggle em).. They made the mix as a promo for a disco that went down in Rotterdam... Now check in on it yourself, and check the tracklist while you are at it.. You just might like what you are hearing...

+ Shock – Let’s Get Crackin’
+ Howard Johnson – So Fine
+ Yvonne Gage – Lover of My Dreams
+ The S.O.S. Band – High Hopes
+ B. Bravo – Cascades
+ Dam-Funk – Brookside Park
+ Shafiq Husayn – Dust & Kisses (Feat. Noni Limar)
+ Gee Gee & Gym Band – Majic Kaboola
+ Linkwood – Fudge Boogie
+ High Fashion – You Satisfy My Needs
+ Prince – Soft and Wet
+ Midas Hutch – Don’t Wanna Be Rude
+ Firecracker Recordings – Who La La (Linkwood Edit)
+ Surface – When Your Ex Wants You Back

Doom back on the set....

Here is a clip for all you Doom fans.. Check out your mans Doom getting it in live with Dr. Who Dat aka Jniero Jarel at this years Monolith in Montreal Canada.. Do yourself a favor and peep it out...

For The Beat Nerds... (quick download)

I haven't had a chance to check my inbox in about a week (still out of town) after checking in i recieved this new beat tape from Alex B.. I first heard of this dood from another beat tape he released called Alex B Beat Tape Vol 1. which actually caught my attention.. So when i seen this one in the inbox i had to go in on it and give it a listen.. I liked what i heard and what makes this beat tape a little different he included some other producers on the come up as well.. So i figure i do the right thing and pass it on to all my party people in cyberspace... So check in and if you are feeling it then you already know what you need to do.....
Now check the tracklist,

1. 0:00 Introducing
2. 1:25 Alex B- At Channel One (Unreleased)
3. 4:25 Ziploc- Sushi Caps (Unreleased)
4. 5:40 Knxwledge- Petaluma (Unreleased)
5. 6:45 Count Bass D- Aurul S(ECT)s (Dwight Spitz)
6. 8:04 Devonwho- Zelda (Unreleased)
7. 9:00 Alex B- Wallin (Unreleased)
8. 12:40 Alex B- Metameme STS9 REMIX (Make it Right)
9. 15:21 AFTA 1- Believe (Aftathoughts)
10. 16:16 Alex B- Show Me (Unreleased)
11. 18:10 Get Nice Interlude
12. 18:40 Viktor Vaughn- GMC W/ Eucalyptus (Super Villian)
13. 21:25 Devonwho- Shut it down Remix (WAVES)
14. 24:30 Alex B- You and I Both Know (Unreleased)
15. 27:00 Alex B- Players J Dilla REMAKE (
16. 29:35 Alex B- Frankenstein (Unreleased)
17. 32:40 Alex B- Nothing is Always something (Unreleased)
18. 35:10 Heralds Of Change- Asswank (Puzzles EP)
19. 36:15 Alex B- SB (Unreleased)
20. 38:20 Alex B- Hide Extension (Unreleased)
21. 41:35 Alex B- Spain (Unreleased)
22. 44:45 Dibia$e- Be fly (Unreleased)
23. 46:10 OUTRO

New Sh*t ....

Bay Area graff mag CLOUT did a colab with ELM COMPANY to drop a nice fitted for your dome.. The cap features the classic Clout logo on a black cap or a grey cap with tonal embroidery or white embrodiery.. If you are looking to score the hat and support a nice northern Cali graff mag checkout release date is October 30th..

Rza On NPR Radio......

The Rza sat down with NPR's own Tom Ashbrook to talk about his new book The Tao of Wu and all his personal ideas to spirituality and growth.. This interview is dropping jewels not only on Rza but members of the Wu and the public is calling in asking Rza questions on all types of stuff..... If you appreciate the ethics of the Wu and a real up close and personal 1 hour interview this is your sure shot!

1 million records....

Check out this footage of a crazy record store in Pittsburgh called Jerry's Records.. The store is rumored to have over 1 million records with all types of back doors and hidden passage ways stashed with 45's .. Watch this clip and see a 5 minute tour of this massive records store...

Now that you saw the store.... Meet the man who owns this massive silver tuna...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

" 9th Wonder Speaks "

Peep this interview with 9th Wonder at the A3C Hip Hop festival in Atlanta......

Monday, October 12, 2009

We aint going out like dat.....

Sup party people?!?! I would like to say big up's for checking in even though i know the site has been lacking on updates as of late I really appreciate that you people in cyberspace continue to check in.. But never fear we are still here alive and kicking! Just due to all the recent traveling i been doing I haven't had a chance to check emails or even update the blog.. I had my man Mark hold me down but 'The Man" got him running so he hasn't been able to get it in either.. Just when i thought i locked it in, there were technical difficulties and a lack of updates.. But after today I just talked to my man a Hip-Hop Battlefield, and he is going to be holding me down for the next few weeks till i return... (Big ups Battlefield) So hopefully there will be more updates to come real soon in the near future....

Now you probly wondering what the hell has been going on with the Battlefield Funk Radio Show?!?! No need to worry we are still down due to a major remodel... With a whole new layout, and a new headquarters ( that's right they moved us out the P.X. and now in a Command Center).. We actually got sponsors who are donating money, and merchandise to the show.. So we figured out of respect for all our new sponsors we had to go back to the drawing board and work some things out.. Also we are going to be setting up podcasts, making MP3's of all the shows (due to popular demand) and we are even going to be setting up to broadcast from I-Phones (be on the lookout for a Battlefield Funk Radio application), and a possible simulcast in the works... So please bare with us cause i promise when we go back on the air you all will be hype cause we got a ton more free stuff!!! We just want to make sure everything is up and running 100% before we go back on! (Hopefully early next month)

Before I bounce out for another week or so, i want to say big up to the whole entire Bay Area Hip-Hop Community ( San Francisco/Oakland).. This weekend my chapter from the Universal Zulu Nation was honored with a appreciation award from the Mighty 4 at Estria's Graff Battle that went down in Oakland CA.. The love we all received was insane, and we all felt really appreciated i myself was at a lost for words, let alone to see all my brothers and sisters from the Northstar Chapters in one place even amazed me! We are all spread out now thru California so for brothers and sisters to all posse up in Oakland was a beautiful thing..

So many people came out to show love, and so many others were just in the park having a great time.. I even ran across Hip-Hop heads from my home town of Sacramento who came out to show love and respect to the chapter...I just want to thank a few people who really touched me that day ... Brotha Paulskee and the Mighty 4 staff, Jim Prigoff, Katch, Thnk, Kufu, Refa, Bas One, Moon Cricket, Mando, Sha, Ground, Drasar, Arnold, Dj On One, Young Prize, Roach, Justin, Gina, Noah, Shorty Roc, Mel Kez, Riff Raff, Fooders, Markass, B-Boy Kareen, Riff Raff, J-Status, Bron One, Cantos, Kamos, Vince, Joey, and everyone else i forgot...
Much love ahki peace,

4 generations of the Northstar Familia..

*all photos are from the Mighty 4/Estria's park jam*

$20,000 dollar graff battle!!!!

Revok from the 7th Letter is making some power moves... Him along with the graff community of Melbourne Australia got a battle going down October 31st for $20,000 dollars! Revok chose all the writters to compete such as AROE (UK), ASKEW (NEW ZEALAND), CES (USA), DEMS (SPAIN), DMOTE (AUSTRALIA), EWOK, (USA), POSE (USA), RIME (USA), SOFLES (AUSTRALIA), and VANS (AUSTRALIA).

There also is a online poll for this massive battle that gives you the chance to vote on who you think will win the Clash of the Titans event. The official judges for the competition will be: CAN 2 (Germany), MERDA (Australia), PUZLE (Australia), RISK (USA), and WANE (USA)


Electro Wars...

Here is a clip for all you electro heads out there in cyberspace.. Check out this trailer for Electro Wars, the film features artists such as Steve Aoki, A-Trak, LMFAO, Pitbull, Chromeo, DJ Eclipse, DJ Q-bert, and more as they discuss the emergence, history, and meaning of electro music...

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

This one might be a week or so old, but i thought i still share it with you....Detroit's own Deejay House Shoes is back at it again this time he threw a mix together for Fine Magazine.. In this mix House Shoes drops all types of flavors from east coast to westcoast with a gang of new Hip-Hop from his click.. If you got some time download it, you just might enjoy what you are hearing...


*As a added bonus*
Here is a LIVE mix of House Shoes getting it in a few weeks back in Floss Scandalous ( Los Angeles) at the weekly jam called the Do Over... Check in duke!


New Shit (quick download)

The U.K. radio man Dan Green Peace is back at it again with his Spine Magazine Radio Show.. In this show Dan drops some new music on the masses, with a nice 1 hour long radio show.. If you like me and you appreciate new music then you just might want to check his show!


New Sh*t... (quick download)

Wajeed got a new joint out called tetris to promote his new tour coming up.. Check the track out and get in the know!


Monday, October 5, 2009

True Skool Block...

I was surfing around the youtube world, and came up on this classic 1985 Hip-Hop footage of the UK (London) jam called Electro Rock.. This event went down at the Hippodrome and featured a gang of people like Broken Glass, London All Stars, Rock City Crew, Birmingham Bboys, Look Twice, Dizzy Heights, Family Quest, City limits crew, colonel k, Zodiac, Live to pop, Loose Bruce, the Street elite, and a guest appearence by Afrika Bambaataa! This is a 7 part youtube jump off, so i laced up the first 2 parts for your to get it in on some true skool...

Top Nine Crew...

Check out this clip of some of Russia's illest b-boys tearing the concrete apart.. The name of the crew is called the Top Nine Crew if you watch Battle of The Year then you are up on them, if not then I suggest you check the clip... Take notice on the background shots, and nice camera's used to film this mini documentary...

Happy 30th Anniversary TC5

Here is a clip from the 2009 Meeting of Styles in Montreal that went down a few days ago.. Not only was it the Meeting of Styles Graff jam, it was also TC5 30th anniversary.. So check the clip and pay some homage to some of the illest in the graff game!

Happy Monday,
-P Rock

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The Hip-Hop Collector...

Here is something kinda ill for all you Hip-Hop collectors.. Check out this bed spread combo with the Turntable/Mixer pillow cases and the beat machine bed spread.. Now you can put in some work with those "ones" and keep it Hip-Hop in the sack, WOO! For more info on this product check out

Seventh Letter....

Here is one from Tyke Witnes holding down that AWR NASA flavor.... If you from Southern CA you should be up on this camp... If not check in and get in the know....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I gotta give props to Jim Jones coming up with this dope concept!

11 Dope MC's collaborating with The Black Keys
11 Days in the Studio
11 Tracks

Release Date: Black Friday 11/27/09

Stay Tuned...


If your in the twitter world then you should already know about #hiphopconfessions, Skills got a few episodes with some Jive ass confessions!!! Check in...

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions episode 2.2 from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.