Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Shit.. (quick Download)

Need i say anything?!?! ENJOY!

01 Raida Speaks 04:44
02 Funky Piano 01:54
03 Hey Young World 01:15
04 Time’s Up 01:41
05 X-Men Style Beatz 05:57
06 Back to Back ft. Saigon and Scram Jones 03:38
07 How Ya Want It 03:15
08 On the Mic 03:12
09 Premier’s X-Ecution ft. DJ Premier 01:41
10 Raida’s Theme ft. Wayne-O 03:55
11 Raida vs. Unknown DJ 04:07
12 Another X-Ecution ft. Dilated Peoples 03:28
13 XL ft. Large Professor 02:55
14 Sinista Rocks for Raida 02:24
15 Precision Rocks for Raida 02:47
16 Eclipse Rocks for Raida 02:24
17 Parting Words 03:02
18 Frequency ft. MF Grimm 03:35

To Download:

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Shit.. (quick download)

B-Boy Profo Won from Floor Gangz sat down to with the boys from The Super B-Beat Show to discuss a few things.( look on B-boying today, the origin of Floor Gangz, and the ten things he hates about Breakin' today)

*Be ready to hear a ton of breaks and soul power on this one*

Peep The Interview Here:

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Shit.. (quick download)

Some Kev Brown on the beat tape stee... Enjoy!


01. Paul’s MPC
02. Beatiful Creep
03. Stevie Thunda
04. Won-der-ful
05. Guitar Goodness
06. Ron Burgundy Music

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Shit... (quickdownload)

New Camp Lo EP for all you cats that sleep on the group.. This one is all produced by SKI Beats.. Be on the lookout for a new project dropping soon...


01. Sugar Willie’s Revenge
02. 82 Afros
03. Zoom
04. Flawless Victory
05. 52 Pick Up
06. Did You Know

Download Here:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick Download (Friday Hype)

Lots Of soul power on this one.. Perfect for the sunshine and that Hip-Hop BBQ... If you aint up on it I suggest you check in!


1. Barbara & Gwen - Right On
2. Ruby Andrews - Help Yourself (Lover)
3. The Cruisers - Mink and Sable Mable
4. Syl Johnson - Don't Give It Away
5. Benny Gordon - Give a Damn (About Your Fellow Man) (Pts. 1 & 2)
6. TCB Recording Studio Radio Ad
7. Barbara Lewis - Baby That's a No No
8. The Fidels - Boys Will Be Boys (Girls Will Be Girls)
9. Chuck Jackson - Two Feet from Happiness
10. Walter Bee - Glad I Came to Your Rescue
11. Albertina Walker & The Caravans - Mama Said Thank You
12. Bobby Byrd "Fight Against Drug Abuse" PSA
13. Mark Seven Unltd. - I'm in Love with My Neighbor's Wife
14. James Shaw - Guilty of Adultry (Now What We Gonna Do)
15. Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson - It Hurts to Say Goodbye
16. The Implements - Look Over Your Shoulder
17. The Village Soul Choir - What Happened to the Vows We Made
18. Inell Young - What Do You See in Her
19. "Save the Children" Radio Ad
20. Jodi Gales - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Pt. 1)
21. Frankie Newsome - Don't Mess with My Lovemaker (Pts. 1 & 2)
22. The Mar-Keys - Black

Download Show Here:

Don't forget to tell em FWYH sent ya!

More Aersoul 3 Update Info!

More info has been released via Youtube for this years Aersoul going down in the Westcoast (CA.) If you trying to stay in the loop i suggest you click play jack!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check the tapes....

Some of the TBK homies were spotted getting down in a warehouse on that sneak tip.. If you aint up on game you might just want to check the tapes..

*I see you KOMY, COLD CEE, and METAL.... Dope to know you all are still doing your thang.*

Mark it On Your Calenders....

Man I swear all the brothers (Northstar Chapters) are each starting to pop off and it's not even summer yet.. This one is brought to us by the NS Warparty Chapter and goes down in Santa Rosa, CA. for more info click the flyer, B-Boy!

*Yeah thats yer' man P's and dems touching the wheels at this jam... BREAK ATTACK on this one, YEARD MEH?!* HAHA!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hip-Hop Misssons.. #8 (Remain Riding!)

Damn it's been a hectik few weeks on this Hip-Hop shit... But I remain out here and im gonna ride at all means necessary... So as you can see that is why the blog has been lagging..

* Yeah that's the official mascot of the State Of California, aka "Poppy The California Golden Bear".

*F.Y.I. he is insane on the cuts. (that aint me either!) How I even met Poppy even bugged me out.. HAHA!!*

THANK YOU all for checking in and big ups to all the people that send me music, flyers, and links.



There gonna be more lagging to come cause I got a few gigs (DJ) that i got to get bizz on. So the blog will have some lagg time from time to time..


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Check The Tapes....

Just incase your under a rock on this battle shit... Here is a nice clip of Profo (Bay Area, CA.) VS. Jerome Skee (Seattle, WA). This one went down last weekend in SF.

10 Rounds NO judges, DON'T SLEEP!

Now that you peep the big dogs.. Don't forget to check in on the Underground....

"Salute" to you B-Boy Foots you STYLIN ON EM', HAHA!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Shit... (quickdownload)

Here is the newest episode of The Reggae Show on MoS Radio.. This show features Ashley Beedle and David Hill from Rootikal and Earl Gateshead and Daddy Ad from Trojan Sound System.



1) Vin Gordon - Freedom Call - Randy's 7"
2) Vivian Jones - Who's Gonna Get Caught - Virgo Stomach 12"
3) Dr Alimantado - Born For A Purpose - Greensleeves 12"
4) Tony Palmer - EIJ Records 12"
5) Keith Rowe - Groovy Situation - Upsetter 7"
6) The Full Experience - Can't See You - Attack 7"
7) Sir P.J. - Uganda The First - Port Royal 7"
8) Hopeton Junior - Reward - Channel One 7"
9) Clarence Parks - Mount Zion - Channel One 10"
10) Carlton Livingstone - Ain't Gonna Fight - JB 12"
11) Douglas Boothe 'When I Fall In Love' - Golden Heart 7"
12) Michael Robinson - So Hard In The Ghetto - Fantastique Records 7"
13) Michael Palmer - Rip Off - Dynamite 7"
14) Singie Singie - Badness Dub - Rootikal Reconstruction - Roots 7"
15) Prince Allah - Born A Fighter - Alaba 7"

1) The Skatalites - King Soloman - Coxsone Blank 7"
2) The Skatalites - Wondering Now - Studio One Album Cut
3) Michael Campbell - Jungle Signal - Dread At The Control 12"
4) Uhuru - Folk Song - Top Cat 7"
5) The Abyssinians - Forward On To Zion - Clinch Records 7"
6) Otis Gayle - I'll Be Around - Studio One 7"
7) Augustus Pablo/Jah Butty - Silent Satta - Rockers 12"
8) The Revolutionaries - Rastaman Soul Version - Channel One 12"
9) Roman Stewart - Babylon - Foreward 12"
10) I Jahman Levi - Moulding Dub - Jahmani 7"
11) Glen Brown 'Wicked Can't Run Away' Grove Music 7"
12) Michael Prophet & Soul Syndicate - True Born African - Lovelinch 12"
13) Wailing Souls - Gold Digger - Blank 7"

To Download:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

For The Beat Nerds... #5 (New Shit.. Quick Download)

DJ Mitsu on the production.. Enjoy Happy SUNS Day..

01. Always Something
02. Cloud 9
03. Change
04. Snow Bunny (with Takumi Kaneko)
05. Steep
06. Slide
07. Little Piano
08. Silver (with Takumi Kaneko)
09. Masquerade
10. Nightfall

Download Here:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aersoul 3 Update Info!

More info for this years Aerosoul 3 has hit the internets.. New flyers, more additions, video clips, and community support!! PLEASE click the flyers peep the insane artwork/jewels, and get that updated info!



I will be doing exclusive interviews with Kufy X, and Refa 1 in the next few weeks to follow.

F.Y.I. For those that don't know all the youth donations are being personally done by Kufu 1 from the TCB/TNS/GFC. Here is a personal message from Kufu that was attached to the youth flyer.

Hotep To All,

The young people that we touch on a daily basis for the last several years have now embrace their roles as legacy builders. Their art exhibit and live showcase is going to be the kick off to another productive and safe summer filled with Hip Hop and social justice work. The show is costly and the supplies are not cheap. from flyers, shirts, paint, and buff to the frames,ink,and all cost. With that said, I myself am fundraising in various ways to ensure that the youth have the same experience any Hip Hop festival artists would have. I am doing custom illustrations, airbrushing tshirt orders, canvas work, and wall jobs with all proceeds going to the Aerosoul 3 Youth Show Fund. You give I give......


Donate/Questions to Youth Show Here:

Don't forget to peep the new video release!

Real B-Boys Donate!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick Download (New Shit)

Swift Rock, Lean Rock, and Skeme Richards dropped a new mixtape dedicated to Mike Dream check in if you got a minute...

Rest In Power Dream,

To download/Listen: