Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hip-Hop Appreciation Week...

Here is a clip of the Blastmaster KRS ONE speaking on this years 2009 theme for Hip-Hop Appreciation Week.. You just might want to check in on this one...

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix!!

Here is something for all you cats that be seeking that live Hip-Hop.. This weekend going down in San Francisco CA there is going to be 2 events that you NEED to check in on. The first event is a FREE dollars old fashion Hip-Hop in the park going down in Berkeley CA. For those who haven't attended these park jams i suggest you check in it is usually really packed and a great vibe to start your saturday day off to a good start....

Then as night falls the Sarap Sarap Boys bring you there 2nd installment of Gimme Some Daps featuring the one and only Biz Markie live and direct.. With some special guest deejays and of course them wiggles for all you chicken hawkers out there.. The last Sarap Sarap jam was really packed, and this one is going to be no different.. If you are looking for that real hip-hop sh*t in the bay, this is your fix NO QUESTIONS..... Oh yeah and tell them at the door your peoples from Funkwhatyaheard sent ya, and maybe you just might get a deal... WOO!

New Music...(quick download)

By now you should be up on this one.. But sense i haven't posted any new music up for a little while i figure i throw this one up to hold you over..Your peoples at Stones Throw got a new Podcast featuring Rhetthmatic from the Beatjunkies holding down the wheels of steel.. The show features a gang of exclusive material from Med and some other joints to tie it all together.. Now check the track list kiko!

1. Intro
2. The Futuristic (RMX) - Guilty Simpson feat. MED. Produced by OhNo
3. Break It On Down - MED. Produced by Just Blaze
4. Dogg - MED feat. Polk Dogg. Produced by Madlib*
5. Not A Warning - MED feat. Polk Dogg. Produced by Madlib*
6. Shotgun RMX - PPP feat. J Dilla & MED. Produced by Waajeed
7. West Iz Back (Demo) - MED. Produced by Dj Khalil*
8. It’s A New Day - DJ Babu feat MED. Produced by Dj Babu
9. Zoom - MGD (MED + Georgia Anne + Declaime). Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow*
10. Do It - Rhettmatic feat. MED. Produced by DJ Rhettmatic*
11. Get Money - MED. Produced by Madlib*
12. Endure - MED feat. Rapper Big Pooh. Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow*
13. Anytime - Dert feat. MED. Produced by Dert
14. Classic - MED feat. Talib Kweli. Produced by Madlib*
15. The Ride (RMX) - Oh No feat. MED. Produced by Dj Rhettmatic*
16. $100 Bill - MED. Produced by Madlib*
17. Outro
*MED Exclusives

Download Here Duke!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Your Own Personal Trance....

Here is something for all you cats that sit in a office all day.. This is a USB powered very detailed Bamboo Zen Garden.. You plug this bad boy into your computer and it gives you your own private trance in your cubicle, recording studio, or even at your home... Peep the clip and see what i'm talking about...

Lego Mania....

Did you see the ill veroom-ski made out of Lego's? Ralph Savelsberg built the super-accurate Mitsubishi Evo X veroom-veroom, while Ed Diment supplied the car import model driver. It really amazes me how cats flip these Lego's look how detailed it truly is...

New Sh*t...

Your peoples at Kick Hi got these ill ass Air Flight Condor's.. They kinda look like a Jona (Jordan) but they got a twist on them... No doubt these are going to go like some hotcakes! So i suggest you stop sleeping and give Kicks Hi a shout 808.941.9191. and tell them -P from funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

Oh yeah for those that are slipping.. Did you see the new 9th Wonder shoe by Puma?? It's good to see that 9th got a shoe.. I'm curious to see these in person...

Dave Flores Making Moves...

Disney is throwing a jumpoff party to celebrate their Bloc28 Project in Hong Kong going down in June.. As part of the shindig, they will be auctioning off some special ‘toys’ including a limited quantity of these Dave Flores Mickey VCDS from Medicom. The Mickey joints are made up with Swarovski crystals, and rubies....

True Skool Block...

It's another edition of the True Skool Block.. This weeks feature is a 1983 clip from a B-Boy Comp that went down at the Roxy for the cast roles in the movie Beat Street.. This clip breaks a few things down as well as shows some excellent footage in the process.. If you love this Hip-Hop sh*t then you just might want to peep this one... (props to 238)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keep Vinyl Alive!!!!

Established in 1965, Archer Record Pressing holds the distinction of being the last vinyl pressing plant in Detroit. Producer Theo Parrish and plant owners Mike and Joe Archer tell the story of the of plant’s role in Detroit music history and the true meaning of musical expression taking a physical form.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Sh*t....

Doodle Bug aka Cee Know aka Cee Knowledge from Digable Planets got a new single floating around in cyberspace... The track is called "Back In Da Daze" featuring Cee Know the Doodlebug and Kai Chi aka Flo Sama Been Rhyming and Dj Alex J.. The video was produced by Cee Knowledge and Kai Chi....
Check in,
P. Rock

Skratch University....

One of the illest skratch monsters in the game Deejay Qbert is about to step it up once again with his very own Skratch University.. Watch the trailer and see what all the hype is about..

New Sh*t...

Pro-Keds got together and did a colab with Beauty & Youth United Arrows to produce a triple pack of the Original Royal. They kept it classic and used a nice premium suede on the upper of the sneaker, and keep the white toe cap and sole. The pack is now available.


Friday, April 24, 2009

New Wiggles Video...

Mr Wiggles demonstrates many STYLES, FLAVAS, CONCEPTS, SKILLS, and MOVES. Vol. 1 features lurchin, dime stops, walk outs, fresno styles, twisto flex, neck o flex, spottin, scare crow, saccin, puppet strings, remote control, snakin, double pops, air posin, peek a boo, tickin, filmore, electric boogie, tuttin, front knee bop. and more!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuff City.. BX Style..

Keeping it on that graff tip here is a clip of Med co rocking it live for Papoose's new video called "Graffitti" check it out..


Here is one to get you in a quick zone.. This is a quick "sit down" with graffiti writer Slick a pioneer of the Hawaii graff scene, who is now and been currently residing in the westcoast. Slick sits down with Walrus TV and does a nice little interview. Check in on it and get in the know...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For those who don't know today is Earth Day so hopefully you are doing your part to save this so called mother earth by recycling, reducing, and reusing.. Or maybe even you carpooled, rode a bike, or just take a walk to work today.. But hopefully if you are like Funkwhatyaheard everyday is Earth Day, and you do your part everyday....WOO!
P. Rock

Caps For The Sneaker Fienz...

Sneaktip has just released their taunting STEP YOUR GAME UP New Era 59Fifty fitted. Included with the commanding message are some unlabeled yet highly recognizable shoe boxes.

Available now at KARMALOOP and select Sneaktip accounts.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blazer Folks....

You B-boys and B-Girls catch these Nike Blazer Jackie Robinson's??? Peep the red with the white sole and white bottoms.. Please tell me that footwork won't be on fiya!
Out Now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Urban Survival...

Here is some urban survival for them times of need.. Perpetual Kid got these Battery Snaps on there site for sale($5) that truns a regular volt battery into a single-LED light. You just press the snap onto the top of a 9 volt battery, and use the button up top to turn on the LED light. When the LED light stops working, simply replace the 9 Volt battery.

Make The Music Wit Your Mouth....

Here is a clip to get your monday work day started in the right Hip-Hop direction.. This is a clip of my man Daichi co smashing that human beat box sh*t... Do yourself a favor and peep..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beat Digging.....Check in!

Here is a 30 minute documentary that goes in the art form of beat diggin. Diamond D (D.I.T.C.), Mr. Waltz (Beatminerz), Showbiz (D.I.T.C.), Evil D (Beatminerz) show us how it’s done… how to walk into a mom and pop record store and find that gem to make that perfect beat. Special appearances by Common, Mos Def, and Royal Flush.

Happy 25th Anniversary..

To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Subway Art the book will now be available in a large-scale, deluxe format heightening the visual impact of their classic images. With 70 additional photographs, and a fresh introduction and afterword, this collector's edition illustrates the passion, creativity and resourcefulness of unlikely kids inventing an art form destined to spread worldwide and spawn the present-day street art movement.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coo Pics...

It's about that time to drop another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that is what is is a "Coo Pic".. This weeks pic is a big Makita drill image made of 20,081 Holes... "Makita's peoples drilled over 20.000 holes into a wall to create a huge black and white image of, a Makita drill. To create the correct tones, the distances between the holes had to be very carefully calculated... Now can a brotha get a Afrika Bam drilled into a wall.. YEE!

Free Sh*t... Mark It On Your Calender..

With cats being really broke these days and all the budget cuts going down everywhere.. Kid Robot decided to do something to spread some creativity and fun by having a Mummy Party this Sunday April 19th 2009.. Go up in a Kid Robot store and get a free mobile Mummy and some art supplies to decorate it all for free.. Make sure you tell em' Funkwhatyaheard sent ya..

Check It Out...

Have you seen the new ski mask jacket/hoodie designed by Brianwood. You can change this jacket into a hoodie or zip it up to rock the ski mask.. This gear is made for the stick up or a straight shake down if you ask me and it got some pockets for the stash...

Tribal Stepping To The World Of Toys...

Marka27’s did a colab with Tribal Gear to create the – Killa Instinct Tribal. The design features a slick white/black design color skeme with Tribal logos throughout (even on the cans and pens) and a medium dose of blood splatter. Produced by Bic Plastics, this one will debut in limited quantities at SDCC ‘09 in the Toy Tokyo booth.
The gas mask comes off..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kill The Record Labels...

Here is a real interesting trailer for a video documentary called Kill The Record labels.. Its about industry Vs. Independent.. If you are into this music sh*t you just might want to peep this one.. It looks real interesting...

Dynasty Rockers...

Here is the newest trailer for the new Dynasty Rockers Video that is about to be released.. Be on the lookout for it jack..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For The Gamers...

Here is something for all you gamers out there in cyberspace so you can hold down them blisters.. What you know about the Pac-Man band aids?? 15 sterile strips in 3 patterns with the collectible tin.. You betta ask somebody... "Score" yours today at

New Sh*t.. Be On The Lookout...

Jordan Brand showcased a new color-way of their iconic Air Jordan 1 model at the recent TPE 6453 opening. Rumored to be an Asia exclusive, the shoe features a subtle black/red color-way, yellow accents, along with a unique chenille swoosh. What you think?

Happy Anniversary Massive Monkeys...

Massive Monkeys’ is having there 10th anniversary celebration.. The crew is set to throw a special party with RPS at Club Venom on April 15th, 2009. So you already know the B-Boy community is going to check in and pay their respects.. Rumor has it they will be giving a chance to win some exclusive Massive Monkeys memorabilia.. If you have never been to a B-Boy jam in Seattle i suggest you check in.... Seattle is known for B-Boys so everyone tends to come out when there is a jam... The city of Seattle even dedicated a Massive Monkey day on the calender.. So if that ain't support then i really don't know what is...
The Jam is 21 and over!

Get Your Swag Right....

Here is the new Adidas eco-friendly jacket from the Grün Collection. This “World Map” Hooded Sweatshirt is made of %100 organic cotton.. This full-zip (all the way up) Navy sweatshirt features a world map made from iconic adidas sole patterns and also features tonal 3 stripes down the sleeves. It also comes packaged in a special recycled Grün box.
$88.00 Bucks if you are intrested...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back On The Set... Ya Heard Meh?

Sup all you Hip-Hop heads? Well im back from Sacramento Ca. aka Sactoe, aka City Of Trees, aka Sacramental Califonya... It felt good to check in wit all the famz.. It amazes me how much that city has grown in the last six months.. It seems like Downtown Sacto is the new "Hotspot" once again.. Just in the few days i checked in on my home town i got to go to 3 local Hip-Hop Jams, peep some of my ahki's deejay, and meet up with the Northstar Sacramento Chapter to discuss some of there future moves.. Sac is a jive city for sure, but it does have a lot of talented people.. The art in the city is real strong and downtown has opened it's flood gates to a whole new younger community of cats that are open to just about anything.. Just walking around over the weekend i could feel the energy, man i even came up on some records, so you know i aint got no complaints.. There seems to be a lot of Hip-Hop going on in the River City but the Hip-Hop community seems to be separated, but in due time i know they will all see the light... On that note i gotta give some shouts to.... The CUF (Mad G, RJ, N8, Fritz, Pete), Brotha Vangloryus, Grandmasta Goblin, Nino Royboy, Riff Raff, Esef, Bru Lei, Razor from Legend Magazine, Brotha Benny, A.R.A.B., Erok, Jewelz, Rob Loot, Brotha Tais, Rock Bottom, Bishop, and the Mighty Northstar Zulu Nation Sac Chapter..
Ill see yall soon,
-P Rock Rock On
Did a update so check check it out....

Monday, April 13, 2009

True Skool Block....

It's another edition of the "True Skool Block" this weeks update i decided to change it up.. Normally i feature some type of old footage, or some classic mix. But this week i decided to hit you off with that knowledge... So with that being said here is a classic BBC Radio episode called "Looking For The Perfect Beat" by Jeff Young.. This is a wonderful audio documentary on the pioneers of this Hip-Hop shit.. Breaking it down with interviews with Grand Master Flash, Run DMC, Grandmaster Caz, Afrika Bam, and so much more.. They are even breaking down the time line of how this whole Hip-Hop shit even manifested being told by the cats who pioneered it.. Then on top of that they are playing some real classic joints in the mix to keep you locked in tight.. This is by far one of the illest audio documentary's i heard in a minute.. Do yourself a favor and press play jack and go in for yours....

As a added bonus on this BBC Radio tip here is one of the newest shows.. It's called "Beat Mining With The Vinyl Hoover"... This show is all about beat digging and record sampling.. This is a wonderful audio documentary on some of the most sampled artists/songs in the Hip-Hop world. As well as features a few certified beat diggers, included with some in debt interviews on what they used and how they used the sample.. This was made for the beat nerd and the Hip-Hop head no questions.....So what you waiting for check in duke!

Punch Out..

Punch Out for the Nintendo Wii is looking pretty sick.. If i had a Wii-ski i would check into this game.. Peep the trailer and see what all the hype is about...

Whut Up Dunny???

Here is the “Only when it pours” Rainy Day Dunny by Jon Burgerman. Beginning on Thursday, April 16th, at Kid Robot... Limited to 1000 pieces for 10 smackaroos... So if you are a Dunny collector you already know what you got to do...

Jive As Fu*k.....

Okay here is another edition of my favorite column "Jive As Fuck".. This weeks feature is a womans smell good called Pon Farr Pefume on that Star Trek outer space scent.. Click the add and see it for yourself.. Now say it with me .... "Jive As Fuck"...
Woo! (haha)

Quick Download....

Here is a quick download that will keep your head snapping.. This is a mixtape put out in late 90's early 2000's called "Get The Fuck Up" done by none other then the legendary westcoast Deejay Apollo.. Apollo goes in real heavy with all the early 2000 slaps, with tons of drops, and some extra spice to keep it all nice.. He got's everything on there from Lootpack to the Roots keeping you locked in and making you get the fuck up.. This is one mixtape that any Hip-Hop head will appreciate..
Don't sleep,
Download Here...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out The Office....

Whut up party people.. I'm going to be out the office for the next 3 days to shoot out to Sacramento CA. Its about that time to check in with some family and friends as well as peep that local Hip-Hop scene..When i return ill be dropping a major update, so be on the lookout...Oh yeah, big ups to everyone that checks in...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Download.......

Today I decided to record a practice session... Featuring a w 100% mix of all exclusives and some party rocking.. Give it a 5 minute Check in and if you dig it then check it out... Be on the lookout for Ruff Neck Radio Remixes featuring all production by Drasar Monumental and mixed by yours truly (Planet Rock Rock On)
Don't sleep!

*No playlist this time* =(

Official Announcement....

Guerilla Union/Myspace: Rock The Bells 2009 Lineup Freestyle

Here is the official announcement for this years Rock The Bells line up.. Check this ill ass clip of Super Natural doing the press release...

Sure Shot Single...

Your peoples Warren G. got a new one floating around in cyberspace called "Mr. Deejay".. I was real surprised with the production and Warren G. makes it all come together on a grown up feel... You just might want to peep it.
-P. Rock

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lego Smashing...

Growing up as a kid I used to always get down on Lego's with my brothers and build all type of things.. But never in my mind would i ever think of really throwing it down into a Porsche 911 Carrea... Props to The Arvo Bros. on the ill lego "Verooom -Verooom"

Or what about a ill ass 1959 Cadillac Ecto 1 by Rocko... Straight butta's if you ask me.....

Check In....

If you are going to be in Sacramento CA. this weekend this might be a real nice knock for you, and it's FREE... My mans Riff Raff got a new jump off going down.. Knowing Riff i know he going to be throwing down that Soul Power, NO QUESTION...

Boom Bap Zulu...

SQUARE LOHKOH "Zulu NAtion" from squarelohkoh on Vimeo.
Here is a clip from the Zulu Nation France Chapter from there group called SQUARE LOHKOH the Boom Bap Zulu ( FIRST VIDEO CLIP )Track dedicated to Afrika bambaataa… and to the origins of Zulu Nation from 1973 to 2008, mainly fight against violence and create a dialogue..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick Download....

Sup cyberspace i'm back its been a real busy week for me.. Just when i thought i was done and back in the office, i get another phone call to do some work on this Hip-Hop shit.. So that means once again i will be out of the office for the next few days.. But before i cut out i made sure i went in real heavy over the weekend so make sure you check in...

Oh yeah i wanted to leave you with a new column called "The 45 Min Bang Radio Show".. On this column i will be doing a live mix radio show and every time i do the show i will be dropping exclusives, new joints, and a classic here and there...So hopefully the radio show will hold you over until i return (hopefully Thursday)...Of course when i return i will have some more pow pow, more new music, and a couple of other surprises i got lined up....
Now check the tracklist,

If you want your music heard on the show please send it to me....YEE!

Intr0 -Produced by Dj Fooders
John Robinson - Black Gold
P-Brothers Feat Boss Money-New Religion
Doom-Rap Ambush
M1 Platoon-My Speakers
Milano-Late Night
Lil Dap-World Peace
Slaughter House Wack M.C's
Sha Stimuli-9-5
Crooklyn Dodgers-Crooklyn
Termanology-Tight Pants Are For Girls
Camp Lo-Sky High
Havoc-Cant Get Touched
Download Here ....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some New Sh*t To Download.....

Do you all remember the M.C. who went by the name of Chip Fu from the group called Fu-Schnickens.. Well as of late he has been making some noise on the net with his You tube show he been doing, and now he stepped it up some more and dropped a mixtape called "Stop Playin". Chip is actually doing his thing on it, he got them mi dancehall tracks, a few spits on some of the popular club tracks, colabs, and some drops to tie it all together.. I was actually impressed with this one.. It's good to see him comeback and continue to do his thing..
Download Here...

Del from the Hiero dropped a free album for download called "Funkman".. I went in on it real quick and a few caught my attention.. The production on the album is a lot better then his last project he released( Del been practicing on the hot beats).. If i was you i check in on it, it's free so you can't front on that...
Download Here....

Here is your last new release the new one by Mobb Deep called "The Safe Is Cracked".. With Prodigy still locked up Mobb Deep still continues to keep the Infamous name out in the streets with this new release featuring 14 tracks of one liners and bangs.. Of course it's all unreleased material, but as long as something is pushing in the streets Mobb Deep will be in a good position when Prodigy gets out.. Anyway the project got some nice production and even has Prodigy calling from the joint talking some politics.. If you are a Mobb Deep fan this is for you no question...
Planet Rock Rock On....

Download Here...

Coo Pics....

Okay ya'll it's time for another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that is what it is a "Coo Pic".. This is a pic i took of my peoples Mando Boogie, Sha One, Fooders, and Drasar Monumental co chillin in Oakland CA with the tour van and all.. I call this pic "The Guys Who saved Hip-Hop" for the obvious reason, cause they are all throwing it up in a B-Boy Stance...

New Balance 575 Trail...

Fame City did a colabo with Mita Sneakers and New Balance. Mita Sneakers for some reason always seems to have their hands in the New Balance collaborations. They worked on the 575 Trail and gave the upper a wild multicolor look, mixing suede and perforated leathers. The sole comes in blue/white, logo in black/pink and they also added a Fame City lace lock to the sneaker...

Ok, i don't know if i rock them but they would be cool to look at... Those color skeme's look real wild.... WOO! WOO!

Quick Download....

Here is one for all you J-Rocc/Hip-Hop Heads.. This was a mix tape put out by J-Rocc in the early 2000's called "Now That's Hip-Hop Vol 2." these were really good mixtapes for the Hip-Hop Head who just appreciated some dope Hip-Hop music.. J-Rocc really didn't go all crazy instead he just throws on the joints and keep it moving.. This Volume features some really good music from artists such as Murs, KrsOne, Ghostface, Planet Asia, Tame One, Bumpy Knuckles, Wild Child, and a gang of others.. J-Rocc also flips it up, throws some blends in the mix, and he even spits a quick verse... HAHA This is one that will satisfy your Hip-Hop needs.. Even though it's a little old, it still delivers!
(Props to Psol For this one)
Download Here..

Rest In Power Frosty Freeze...

Even though im a day late (I just got back in the office this morning)I still had to show respect.. On April 3rd, 2008 at approximately 7:50am, Wayne "FROSTY FREEZE" Frost started his journey in to the next life. So out of respect Funkwhatyaheard asks you to remember this true out Eastcoast pioneer and give him your prayers and blessings.. Frosty was one of a kind and a true b boy with so much character it wasn't even funny. So to honor him go out and represent that Hip-Hop for a true all out king.. Now peep this wonderful documentary arranged Pop Master Fable...
Rest In Power Frosty,

Jive As F*ck...

It's yet another edition of our favorite colum "Jive As Fuck".. This weeks story is brought to you by the world famous Dunkin Donuts.. Dunkin’ Donuts just launched the Create Your Own Donut Contest, where you can create your very own donut for a chance to win $12,000 and the opportunity to have your donut sold out at participating Dunkin’ Donuts stores. The donuts will be judged on the use of ingredients, the donut name, and the donut story. You have through April 7th 2009 and can enter up to three times. So please can someone make a a Homer Simpson Doh nut..

Duck Down...

DUCK DOWN RECORDS is back with a second edition of their NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted baseball cap. This Red colorway was produced as a limited one time run of 144 pieces. These will be for sale on very soon.

Keep Vinyl Alive...

Vinyl Lovers from Jack Somerville on Vimeo.

Here is a quick trailer for Vinyl Lovers which takes us on a journey to explore the views of various collectors and who have an extreme passion for vinyl. Whether it’s for the cover, sound, or ability to physically manipulate the beautifully made discs, passionate music lovers will always feel the need to dig deep and endlessly pursue these analog wonders.

Quick Download...

Here is a real nice podcast from the frenchman DJ Modesty called The Real Hip-Hop Show.. Modesty is holding down that classic Queens Bridge Mix for dat ass... All mixed and chopped up with tons of drops and some real ill joints.. I wouldn't sleep if i was you....
Now check the tracklist,

Download Here...