Monday, June 25, 2012

New Shit...

Check in perfect for the office if you ask me!

*Sorry no download link* =(

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Shit...

Peace Everybody!!!!

Whew it's been a real busy few weeks wit all the DEEJAY work.. So that's why the blog hasn't been updated in a while.. But I would like to thank those that have been checking in.. To hold you over here is the newest show from Breakin Bread. Instead of me telling you about it I figure I let the Breakin Bread Posse fill you in..

Thanks for checking in stay tuned as i got a few updates coming up this week...

"The Breakin Bread posse all got together in the place to be for this 80's rap special cos this is where we're from and when we first got into the hip hop that led us to start diggin all the funk, soul, disco, breaks, beats and all that dope stuff. When we did get together we realised there was way too much decent hip hop from that decade to fit into a 2 hour show…… lets call this part 1! Its all hip hop but in this era you can hear the soul, funk and disco tearing thru before the drum machines took over and the beats got harder and harder! Proper old school bigness."

*Sorry no download link* =(

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your Friday Night Hip-Hop Fix.....

Getting to together with the GFC famz this friday for another GFC takeover... For those that know what's up you already know how we get down.. For those that don't we keep it real greasy and UNDERGROUND when it comes to this Hip-Hop..

Hope to see you @ the JAM,

*click flyer for close up*

*Thanks to all the people who make it happen!*

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Shit... (quickdownload)

New 2012 Shit... You know what to do!

01. Praise The Lord (Original Version)
02. Stop Sweating The Next Man (Lord Finesse Mix)
03. Isn’t He Something (Showbiz Remix)
04. Isn’t He Something (Large Professor Remix)
05. I Like My Girls With A Boom (Original Version)
06. Hey Look At Shorty (Demo Version)
07. Fat For The 90’s (Original Version) feat. Andre The Giant
08. Funky On The Fast Tip (Original Version)
09. Show ‘Em How We Do Things (Demo Version) feat. Shel-Rumble & Harry-O
10. Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut (Re-mastered)
11. Kicking Flavor With My Man (Remix) feat. Percee P

To Download:

New Shit.. (quick Download)

Here is the newest episode of The Rootikal Reggae Show on MoS Radio.


1) Vin Gordon - Freedom Call - Randy's
2) Little Roy - Leaving Rome - Narrows 10"
3) Enos McLeod - Freedom - Dubplate
4) Al Campbell - Every Man Say - Terminal 7"
5) Soul Syndicate - Lava - High Note 12"
6) Reggae Regular - Where Is Jah - Greensleeves 12"
7) Cornell Campbell 'I'm Lost' Joseph Sound 7"
8) Vin Gordon - Today's Melody - Original Music 7"
9) Bushman - Back Weh Vampire - Stinray 10"
10) Junior Wize - Lion's Den Instrumental - Junior Wize 7"
11) Vibration Lab feat. Linval Thompson - Tribulation Time - Vibration Lab 12"
12) Manasseh meets Praise - A Matter Of Struggle - Roots Garden 7"
13) Andy & Joey - Your Wondering Now - Coxone 7"
14) The Royals - Pick Up The Pieces - Coxone 7"
15) Don Drummond - Surplus - Coxone 7"
16) Bobby Ellis & The Desmond Miles Seven - Step Softly - Crystal 7"

1) Wayne Smith - Smoker Super - Chartbound 12"
2) Reggae George - We Still Survive - Greensleeves 12"
3) Luciano - Deliverance - Dubplate
4) Freddie McKay - Take My Hand Oh Jah - Yah Congo 12"
5) One- A Way - Sufferer - Route 54 7"
6) Anthony Johnson - Africa - Thompson Sound 7"
7) Bongo Herman - Car Pound Drifter - Moodie's 7"
8) Love Children - Ship Ahoy - Ashanti 7"
9) Lloyd Williams - I'm In Love With You - Studio One 7"
10) The Wailers - Nice Time - JAD 7"
11) Devon Russell - Sometime - Dove 7"
12) Zap Pow - Roots Rock Reggae - Island 12"
13) John Holt - Love And Understanding - Channel One 10"
14) Barry Brown - No No No (Version) - Channel One 10"

To Download: