Monday, January 31, 2011

NEW SHIT.. (Quick Download)

Ahhh yeah, sup party people!?!? I'm back from my week business trip and things went very well.. It looks like we got some new sponsors for the Battlefield Funk Radio Show. So what that means for you is more FREE sh*t.. But before you ask what's up with a new show? Don't trip we got you, me and Drasar have been real busy on our Hip-Hop grinds so it tends to put the show on hold.. But we still got your back and we will be airing another live show VERY SOON! Now with that being said, I am officially back and able to check in on the blog/net. To my surprise I have noticed that people have still been checking in on the blog while I was absent. So to show you brothers and sisters some love I'd figure I would lace you up with a jewel... So you ready??? Here we go!

By now you should be up on game that Stones Throw released a 45min sample of J-Rocc invading Benji B's Radio Show on BBC. (via Stones Throw email) promoting his new project "Cold Rock Stuff". So with that release EVERY blog out in cyber space is posting that link up and sharing it.. But here at FUNKWHATYAHEARD we go the extra mile and we never settle for that banana in the tail pipe behavior that Stones Throw tends to do to us fans of Hip-Hop. So to keep it one hundred, here is a link of that WHOLE 2 HOUR SHOW, as well as the complete playlist for you to check in on, why??? Cause we at Funkwhatyaheard love this Hip-Hop sh*t and no way in hell are we gonna settle for some 45min. wierdo bullshit like everyone else.. So here you go enjoy and don't forget that someone cares!
Happy Monday,

J Rocc Takeover

Shinehead — Dub Plate (White Label)
Coal Kitchen — Keep On Pushin (Epic)
Arawak — Accadde A Bali (Squirrel)
Todd Rundgren Todd Rundgren — Johnne Jingo (Warner Bros.)
De La Soul — Rock Co.Kane Flow (Inst) (Sanctuary)
Stereolab — The Flower Called Nowhere (Duophonic)
Guilty Simpson — Trendesetters (Version 5) (Stones Throw)
Madvillain — Avalanche / Victory Lap (Stones Throw)
Gary Bartz — I’ve Known Rivers (Prestige)
Gary Bartz — Smile Gently Saxy (Prestige)
Ernie Hines — Our Generation (We Produce)

Run-D.M.C. — Peter Piper (Profile)
De La Soul — Buddy (Tommy Boy)
Willie Hutch — Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Motown)
Andrés — Ska’s Revenge (Mahogani Music)
A Number of Names — Shari Vari (Capriccio Records)
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force — Planet Rock (Tommy Boy)
Nightlife Unlimited — Peaces & Prunes (Uniwave)

Actress — Let’s Fly (Honest Jons)
Kikumoto Allstars — Shed 13 (International Deejay Gigolo Record)
Ramadanman — Work Them” Swamp 81

Black Star — ?? (Unreleased)
Gato Barbieri — El Arriero (El Pampero) (Flying Dutchman)
The Pharcyde The Pharcyde — She Said (Jay Dee Remix Instrumental (Delicious Vinyl)
Jose Mauro -Apocalipse (Far Out Recordings) (Untitled)
Guilty Simpson -Cali Hills (Stones Throw)

Johnny “Hammond” Smith — Tell Me What To Do (Milestone)
J.Rocc — Chasing The Sun (Remix) (Stones Throw)
Dexter — Spaceways/Astro Traveling (Melting Pot)
Pharoahe Monch — Simon Says (Dub Plate)
Willie Bobo — Evil Ways (Karriem Riggins Remix) (Verve)
Madlib — Electric Bounce (Stones Throw)
The Roots The Roots — Jay Dilla 36 (White Label)
James Pants & J.Rocc — The Adventures of the Grandmaster Lover (Stones Throw)

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

For The Beat Nerds... New Shit (Quick Download)

Kev Brown from the Low Budget Click dropped a new beat tape on his blog for all of us to enjoy..
Happy Monday,

01. 1% (out the MPC version)
02. Life (RMX Instrumental)
03. Gentrification (out the MPC version)
04. Look (Instrumental)
05. Sam Jackson On Piano (out the MPC version)
06. Another Private Conversation (Instrumental)
07. Multiply (Instrumental)
08. Couldnt Hear Me Over The Music (RMX Instrumental)
09. Hardcore Riverdance (out the MPC)
10. Whoever Programmed Us (RMX Instrumental)
11. State Of Emergency (Instrumental)
12. Armada Latina (RMX Instrumental)
13. Shotgun (Instrumental)
14. Come Back (Instrumental)

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out The Office....

Peace everybody, Im going to be out the office for the next week.. Im going to be out of town to handle bizz for the radio show.. Hopefully I will be able to post but if not you already know what it is..
Thanks for your support,

* I will be returning 1/31/11*

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Shit.. (quick Download)

Just incase you didn't score the new Madlib Medicine Show here is a unreleased cut that was featured on the project. The track is from JAYLIB that never seen the light of day.. If you like it then i suggest you swoopski..

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

New Shit....

Got this one in the Inbox and thought i would share.. Bucktown sits down and drops some jewels on how to get it in.. If you aint knowing then I suggest you check the tapes...

Put A Zee On It #8...... (NEw Shit)

Afrika Bams sits down with "The Word TV" to drop some jewels on the situation.. You just might want to check in!
Happy Friday/Ahki Peace,

What's In The Bag????

Questlove went shopping at Amoeba Hollywood & this is what he picked up!

Westcoast Stand Up....

Montana Colors North America, in conjunction with Primary Flight, proudly presents Art Basel 2010 showcasing legendary artists Bam, Estria, Vogue, Neon, Chor Boogie, Apex, Jase, & Rime doing they thing in Miami.

Check The Tapes....

The Northstar Wahset Oakland Chapter just released an update for the Aersoul 2 / Urban Hieroglyphics show.. If you didn't get a chance to peep the new footage here it is...
Salute to you NS Wahset,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Put A Zee On It #7...... (Westcoast Stand Up!)

Zulu Brethren Shucks 1 from the Kool Skool dropped an archive jewel for all you Westcoast heads.. Peep this download of one of his past shows dedicated to WEST COAST ELECTRO. This show features an interview from Egyptian Lover (Uncle Jams Army) a ton of heat, live mixes, drops, samples, and so much more.
Big up Shucks,

Download: Copy & Paste Link:

To Listen: Copy & Paste Link:

Get In The Know....

Masta Ace & ED OG sat down with The Cut out of Los Angeles, CA. to speak on a few things.. Check the tapes and get in the know!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Check In JACK!

Just incase you can't make it to NY.. Here is some recent footage taken of the 5 Pointz Yard in Queen, N.Y.

New Shit....

Here is the latest show from the Dropping Science Camp straight out of London.. It's got a nice tracklist and for sure is a smooth listen.. Expect some light mixing, some doubles, and some new joints in heavy rotation... Enjoy this one at your desk and remember turn it up!


*Sorry NO download link!* =(

Quick Download....

Some morale for all my Golden Era Hip-Hop heads.. Peep that tracklist it sure does look like there might be a few on this one...
Happy Tuesday,

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Town Biznass...

Jurne, Dement, Twigs, Enron & MWM. went on a late night mission in Oakland, CA, USA. If you don't know now you know!

Check Check it Out...

A look back at GUERRERO GALLERY'S previous show REFLECTIONS ON PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, new works by Mike Giant. Also featured EVEN KEEL and ADAM 5100.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Shit.... Quickdownload

I NEVER throw up albums to download.. But I figure today is a National Holiday so I figured I show some love to all of you.. (funky music is a must!) Roddy Rod from the Low Budge Click just dropped this project. If you follow this cat you will know that some of these tracks have been in circulation on some mixtapes for sometime now.. But if you don't then you are in for a surprise there are some joints on this one for sure!

01. Parking Pass Intro feat. Grap Luva
02. RudeSquire feat. Muhsinah
03. Whip feat. Kaimbr
04. Take N Stride (prod. by J. Laine)
05. Goin On Interlude feat. Choppy Choppe
06. Move On Em (Never Find Me) feat. yU & Finale
07. Geeda Speaks Interlude I
08. No Shorts feat. Tableek (Unreleased)
09. Mouth Water feat. Cy Young & Raheem Devaughn
10. Bruthas Getup!! Interlude II
11. Get Down feat. Kaimbr, Kev Brown & Eye-Q
12. Money On The Clock feat. Oddisee
13. Rated R Interlude III
14. Original Sound Buoy feat. Cy Young
15. Troubles Lurkin Low feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young
16. Geeda Speaks Harambee! Interlude IV
17. 1 Min To Rep (Plainfield) feat. Ekoz The Bounty
18. Lil Louder feat. Asheru
19. People Talkin feat. yU
20. The Universe feat. yU &; XO (Unreleased)
21. Tell U Instrumental (Unreleased)
22. Exit Thee Park! Outro feat. Grap Luva

TO Download: Copy & Paste Link:


Do the right thing and celebrate!

Got it turned up...

Mark It On YOur Calender....

Drops in selected retailers near you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get In The Know....

Just incase you are under a rock... Today is International Hat Day.. So go out there grab your pimp ass brim, turn it to a slight angle, and celebrate...

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Shit.. (quick Download)

Here is the new episode from DJ Modesty out of France.. I will say it has a few on it, but just incase check the tracklist.
Happy Friday,

KNIGHTSTALKER - Countdown (Prod by Marodeur)
CAPONE - Cant stop
MONTAGE ONE feat DEFARI & STYLIZTIK JONES - Def before dishonnor
PLANET ASIA - Boil makers
RED EYE - Never relate (Prod by DJ QVALI)
SNOWGOONS feat TORAE & SKYZOO - Cant go on like that
D DOT feat MAD RAPPER & WAIS P - God Damn
JD ERA feat LOKZ - Champagne nights
NIPSEY HUSSLE feat KOKANE - Untouchable
MINDS ONE - Legion of doom
SQUARE OFF - No chance
WYLDBUNCH - Lyrical assassin
THE LOST CHILDREN OF BABYLON - Man behind the curtain
VAST AIRE feat CAPPADONNA - I dont care
THE A TEAM - We got that
NUTSO feat F.T. - Rock out
KNIGHTSTALKER feat ST LAZ & OPIUM - Just holla (Prod by ROMEO)

TO DOWNLOAD: Copy & Paste Link:

Bay Area Stand Up....

A look at THUD RUMBLE GALLERY's ABC Show featuring artist APEX, BAM, CRAYONE currated by NATE1

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Shit.. Quick Download

Got this one in the inbox and thought I share.. Here is last weeks R.I.O.O.C. this week Eclipse and Torae have DJ Premier in the studio and jam him up on his top 25 albums of the year. As well as playing a lot of new Hip-Hop and take them live phone calls.
Happy Thursday,

*Thanks for the link Eclipse*

"Rap Is Outta Control" 1/9/11 Playlist (w/DJ Premier)
1. Pacewon & Mr. Green feat. Rival "My Song" prod. by Mr. Green
2. Statik Selektah & Alchemist feat. Big Twin, Freddie Gibbs, Tri-State & Planet Asia "On The Corner" prod. by Statik Selektah, co-produced by Alchemist
3. Joe Budden feat. Fabolous, Royce Da 5'9" & Lloyd Banks "Remember The Titans (Remix)" prod. by Showbiz
4. 950Plus & A.G. "Henne Berrii Daquri" prod. by Mike The Martyr
5. Rasheed Chappell "What I'm Here 4" prod. by Kenny Dope, cuts by DJ Scratch
6. House Of Repz "Preacher Man" prod. by Frank Dukes
7. Ghostface Killah feat. Gza & Killah Priest "Purified Thoughts" prod. by Frank Dukes
8. D-Flow "Pretty In Black" prod. by Drawzilla
9. Saigon "The Greatest Story Never Told" prod. & cuts by Just Blaze
10. WC feat. Ice Cube & Malay "You Know Me" prod. by Hallway Productionz
11. Butch Cassidy feat. Pr1me & Drastic "Streetlife" prod. by Tommy Black
12. Fashawn feat. Bravo and Grafik "In the Rain" prod. by Hecktik
13. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) feat. Action Bronson "The Money Is Reality" prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
14. Talib Kweli feat. Sean Price "Palookas" prod. by Marco Polo
15. Sean Boog feat. Halo "Novacaine" prod. by Ka$h
16. Magestik Legend "Follow Thru" prod. by Astronote
17. Dynasty "Epic Dynasty" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
18. 950Plus & A.G. "Pain Makes Great Music" prod. by Ray West
19. Ghostface Killah feat. Sheek Louch, Wiggs & Sun God "Street Bullies" prod. by Big Mizza
20. Evidence "Frame of Mind" prod. by Twiz The Beat Pro
21. The Left (Apollo Brown, Journalist 103 & DJ Soko) "Fooled for Thought" prod. by Apollo Brown
22. Maffew Ragazino "Toxic Waste" prod. by Sha Banga
23. Malcolm And Martin "Movement Music" prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by DJ Revolution
24. Freedom Writers "Wake Up" prod. by Big Sproxx

COPY & PASTE LINK: To Download Pt 1

COPY & PASTE LINK: To Download PT: 2

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check, Check, It Out.......

Peep this 30 minute documentary called Under City. The video features raw illegal tour footage of the NYC Transit System, shut down stations, graff, and a little bit of history to keep you locked in. Check it out it just might interest you.

Check Check it Out...( New Shit)

Legendary Break Boy Trac 2 sat down with the boys from the Super B Beat Show for a two hour long interview. In this interview Trac drops tons of jewels from the history of the dance, his experiences with Bboying in the 70s, the origins of moves, the essence of bboying, and Bronx-Rocking. Then to top it all off the Super B Beat Posse drops tons of breaks and splashes up some doubles to make it funky. Do yourself a favor and check in, this one delivers!

Download PT. 1: Copy & Paste Link:

Download PT. 2: Copy & Paste Link:

Quick Download....

Here is a nice Brazilian soul power mix by Dj Uilson to help keep the sun out.. Expect nothing but joints on this one. If you don't believe me check the tracklist.

MPB-4 – Bom Dia, Boa Tarde Boa Noite (Jorge Ben )
Lino Crizz & Gueto Jam – Zamba Bem (Marku Ribas)
Walter Queiroz – Bahianita (Walter Queiroz)
Tim Maia – Meu Samba (Tim Maia)
Trama e os Pagodeiros do Largo do Estácio – Mangione – Balanço do Navio (Sonia Amaral – Piteira)
Bebeto – Água Marinha (Bebeto/Aluisio/Rubens)
Bebeto - A Beleza e Você Menina ( Bebeto/ Rubens)
Bebeto - Menina Carolina (Bedeu / Leleco Telles )
Bebeto – Flamengão – (Bebeto/Ney Velloso)
Bebeto – Segura a Nega – (Luiz Wagner/ Bebeto )
Bebeto – Princesa Negra de Angola ( Bebeto/Dhema)
Sambasonics – Balança a Pema (Jorge Bem )
Marku Ribas e Erasmo Carlos – Beira d´Agua ( A Festa ) – ( Marku Ribas / Erasmo Carlos)
Chocolate da Bahia – Roda de Samba ( Nelson Balão/Israel Miranda/Chocolate da Bahia)
Aparecida – Tereza Aragão –( Aparecida )
Diplomatas do Samba – Tocador Quer Beber – ( Jorge Costa )
Aparecida – Se Segura Zé – (Zeca Melodia/ Kacik )
Grupo Favela – Mamão Com Açúcar ( Wilson Moreira )
A Fantástica Bateria – Ritmo Manhoso ( Ritinho e Rivinha )
Jorge Ben – Katarina, Katarina (Jorge Ben)
Mestre Carlão- To Doidão ( Mestre Carlão )
Jorge Ben e Gilberto Gil – Quem Mandou (Pé Na Estrada) (Jorge Ben e Gilberto Gil)
Airto Moreira – Circo Marimbondo ( Airto Moreira)
Trio Mocotó e Jorge Ben – Coisa Nostra (Jorge Ben)
Trio Melodia - Cobra Má
Bolão e Seus Rocketes - Midnighter ( Dave Burgees)
Oliveira e Seus Black Boys – Dang-Dang ( Jean Rolle-Guy Dovan)
Brenda Lee – It´s Not Usual
Nelson Riddle - Uptown Dance ( Claus Ogerman)

To Download Copy & Paste Link:

Props: Pipo

Saturday, January 8, 2011

For The Hip-Hop Collector.. (New Shit)

Wax Poetics Magazine hooked up with japanese clothing company MSGR to come out with this limited edition cap. This joint features the first initials of each brand name on the front. Along the edge of the bill it features the Wax Poetics name along with a silkscreened tag under the bill.
Pretty smooth if you ask me,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Shit.. Quick Download

Here is the latest show from DJ Toshi's "Classic Storm Radio Show".. Expect nothing but that greazy Hip-Hop ( just how I like it). This weeks special guest is Cashmere from Brooklyn, NY..
Check in,

Keith Murray-Venting
Blaq Poet -Comet
Snowgoons- Put Em Up
Cashmere-Keep On Pushing
Cashmere- My Time
Ghostface Killa - Drama
Talib Kweli- Cold Rain
Saigon -Its Cold
Planet Asia -Boil Makers
Cashmere - Roll With Me
Slain- Black and Blue Flag
Bounce Squad -Bounce Is Back
Raekwon-Butter Knifes
Remedy- Starting Something

To Download: Copy & paste Link:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Shit.... Quick Download

Peanut Butter Wolf put together a Podcast featuring all new joints from the Stones Throw camp.. I suggest you check the playlist and if your feeling it then you know what to do...
Happy Hump Day,

Madvillain: Avalanche & Victory Lap
Madlib: Two from Rock Konducta
MED: Even Though & Play with You
Dam-Funk feat. GT: Rest in Peace
Dam-Funk: I Wanna Do Some Things Wit U
Steve Arrington: Good Feeling & Higher
Jonti Dan AKA Danimals: Hornets Nest & Christmas Worm
The Stepkids: Shadows on Behalf & La La
James Pants: Kathleen & Beta
Vex Ruffin: Walking Sideways & Avalanche
Myron & E: Let Me See You Do It & On Broadway
CX Kidtronik feat. Jon Wayne: The Buddykrak
CX Kidtronik feat. 4 5th: She’s A Murderer
J. Rocc: Rocchead's Delight & Supersound
Anika: Terry & No One's There
Mayer Hawthorne: Drums (Demo)
Bryant K Steward: Daisy’s Grow
Unknown Artist: Same Thing Tomorrow

To Download: Copy & Paste Link:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Shit.....

Did you score your 2011 Montana Colors Calender??? If not then i suggest you download..

To Download: Copy & Paste link:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hip-Hop Morale Sessions... 2011 shots!

Over the New Years weekend I ended clicking up with my fams to have a little fun in the concrete jungle. Like I said before I refuse to sit on my ass talking all this and that how Hip-Hop changed and all this "shoulda- woulda" talk going in the New Year. I refuse to be on that level nor any type of wierdo politics that surround that type of behavior.. This year I have witness so much bullshit, cornball behavior, and out of pocket talk that it sickend me to a all time high. So to end the year off right some of the Northstar fams had to get together and do what we do, HIP-HOP.

What originally was only going to be 3 people on the low-low "Hip-Hop Morale Session" ended up being like 10 Zeez total, HAHA! Then again I know my NSZ's and when it comes to the brothers getting together cats are going to get wind and some phone calls are going to be made amongst the family.. Then again everyone knows if NS Zeez click up it's about to be all jokes, morale, and tons of Hip-Hop. So why would you not want to be in the house? Plus too, no one really gets me hype other then my brothers. So with that being said I want to say big ups to all of them and thank them all for there continued patience with me and the opportunities that they give me to learn from them and better myself in such a beautiful culture as Hip-Hop..
I love you all,

Shouts out 2: Refa 1, Drasar Monumental, Kufy X, Sha 1, Daze Roc, Manny, Ground Level, K-Shabazz, Migs, Fooders, Jess, Michelle, and Lady D. for setting off the New Years on the proper direction!

Big ups to the rest of my famz that couldn't make it out: Jewels, Justin, Joey, Vince, Cantos, Gobz, Foots, Epik, Gina, Nino, Riff Raff, Psol, Bron, Cold Chris, Kamos, Borg, Jamal, Matt Cash, Mikey Ice, Zulu Roach, Rob Loot, Bas 1, and Young Prize.. One love to you all and Happy ZEE Year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Shit..... Quick download

I got this one in the inbox and thought I would share. I haven't had a chance to listen to it but after checking the playlist it looked like it could be something to appreciate...

01. Joe Clair – Intro [00:43]
02. Boot Camp Clik – Here We Come [01:48]
03. Boot Camp Clik – Welcome To Bucktown [02:12]
04. Special Teamz – Three Kingz [02:05]
05. Sean Price – Hearing Aid [01:34]
06. Boot Camp Clik – And So [02:29]
07. Special Teamz – Get Down [02:49]
08. Sean Price – One [01:41]
09. Black Moon – Two Turntables And A Mic [02:27]
10. B-Real – 6 Minutes [01:14]
11. Marco Polo & Torae – Double Barrel [02:22]
12. Heltah Skeltah – Forget Me Knots [02:20]
13. Originoo Gunn Clappaz – Wild Cowboys in Bucktown [01:38]
14. Heltah Skeltah – Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka [02:49]
15. Originoo Gunn Clappaz – No Fear [02:08]
16. Heltah Skeltah – Operation Lock Down [02:49]
17. Boot Camp Clik – The Dugout [01:20]
18. Cocoa Brovaz & M.O.P. – Bucktown (Remix) [02:23]
19. Boot Camp Clik – Let’s Get Down 2 Bizness [01:39]
20. Originoo Gunn Clappaz – M-Pire Shrikez Back [03:02]
21. Black Moon – This Is What It Sounds Like [02:08]
22. Buckshot – Breath Control [01:57]
23. Smiff N Wessun – Bucktown [02:31]
24. Sean Price – Violent [01:27]
25. Black Moon – How We Do It [01:26]
26. Boot Camp Clik – He Gave His Life [02:26]
27. Dj Revolution & Evidence – Pros & Cons [01:43]
28. Sean Price – Street Shit [01:37]
29. Heltah Skeltah – Smack Music [01:35]
30. Sean Price – Onion Head [03:00]
31. Buckshot – No Comparison [03:07]
32. Skyzoo – The Opener [03:52]
33. Smiff N Wessun – K.I.M. 2000 [02:59]

To Download: Copy & Paste Link: