Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do The Knowledge...

Alien Ness aka Rusty Shank from the Mighty Zulu Kings made a power move and just dropped a book called The Art Of Battle, Understanding Judged B-Boy Battles.. Ness drops jewels all through the book, about how to rep in the circle, understanding energy (which is a real big one , without understanding energy you will never gain a presence) how to come to the cypher complete, and many other tricks of the trade your average sap wouldn't be up on.. Usually these types of jewels are passed on from generation to generation after you have built and gained a brotha's trust.... If you are a B-Boy or even might have a "shakey presence" on calling yourself a B-Boy then i suggest you make this your sure shot! "BAM BAM"
Big Up Ness Ahki Peace,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here a quick look at some of the performers (Cormega, Tanya Morgan, Dujeous, End of the Weak, Sean Price, Roxanne Shante, Jeru the Damaja, & Pebbly Poo.) Who rocked the mic at over ther weekend at this year RSC Park Jam.. Checkout the footage and get in the loop jack.
Happy Anniversary RSC,

Recession Hustling.....

Today we decided to start a new column entitled "Recession Hustling".. The means for this column is to keep people in the know about all them street hustles that save your pockets.. So to start off the first post in this new column we decided to lace you up with a nice little cyber jewel...

The strongest in the cybergame Google is back at it again with a new trick up there sleeve called GOOGLE VOICE.. Google voice is a FREE phone service that keeps you connected wit your peoples worldwide.. (So now you can use this as your new private "hustle number" or "mackin number" for all those honey's..) Some might say, "ahhhh that some matrix sh*t, or how is that saving on my pocket books, if i still got to have the internet"?? Well guess what, your friends got internet right? Libraries got internet right? Cafe's got internet right?? You just got to flip that sh*t, and use these tools to help you progress and live the dream... (Recession Hustling)

Some could even use this Google thing as a way to promote there jams, (info lines) or use them for mixtapes, podcasts, and booking info instead of using there personal number..Or even better yet, say you know a person who is a turkey in those streets, instead of giving them your personal number you hit them off with the Google joint... Ya feel me??(HAHA) The whole concept is a really interesting (cause remember you can also talk live on it, text from it, and still call from it all from your personal phone without EVER giving out your personal number).. It has a lot of functions and options beyond that too.. It's just how you can use it to your personal gain to make it work for you... Now checkout the 2 Google clips and get the info you need...

This application is INVITE ONLY and is NOT been introduced to the public yet!! We attached the invitation link so you can get it in... Big up's to our peoples Mr. Ass aka Markass for the link..

Seattle Going For Shines....

Seattle's own B-Boy Crew Massive Monkey's is going to be going for the gusto on the new season of MTV America's Best Dance Crew.. Check them out August 9th as they try to take home the prize money (100 racks) and represent their home town of Seattle..
Good luck brotha's,

Coo Pics...

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics", cause that's what it is a "Coo Pic".. This weeks pic comes from a Bay Area King who goes by the name Crayone from the T.W.S. Crew ( Together Wit Style). Crayone co rocked this one live and direct in the Oakland CA. Yards the other week.. It's dope to see Westcoast Bay Area Legends still put in work after all these years!
Dope shit Cray,

Monday, July 27, 2009

A flick to peep..

2010 is already gearing up with a dope movie.. Here is a child hood classic re done and stepped up for all you kids at heart.. Tron Legacy looks to be the eye opener from Disney no question..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Putting Work In....

Here is 2 clips of Deejay Premier putting work in at the 09" Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.. Pay close attention on his crowd control, confidence, and his word play.. The brother truly continues to remain on his square when it comes to any type of deejaying or Hip-Hop.. Now say it with me, "Pah,Pah,Pah Premierrrr, Premierrrr",

Park Jams..

Here is a clip to get you through your friday at work.. Check out the Master Of Records aka The Amen Ra Of Universal Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa, Dj Red Alert, and Jazzy J all rippin the N.Y. True Skool Park Jam apart..
Big Up Pops,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adidas Def Jam Nizza High...

Continuing their 25th Anniversary of Def Jam collaboration, adidas recently released the Def Jam 25th Anniversary Nizza High. The Def Jam 25th Anniversary adidas Nizza High features a Khaki canvas upper with a Maroon Def Jam logo print and Gold accents in the Three Stripes. The adidas Nizza High Def Jam 25th Anniversary is available now at select adidas accounts..

Your weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

World famous Rock Steady Crew has been really getting it in all this week on events, classes, and celebrations gearing up for this weekends Hip-Hop festivities... If your in the N.Y. area this is where that real work is going down...
Happy Anniversary RSC,


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Global Underground Radio Show (quick download)

My mans and dem DJ Riff Raff out of Sacramento CA. is back on the airwaves (90.3fm KDVS) after a 5 year or so hiatus.. For those who don't know Riff has been a on air Hip-Hop junkie for at least 7 years straight in his hay day.. Bringing some of the illest and newest music to boxes all through northern CA. along with some dope on air interviews, and some real dope deejays live in the mix.. Now about 5 years later he decided one day to go back in the station and just check in on things.. Rumor has it Riff was asked to do a show pretty much right on the spot.. He was shocked, and now he is back in the fold.. So check him out now much older and more wiser with his new show called "Global Underground" ..

On his new show Global Underground he plays a wide spectrum of selections from local Hip-Hop, International Hip-Hop, New Exclusive Hip-Hop, to Funky Dubstep, Jazz, and everything between.. He also drops jewels on artists and labels that you just might want to check on.. Just when you think this show might not be for you, that's when he throws "that joint" on that locks you in.. Check his playlist it just might interest you..
Big up Riff,

*Show starts @ 3min 21sec. on the MP3 File*


Something To Peep...

Check out this little snippet of Guilty Simpson getting it in live in direct in London a week or so ago.. It's good to see peoples getting some love in the club...
Goodlooks Graffiti on the clip,
-P Rock Rock On

Quick Download..

Sometimes we at Funkwhatyaheard like to throw some undiscovered gems out there for the people in cyberspace.. Let alone throw something up that most sites won't even think about throwing up, or even even have a clue where in the hell we find this shit.. So with that being said, check out this mixtape that was put out by a deejay/drummer who goes by the name of Radski out of Austin Texas (i think).. The mix was put together for his homeboy as a personal mixtape trade.. The name of the mixtape is called the "Funked Out Moog".. That is what it is, it is all music inspired by the Moog keyboard.. I have never heard a mixtape like this with so much ammo behind it.. Must people who even attempt to make a mix like this run out of steam or play tracks that are so played out that it isn't anything to get really hype about.. After i checked in with this mix i couldn't believe the selection let alone appreciate the collection of records that were used (yes this mix is all vinyl) .. The project isn't mixed but it is composed and thought out well.. If you are a break deejay or just a person that appreciates the art of digging and record collecting then this on is for you..
Thumbs way up on this one,


Monday, July 20, 2009

Adidas X-large Superstars...

Alternating between lime green, purple, pink and blue snakeskin effect leathers, broken up by black suede 3-Stripes, complete with white X-LARGE lettering, while a matching suede tongue and heeltab display both brand’s logos. The white rubber shell keeps things striking, while a branded sockliner and no less that six sets of coloured laces emblazoned with the slogan, “Getting no respect since ‘91” keeps things appropriately versatile.

Respect The Technic...

Here is a nice clip to start your monday morning off in the right direction.. Check out Deejay Jazzy Jeff tearing some shit up at the House Of Blues.. I don't need to say more other then do yourself a favor and check the clip out...

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

Here is a 30min promo mix to start your friday off in the right direction.. This 30min. promo mix was put out by DJ Cliffy and is called Black Rio 2.. It features samba, soul, funk and a selection of overlooked Brazilian jams.. It isn't mixed but it is put together well and features that straight soul power for your eardrums..
Now check the tracklist,

Sonia Santos – Poema Ritmico Do Malandro
Emilio Santiago – Bananeira
Pete Dunaway – Supermarket
Os Diagonais – Nao Vou Chorar
Avan Samba – Ibere
Zeca Do Trombone E Roberta Sax – Coluna Do Meio
Balanca Pova – Novo Dia
Renata Lu – Faz Tanta Tempo
Bebeto – Princesa Negra De Angola
Cry Babies – It’s My Thing
Guimaraes E O Grupo Som Sagrado – Our Sound


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hiero Making Moves...

FTC and Plan B Skateboards did a colab and are proud to announce this triple collaboration with Bay Area hip-hop legend, Del the Funky Homosapien of the Hieroglyphics crew. ( bout damn time Hiero gets some sk8 love) The tee/ deck collaboration will be available July 31st, and pre-orders are being taken.

For The Beat Nerds... (quick download)

It's been a minute since I threw any type of beat tape up.. I guess cause a lot of beat tapes we been hearing as of late have been super duper suspect! We at Funkwhatyaheard believe in quality control and not just anything makes it up on our site.. So if you sent us a beat tape or a album and you didn't make the cut that's cause you need to go back to the drawing board and take your time..

So when we heard this beat tape we were actually kinda shocked to hear that Portland is getting it in like this.. So with that being said Here is a beat tape for all you cyberspace junkies.. This beat tape was produced by a young brotha who goes by the name Hi-Res from Portland OR. Be on the lookout for this cat he got some future projects coming out real soon.. If you like that 14kt/Detroit sound you might just like him...

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

Bay Area Graffiti writer King Estria is back at it again and hitting the road once more again for his Invitational Graffiti Battle.. Originally his concept started in Oakland CA. and now has been on the road all this year stopping in NY, Hawaii, and now Chicago.. With all top winners wining cash, prizes, and plane tickets to compete at the finals in Oakland CA in October... If you love that graff this is where you need to be..
Big up Estria,

New Sh*t...

Staple and Kangol did a colabo together and worked on a 5-panel safari cap.. The cap is made out of UV protective Taslon outer fabric and features drop down panels to protect your back and neck. Furthermore the cap features adjustable sizing with a toggle and cable, removable sun shade, and the iconic Staple pigeon logo. The Staple x Kangol Pigeon Sunhat is being released tomorrow, July 17th, at Reed Space,Commonwealth, St. Alfreds, Bodega and True Stores... You better act fast cause this one going to get swooped!

Just in case you miss that one here is another one to help promote that knowledge of self..QUINTIN created a special edition 5 panel fitted cap featuring the Filipino Flag. The piece is done up in a Red/White/Blue nylon ballistic material with Yellow embroidery on the front panel. This cap is available now at

For My B-Boys....

Puma has been digging around in their vaults and will be releasing their classic Puma Suede in August of 2009.. Each month Puma will be releasing 3 original colorways of the Suede, all featuring butter soft suede uppers and of course fat laces. The collection should be hitting the premium Puma retailers. All i know is if you are B-Boy/Break Boy and you want your footwork to be noticed these shoes will get you seen no problem especially with them white soles!
Don't sleep,

Lego's Make The World Go Round.....

Check out this ill ass lego jump off by Mrs. Monster giving shines to to everyone’s favorite cartoon alien, Marvin the Martian. The things they do with lego's nowadays...

If that aint enough to shake you down with the lego skills.. Peep Dirk VH’s brick-built Kenny from South Park, complete with axe in head and the resulting gore effects. Straight shake down street if you ask me...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

The mighty San Diego DJ Kutfather has his new podcast up along with some other things.. Kutfather is dropping them bombs, its good to know that there are O.G. deejays that still are up on there new hip-hop music as well as still in touch with there b-boy roots.. Check out his shows they deliver no question, Kutfather grabs the mic, mixes, rocks doubles, and ties it all up with just a nice classic feel.. Now check out his show and tell em' funkwhatyaheard sent ya!


Honorable mention: I recommend you download his latest show on Tru Skool Tuesday on Earthbound Radio sh*t is nice..

Do The Knowledge..

Check out this interview of Grandmaster Flash sitting down at France’s “DJ Day 2009″ event. Flash talks about how he got in the game, as well as how he came up with rocking doubles, creating the slip mat, and how the hood wasn't feeling his new found style of deejaying..


For Dem Hot Tracks...

Peep out this USB turntable from Ion... Simply plug it into the nearest USB port and you are ready to start gettin it in converting your old vinyls to digital files..(Perfect for Serato)

Featuring adjustable gain, anti-skating control and high-speed vinyl recording function, the belt-driven USB Turntables can also be connected to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary inputs. So basically you can spin your records through your regular system when you’re not converting them.

Mark It On Your Calender!!!

East coast grafitti writer Futura is back on deck with his homeboy Lance Armstrong and has recreated his most talked about rim the the FLOM (aka For Love Or Money). The LIVESTRONG x Futura x Nike Dunk Hi releases on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 and going for $150. smacks.. 100% of the proceeds go towards the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer research. I suggest you get in line friday night for these joints...

For The Hip-Hop Collector...

- Tim Tsui has now made available his figures online via Da Shop! Listed are new vinyl-creation Da Sturm... Da Sturm is a germany name which means Storm... Da Sturm Character comes with a mask and 2 spray cans.. You better act fast on this one cause it's limited to 180 pcs. and run for $88 smackaroos...

Something Coo....

Did you Check out the clips of those human beings painted up as animals Using bodypaint, makeup, teeth and other prosthetics??It's kinda wild to see how people are flipping some ill transformations. These folks, namely Russian Model Alex Kovas, really take it to a whole other level.. I know if i seen that shit in person walking at me in the woods i be shook ones son...
now check the clips dunn,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afrika Bambaataa..

The Master Of Records aka The Amen Ra Of Universal Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa just did a interview with Forbes on a few topics that just might intrest you.. You just might want to check it out and get in the know...
Word up pops!
Ahki Peace,

Peep The Article Here....

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

The newest edition of the Dan Green Peace Show hit cyberspace so all you Hip-Hop junkies can get in the know of what is hot, and what is not.. If you follow the Green Peace Show then you already know what to expect.. Nothing but all new Hip-Hop music for your ear drum.. Like always, Dan Green Peace keeps the selections hot with new tracks from the Wu, Duck Down, Nas, and Show Biz & A.G. Green Peace even throws in a quick M.J. tribute to pay his respects.. Like always the show delivers and your bound to hear something that you just might not be up on.. Give it a listen you just might enjoy what you hear...
Thumbs up on this one,
P Rock!

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

Okay, i know another Michael Jackson mix right?? Now i wasn't going to put up no other mixes for M.J. due to the Premier, and Bambaataa mix that I threw up not to long ago so there really is no need after that.. But after I ran across this Michael Jackson mix called" The Legacy, Worlds Greatest Jackson Tribute Mix" put out by the U.K DJ Chris Read.. After reading that cocky ass title and with Chris Read prior mixtape releases i had to check in.. Just based off what he wrote i can appreciate his anger and frustration so it made me want to go in even more on this project.. So instead of me talking about it check what he wrote himself and do yourself a favor download this one.. (it's got the internet going nuts).. It's well thought out and is all mixed and spiced up with all types of samples and a great composition..
now take it away Chris,

"I know what you're thinking, the last thing world needs right now is yet another M.J. tribute mixtape? Believe me, I'm pretty much of the same opinion and I didn't take the decision to do this lightly, but the flood of (in too many cases) pretty half baked tribute mixes, radio shows, podcasts over the past week kind of got under my skin. It seemed almost as though people were putting more effort into being the first to get something out than they were into a making decent job of it. I'm of the view that if you're going to mark somebody's life's work, the least you can do is pay some respect by putting some proper work into it. So that's what I did. Just over a week after Michael's passing, I'm pleased to present what I've (humbly) called
THE LEGACY: World's Greatest Jackson Tribute Mix! - 60 minutes, 45 tracks, featuring a selection of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 original works, edits, acapellas and demos accompanied by records that have sampled them, cover versions, tributes and remixes from the likes of Dwele, Dilla, DJ Spinna and Ian Brown amongst others. All that laced with original interviews and some heavy edits. It's been a labour of love, but I'm feeling like it was worth it."

  1. Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow (Loop)
  2. Jackson 5 – Ain’t No Sunshine (Loop)
  3. Dwele – Tribute to Michael Jackson (Re-edit) (Cover version of Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
  4. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Acapella) (Original version samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
  5. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Instrumental) (Samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
  6. SWV – Right Here (Demolition Mix) (Samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
  7. Jackson 5 – People Make The World Go Round
  8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Appreciate (Acapella) (Original Version samples Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8)
  9. Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8
  10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Appreciate (Instrumental) (Samples Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8)
  11. The ARE – Walk On (Samples Jackson 5 – Walk On)
  12. Michael Jackson Interview
  13. Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
  14. The ARE – We’ve Come Too Far (Samples Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There)
  15. Cool V – Tribute To Scratching Part 2 (Re-edit) (Samples Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There)
  16. Jackson 5 – ABC (Tokya Ska Paradise Orchestra’a Justa Roots Rock Mix)
  17. Jackson 5 – ABC (Album Version)
  18. Naughty by Nature – O.P.P (Samples Jackson 5 – ABC)
  19. De La Soul – Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix) (Samples Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It)
  20. Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
  21. De La Soul – Breakadawn (Album Version) (Samples Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It)
  22. Michael Jackson – Heartbreak Hotel
  23. Heavy D – Peaceful Journey (Samples Michael Jackson – Heartbreak Hotel)
  24. Jackson 5 – It’s Great To Be Here
  25. Jackson 5 Interview on Soul Train
  26. Jackson 5 – Good Thing Goin’ (DJ Bobo James Remix)
  27. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (DJ Z Trip Remix) (Loop)
  28. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Acapella)
  29. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Original Version)
  30. DJ Z Trip – Motown Breakdown (Samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
  31. Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Double Trouble Remix) (Samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
  32. Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Acapella) (Remix samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
  33. Jackson 5 – Enjoy Yourself (Loop)
  34. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Cookin Soul Remix feat. Notorious B.I.G)
  35. Jackson 5 - The Love You Save (Sunaga T Experience Remix) (Loop)
  36. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Acapella)
  37. Jackson 5 – Blame It On The Boogie
  38. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  39. Michael Jackson – Bad (Acapella)
  40. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Loop)
  41. Ian Brown – Billie Jean (Cover Version of Michael Jackson – Billie Jean)
  42. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Demo Version)
  43. Michael Jackson – History (J Dilla Remix) (Loop)
  44. 911 call from the Jackson Residence
  45. Zulema – Where You Are (Cover Version of Jackson 5 – I Wanna Be Where You Are)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Intresting ....

Here is some wild as recession living for you.. Check out these two Brazilian artists by the name of Gabriel and Tiago Primo. Who decided to keep it off the streets and build up on the wall with a hammock, coffee table, and a bed to keep them high in the sky... No recession sleeping for these brothers...

New Sh*t...

Onspotz just re-released there Rasta "Get Up Stand Up" New Era 59fifty fitted Mi Dancehull baseball cap.. The cap features the "R" logo in the Rasta colorway with a Jamaican flag on the bside of the brim (nice touch) with the Get Up Stand Up" in the back.. if you on that Mi Dancehull tip this rim is your sure shot..

Ghostface Killa....

Ghostface Killer from the Wu Tang Clan is making some moves with Def Jam to release their artist pack colabo in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Def Jam..In part of this pack Adidas is set to release collaborations with Def Jam artists Method Man, Redman, Young Jeezy, and Ghostface Killah.. Each shoe will features some personal touches from each artists like this Adidas fourm that features a Purple nubuck, leather, and suede upper in a nod to the legendary Purple Tape. The Purple upper is accented with a Gold foil "G" logo at the heel. The tongue features an illustration of Tony Starks and the upper sits on a White midsole and Gum outsole. Be on the lookout all you Wu fans the release date is set for fall 2009...

New Sh*t.. Quick Download...

Dee Jay House Shoes just dropped a 2 part Detroit Hip-Hop History lesson on his podcast.. If you love that Dee music, then you just might want to check in on it.. Part 1 features some of the usual cats that you should be up on, and then part 2 goes in with all that other goody goody that you just may not be up on.. Do yourself a favor click the downloads peep the playlists, and tell em funkwhatyaheard sent ya..


Back On The Set..... WOO!!! (quick download)

Sup all my cyber freaks im finally back and fully charged from my San Diego/Southern CA. invazion.. Me and my mans Drasar Monumental took a straight night rider mission all the way down to San Diego CA hitting every major city, and making sure to get it in on the way.. Armed with two I-Pods holding nothing but slams, jams, jokes, lectures, and exclusive tunes to get us to our final mission the UZN San Diego Chapter 3 Year Anniversary jam.. When we finally arrived brothers were in a night rider trance but real hype to see the Zee Famz.. Brothers from far as N.Y. and Sweden cameout to build with all the Cali Zulu Fam-Famz.. DAZE ROC'S house became one giant Zulu Compound before the weekend was over.. It's good to see the famz all doing strong, everyone keeping it on the rise and making sure it's family first... It sucks cause i forgot my camera so i didn't get no pics or footage of this mission.. But i did come back with something for all you cyber Hip-Hop freaks..

A real nice mixtape by two DJ's who rep San Diego Zulu who go by the name of Nick Nayme, and Mane One..The mix features fifty tracks yeah you read right 50 tracks! Of nothing but that Hip-Hop flavor.. Nick Nayme starts off the first half with all new cuts, all blended up nice and sweet.. Making sure to keep you locked in on all that new Hip-Hop music.. Then Mane One takes over, grabs the mic and keeps it b-boy with a real nice classic hip-hop feel, with some real nice Hip-Hop and Breaks that will make you turn it up.. Download Here.....

But before I bounce like a baad check, I got to give some shines to the fam-famz.. Much love Zulu Gobz, Hip-Hop Mel, Sha One, B-Boy Manny, Zulu Chibi, Nick Nayme, Mane One (good looks on letting me crash at the cribo ahk, woo!) Daze Roc,( good looks on the letting me pop a squat and invade WST headquarters ahk, woo!) Izzy, Sen 1, B-Boy Life, Khazam, DJ Fooders, Profo, and Little Lady Daze...
Ahki Peace,

-Planet Rock

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Shit (quick download)

DJ Ian Head just dropped a July ‘09 Mixtape called Cross-Country Digging...Ian Head took a night ride mission on the Am Trak and went coast to coast in search of the perfect beat and these where the tracks that he found on his adventure.. Ranging from artists such as Bernard Purdie, Soul Children, and Lonnie Smith to name a few.. This mix has a real nice vibe to it, and is well thought out with some good composition, a touch of soul power, and a pinch of Hip-Hop to keep you locked in to the groove.. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep Vinyl Alive....

Check out this clip of John Hall, owner of Musicol Recording Studios, dropping some jewels on the history of vinyl and the dying craft of cutting records by hand... 

Exclusive... (quick download)

Digi Pop Radio released a real nice mix by J Heart featuring all new music by Frank Nitt called the Mixed Drink.. The mix features a lot of new heat from the Frank Nitt catalog for the summer of "09".. The mix is basically a intro to get all you Detroit fans ready for his new release on Delicious Vinyl, and a major worldwide tour with labelmate and fellow crime partner, Illa J.. The mix is real clean and everything is MIXED along with just a nice selection of tracks and no yelling on the tracks..
Don't sleep on this one,

For The Mac Dre fans....

HELLA TIGHT latest release is tribute to the late, great Vallejo based Emcee/Hip Hop pioneer MAC DRE. Dre, name is Andre Hicksis credited as one of the originators of Hyphy movement and founder of Thizz music. Thizzelle Washington is one of the many characters Mac Dre assumed during his recording career.

The cap is 100% wool, tonal stitched pinstripes over the crown with a Micro suede visor and button. The interior is lined in Gold satin lining with Purple satin taping. Thizzelle Washington’s face is a combination of flat embroidery with gradient stitching on the sunglasses lens, felt hair and mini rhinestones around the outer frame of his sunglasses.

Proceeds from the sale of the tribute cap will be paid directly to Mac Dre’s family. To go with the release of the hat the Thizzelle Washington album is available for free download at:

Supra getting it in....

Supra has produced a keychain version of their barrier breaking Skytop sneaker. Each keychain comes packaged in a small pouch within a miniature Supra box. Available now in three colors – silver, gold and black – at Premier.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Out The Office...

Whut up party people i'm going to be out the office for a few days to catch some wreck on the deejay tip... My journey is going to be taking to San Francisco, Lompac ( i think thats how you spell it) Floss Scandalous ( Los Angeles) and San Diego CA.. It's going to be a real busy next couple of days so bare with me on the updates, soon as i get back it's on ( hopefully Monday).... On my return like always i'll have some exclusive footage from my trip, along with some behind the scenes action for you to check on...
one love and thanks to all that support the site,
-P Rock

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

Here goes that weekend Hip-Hop fix for all the masses.. This weeks jump off is going down in San Diego CA. This is a 3 day event with some major festivities.. ( sorry i dont have the other flyers) But if you want more info for this event hit the San Diego Zulu Nation on there Myspace and you will be able to get the major details for this event..
Happy Anniversary UZN SD,

New Shit (quick download)

My peoples Drasar Monumental from Hip-Hip Battlefield just dropped a new mixtape with nothing but that new heat.. My mans got it in with Serato for the first time ever, and decided to record it and put it out for all you angry Hip-Hop heads.. This mix is nothing but that uncut raw it features all new music with that straight up bang.. Do yourself a favor and make sure to tighten up that combat helmet before you hit the play button.. 
Now check the tracklist,

1..Termanology- " Baking Soda "

2..Large Pro- " Hardcore: Small Pro Remix "

3..Mobb Deep- " M.O.B. "

4..A.Z.- " Memphis Sessions "

5..Big Twinz- " Hit The Ground "

6..Vendetta Kings featuring Killa Sha, Planet Asia, Sha Stimuli, -" B.O.B.C. "

7..Oddisee, Pooh, Black Milk- " Drugs Outside Remix "

8..Billy Danze- " Savages "

9..F.T. " I'm Back "

10..Beat Nuts- " Do You Believe : Vinyl Reanimators Remix "

11..Superstar Quam - Allah- " 88 Soul "