Monday, September 24, 2012


Peace everybody up in mutha funking cyberspace,

Your man P-Body is checking in with some updates and what's been really hood with the Hip-Hop power cypha's going down on this so called mother earth! Damn so much has been going on the last few months that its been super radical with the Hip-Hop on this side! That i haven't had no time to check in on the blog let alone even update.. The email is stuffed to the brim with even more wack shit that i aint got time to filter thru, nor even want to even check in, HAHA! But i have came across a few things that hold me down and still keep the morale up when it comes to new music.. (I will soon share those links.)

Well as far as me and my team we are running deeper in the concrete jungle, more harder then ever, and we remain in tack! Vietnam, CA. sure does make soldiers if you ask me.. (salute to the team) So you should already know what it is on this side jack! Painting, digging, deejaying, practicing, BUILDING, traveling, and tons of planning, as we rapidly approach 2013.. That's right i said it, PLANNING cats are tired of all the wack shit and now it's time to just step out and just do you! NO EXTRAS, NO THIRST, NO JIVE ANGLES, just love, REAL BUILDING, and keeping the essence in it's purest form as humanly possible.. (more then ever!)

Those that TRULY know me and the team know that this aint no side piece talk, cats REALLY ride for this Hip-Hop shit... Brothers ride out so hard that they tend to forget about the ones that truly love them. Then on top of that still pull off some real slick moves just to get in a "sneak a trip" so our Hip-Hop morale remains up... (the things we do for Hip-Hop) This team refuses to let the surrounding of suckas even get in our zone, nor even pay attention to the sucka behaviors that they manifest... So we will put it in other ways and build amongst each other, ride out on the super lows to dig, and make nothing out of something. (REAL HIP-HOP SHIT!)

So to spread some of that charge I will soon be returning back to the blog as I am ready to go back in and keep a constant update of new GOOD Hip-Hop related things that need to be heard, seen, enjoyed, and SHARED! Speaking of sharing, The GFC (Get Free Children) and I are going to be hosting our 1st Anniversary for the family.. This is going to be a special event and it will be called "THE GET FREE CONFERENCE". This event will be exactly what it is called a complete day of nothing but everything FREE! I will release more info in the near future for this event  but so far it looks to be a nice line up already with some proper performances, dope art, live deejays, open circles, black book battles, and everything under the sun FREE! So please keep an eye out for the teaser to hit the blog in the weeks to come...

Hopefully you guys got alittle light spread on you as far as what i have been up to and why the blog as not been updated.. But thank all of you for still checking in, sending emails, and sharing the blog.. I have been doing this blog for at least 5 years now... So hopefully you been digging in the vaults of the blog and finding a few things to hold you down until i make my active return back.. (which will be soon i promise) Until i return here is a 2009 mixtape i did for the Wildstyle Technicians clothing co. Someone actually cared and posted it up on their site the other day. (good looks Dome Shots) Just incase you missed it here is the link to the mix and some info about the project.. Once again BIG UP to all of you who STILL check in on the site.


Those of you who been asking about the Battlefield Funk Radio Show. Don't trip we got you! Look for a show announcement to pop up in the weeks to come. Thank you all who support the show and for those that aint up on game google that shit.. It's nothing but LIVE khaos in the bunker!!

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"The North Star Zulus"
B-Boy Foots, NS King Sha One, Fooders, Roach, P, Mikey Ice, Dragoon, Drasar Monumental

"GFC production "THE BOND" @ GFC yard"
P, Kufy X, Prize