Monday, August 31, 2009

Mark It On Your Calender......

Get Busy makes it return to Staten Island N.Y. The jam goes down September 19th 2009.. Click the flyer to get in the know.... If your a writer and your in the N.Y. area this is your fix...

For The Collector....

For all you Moog fans out there... Checkout this nice Synth pillow to throw down on the couch near the studio.. The pillow costs $75 smackaroos but the attention you will receive will be priceless..

Get Your Pillow Here...

For The Hip-Hop Collector....New Shit....

Graffiti writer Futura is back on the set with this new Air Force 1 called "Be Fresh"... ( Bout time Futura drops a AF 1 ) The shoe features a silver upper "Be Fresh" on the tongue, and the bottom of the sole has the Futura fonts on it.. Look for this joint to release in January 2010 @ a Foot Locker location near you....
I know I'm getting mine,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unreleased Music......

Dj Rasta Root who holds down a slot on Hip-Hip Nation just laced his podcast up with 3 real FUNKY unreleased tracks from Baatin of Slum V. (R.I.P.) Please do yourself a favor and check his podcast out, download the tracks and just sit back and enjoy....

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

Just got this one in the inbox.. I wasn't going to post it up because i figure it's going to be on every blog in cyberspace.. But after i checked in and gave it a listen i noticed the sun came out... so i figure that was a sign from the Hip-Hop god's to give it some shines... Anyway check the track it's called "Damn Your So Cool" If you dig it then you already know what to do...
Happy friday,

Battlefield Funk Radio... 8/27

Here is the clip of last night's radio show.. This week we featured a trivia question, dropped a gang of new music, rocked a little doubles and kept it all live in the mix.. Check out the clip and big ups to everyone who checked in LIVE last night...
See U next week,

Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's about that time... If you check the site then you already know what's up... If you don't know check in live TONIGHT @ 9PM SHARP... We got a really good show lined up with nothing but that high power Hip-Hop frequency..
See you tonight,

S.F. Stand Up!

Bay Area graffiti writer Estria is back from doing his Invitational Graffiti Battle.. Upon his return he has scored some real ill writers to show in his upcoming gallery called "Don't Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan.... The Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle and Montana North America show will start September 11 - October 9, 2009 in San Francisco CA.... Now check the line up for this year Invitational Battle..

California: Neon, Bounce, Chez, Vogue, Eon 75, Germz, Vyal, Refa, Natrl

Chicago: Rome, Tsel, Exhaust, Melon, Debl, Like

Hawai'i: Katch, Estria, Eukarezt, Ckaweeks, Prime

New York: Wane One, Doves, Cern, Queen Andrea, Cekis


Quick Download..

The peoples J.R. (John Robinson) has been real busy getting it in... Here is a clip of John Robinson getting interviewed from FM4 (ORB) in Vienna, Austria.. The show drops some beats and sits down with J.R. and really jams him up on how he got started, his influences, and his future development.. If you appreciate the sounds of J.R. then you just might appreciate this interview..
Check In,

Big Up's JR!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mare 139

Graffiti writer Mare 139 did this years Red Bull BC One flyer... Now that's whats up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cope 2...

Legendary N.Y. writer Cope 2 was up to no good in Norway.. Check out the footage of the king smashing some shit real quick..
Happy Tuesday,

Big Foot Making Moves....

Graffiti writer Big Foot is doing a colab. with North Face.. The concept behind the design of this collection is to produce articles to make the gear head feel like they have enterd an enchanted forest sanctuary ( thus the green color skemes). I can't front the color skemes are nice together, and that jacket is really killing it... Look for this line at a North Face store near you...

Mike Giant.....

Graffiti writer Mike Giant is hustling off some of his work for all you collectors out there.. You can score some of his black and white master pieces at Skull Press.. The master pieces are 18 x 24' and are nothing but classic flava... Do yourself a favor and check in...

Latino's shining.....

Mr Cartoon hooked up with Upper Playground's artist series and is releasing a limited edition can with Montana Paint.. This limited edition spraycan will also feature a t-shirt by Cartoon for the Hip-Hop collector... If you are on a mission to get it official style... Rumor has it Cartoon will be in San Francisco CA. Aug. 28th @ The Upper Playground Store signing teez, and cans for the masses...

Monday, August 24, 2009

One From The Westcoast....

My brotha from Northstar Wahset Kufu 1 from the TNS/OR-X thru up this masterpiece down in one of his secret neighborhood spots deep in the heart of the town. ( Oakland CA.) Make sure to click on the picture to get the full detail on them "Hidden Jewels" he is dropping in this burner..
Big up's Ahk,

NEw Sh*t .... (SAMPLER TIME!)

Here is a SAMPLER for you to gear up for the new release by the Mash Out Posse (M.O.P) after i checked in i was really feeling what i was hearing.. This album is going to do good for them and is well needed right about now... The production is real nice and of course the screaming is a must with the Mash Out...
*release date Sept 15, 2009

Battlestar Remix Video...

Harmonic 313 did a colab video project with Sixty40 to do the video for Battlestar Remix Featuring Phat Kat, and Elzhi.. If you aint knowing i suggest you check the clip, the track is sick..

Karriem Riggins.....

I'm back from San Francisco and like i said when i return I'm bringing you some high power frequency.. So with that being said here is a really nice clip of Karriem Riggins, V-Tech, and Mochilla working things out live... If your not up on this trio i suggest you goggle them and get in the know..
Happy Monday,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Out The Office....

Sup cyberspace... I'm going to be out the office for the next few days to meet up with potential sponsors who are showing interest in the Battlefield Funk Radio Show.. So brothers is going to check in with cru, handle a little biznass and fly right back in Vietnam CA.. So Monday morning check back in for that high power frequency..

Did You Check In ???

Just incase you were caught sleeping last night.. Here is a clip of Battlefield Funk Radio for your eyes and ears.. We dropped a ton of new music this week as well as a ton of jokes... With a upgrade on sound more people checked in this week and continued to peep the show.. Big ups to everyone who checked in the chat room was going nuts... Much love to , Psol, Kodak V., Fooders, B-Boy Matt, Mark Ass, Bron One, Tony Roc, and everyone else who continues to support the show...
See you next week,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grandmaster Flash Setting The Record Straight...

Grandmaster Flash just dropped his Part 2 segment of "Where Hip-Hop Comes From".. In the clip Flash drops the jewels and sets the record straight on where Hip-Hop Manifested for him.. If you not familiar with this series, I also included Part 1.. So you can get in the know..

Now that you seen part 1, check in on Pt. 2!!!

Battlefield Funk Radio... (LIVE TONIGHT)

We back at it again, going down LIVE at 9PM sharp! Please check in as me and my mans and dem from Battlefield drop a gang of new music on your ear drums.. Along with some slept on classics that you just may not be up on.. Like always the show is live with no scripts no gimmicks, no games, just 100% raw Hip-Hop flava....
Don't Sleep,


Happy B-Day Krs One....

Today is the Blastmaster Krs One Born day... For those who don't know he turned 44 years young today.. Now that's what's up! Happy B Day Blastmaster and god bless you on your joyous day..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

DJ Psol out of L.A. just dropped his new Podcast for all your cyber junkies.. By the look of his playlist it sure does look like he is about to get in in.. You just might want to do the right thing and get your swoop-ski on...
Now check the playlist,

1. MED- 100 dolla billz
2. The Good People ft. Cadence- bring back memories
3. Guilty Simpson- Coroner’s music
4. Mic Geronimo- Train of thought
5. Mobb Deep- Temperature’s rising (Yona remix)
6. OC ft. Lord Finesse & KRS- the brainstorm
7. Black Moon- I got cha opin remix
8. Channel Live- mad izm remix
9. Doo wop & the Bounce Squad- hit em in the head
10. Hillfiguz- not enuff time
11. INI- fakin jax
12. M.O.P. ft. Freddie Fox- I Luv
13. Sauce Money- action
14. Spirit Catcher- beezy operator
15. Sipho Mabuse-break dance (LeBaron edit)
16. Major Lazer- Cash Flow (Classixx remix)
17. Glass Candy- Computer love
18. The Who- Eminence front (Love Supreme edit)
19. Damn Arms- Destination part 1 (Dcup remix)
20. Codebreaker- Follow me (The Juan Maclean remix)
21. Marshall Jefferson- move your body
22. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke- intro


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grandmaster Ken Swift.....

Here is a nice 2 part clip session for all you B-Boys and B-Girls out their in cyberspace...Part 1 features the Grandmaster Ken Swift talking about Encontro Das Ruas 2009 in Brazil.. Which is one of the biggest dance festivals in the world according to Guinness World Records..

Now checkout clip 2 of the Grandmaster Ken Swift really tearing sh*t up at the Encontro Das Ruas! It so amazing to see how this brother really gets it in.. Not only is he a pioneer in this culture, he still is on top of his game, constantly elevating, and inspiring so many future generations to come...
Big up Ken we salute you,

* F.Y.I. Ken Swift is the last person to go out in the clip *

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

I got this one in the in box last night... Your peoples 14KT just released a FREE beat tape called "Nowalataz".. Some of you "tweeties" might already have scored it cause 14KT just released it.. Then again some of you might have not.. So i thought i share it real quick... The project features nothing but that 14KT flavor that we all grown to appreciate.. Most of the tracks on this project are 3 years old or so and were created with some heavy influence from Dilla (according to 14KT) .. But the project still has some nice production on it.. You just might want to do the right thing and scoop this one up..

*Thanks Steph for the lace!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Nike is getting ready to drop some new colors for the classic Air Max 1.. Look for these techno boogie colors to release 2010.. With the proper fit these color skeme's could be dangerous out in dem' streets...

New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

Skills is back with a new one called "Inside Change" with his homeboy Jazzy Jeff on the cuts.. Check the clip if you know what's good for you..

Bad Meaning Good... UK Hip Hop Documentary

I ran across this one and i had to share.. This is a clip of a 1987 London Hip-Hop Documentary called 'Bad Meaning Good".. This documentary features some really excellent footage of the London Hip-Hop scene ( at the time).. The documentary shows some of the key players that payed the way for the whole London scene as well as some familiar faces we all grown to love... Please do yourself a favor and check this one out you won't be disappointed!
Happy monday,


Man it sure amazes me to see how far skratching has gone let alone elevated.. Check out this clip of DJ Q Bert really tearing shit up at the 2009 DJ Expo.. Damn this brother is always on his square when it comes to them cutskee's..

Mighty 4 T.V.

Here is a clip put out by Mighty 4 TV of some footage of Paulskee's, Alien Ness, Poe 1 Bday celebration jam.. This jam went down March in San Francisco CA. Check out the clip and start you monday morning off in a b-boy stance...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Trak.... (quick download)

Checkout this clip of A-Trak live in Floss Scandalous (Los Angeles) playing some tunes at the Hollywood hangout the "Do Over".. By the looks of the footage it seems like the people were really enjoying themselves.. A-Trak doesn't mix but he does play a wide selection of tracks, and he throws in some effects to tie it all in (nice touch) ... One of my favorite parts in the clip is the baby chicken behind A-Trak in the teal green tank-top she got that L.A. wiggle...


For The Hip-Hop Collector...

Graffitti writer Katch 1 has a New Era 59fifty joint called "Times Runnin".. It features an all over print of Katch 1’s Clock character. Also features the Natural Koncept logo (Katch 1 sk8board company) in raised embroidery on the bill with Katch 1’s autograph on the underbill. The cap is limited to 144 pieces and you can score this one at so i suggest you act now...


14KT is back at it again in the lab.. 14kt got some new beats that have been hitting cyberspace pretty hard as of late.. Check them out and get in the know...
thumbs up,

Track: Hello

Track: Verbal Intercourse

Track: Strange Fruit Project Nostalgia

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just In Case You Missed It....

For those who missed out on the Battlefield Funk Radio Show last night here is the LIVE clip to start your friday off in the Hip-Hop direction... Much love for all those people that tuned in last night live we really appreciate the love and it was truly a fun show for me and my mans Drasar.. Big ups and we will see you all next week, same bat time ( 9PM SHARP) same bat day ( every thursday).. Big up's to Dan, Deuce, Riff, Zulu Gobz, Brotha Benny, and everyone else who checked in live with us last night..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

World Premier .. (TONIGHT)

Funkwhatyaheard and HipHopBattlefield are finally hooking up for our own live and direct radio show.. The show is called Battlefield Funk Radio and will feature nothing but that high caliber Hip-Hop music ALL MIXED, party rocked, doubled up, and so much more! Don't sleep as we will be taking requests and cracking jokes through the night... So tune in 9pm sharp (westcoast time) and check in with your boys P and Drasar as we co rock it..
See you tonight,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Shit (Quick Download)

This one came in the inbox last night and after checking in I was digging what I was hearing.. Then again after looking at the tracklist I had to go in... So with that being said here goes something for all you beat nerds out in cyberspace.. This real nice production beat tape composed by DJ Seano with main contributor J1 The Deer who scored all the "hot beats" from his crew/family.. The mixtape/beat tape is called Starship 27 and features all NEW production by Snowman Jack, House Shoes, Black Spade, Devonwho, Ras G, Dam Funk and Dibia$e.. Check this beat tape out, it delivers.. Now stop sleeping and check the tracklist cause i know you going to do the right thing and swoop this up pronto..


Grandmaster Cut Faster......

Here is a clip of Grandmaster Flash tearing shit up at the Crotona Park Jams.. Check out this true all out king flipping the WAX, rocking the mic, and giving back to the community..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Shit..... (quick download)

Public Enemy's D.J. , Deejay Lord just dropped a new mixtape entitled Black Power "The real deal what it was...IS? This mixtape is chalked up with a ton of samples and lined up a nice classic collection of breaks and joints.. Lord even throws some doubles in from time to time to keep it funky.. Not only is it a nice mixtape there also is some science involved.. (Lord drops jewels) Then again what can you expect from a dj who reps with Public Enemy.. Do yourself a favor check the tracklist and if you feel it then you know what to do next...


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get It In....

59Fifty is having a contest to design a New Era.. All you have to do is peep there site ( grab the templates and start making it happen.. The contest winner will have their design on a New Era and will be hustled at all New Era stores.. So what you waiting for??

Friday, August 7, 2009

Check in...... (quick download)

Here is a nice download to start your friday off on the good foot... The Dynasty Rockers ( Cold Chris & Numbers ) sat down with the boys of SUPER B BEAT RADIO SHOW out of San Diego CA. to give a really NICE in debt interview.. Some of the questions on deck are what they feel about the whole rocking culture, how they got there names, what they feel about the current state of rocking, and some other really good pressure cooker questions to keep you listening.... I will say this Mane One really goes in with the questions and if you are a b-boy, rocker, or just a fan of the culture this is your show... Not only will you get a nice interview, you will hear some real nice breakbeats to keep you locked in.. They don't call these guys the 1520 Sedgwick Deejays for nothing....

Big up ahk's

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

Soul power duo Kon and Amir from Brooklyn are back with a new episode on Spine Magazine have you check it out yet??? If not i suggest you do they are playing nothing but that heavy summertime soul power for for the masses (soul and disco to be exact)... They drop a real nice composition on this episode so it makes for a real smooth listen... Nothing too crazy, no talking, no screaming, and no Tom Foolery, just good music speaking for itself...
Thumbs up,

For those who don't know Kon was admitted to the hospital for a blood-clot in his system.. He made it thru with flying colors and is on his way to a speedy recovery... Now that's what's up!


Check out this graffiti can that sprays LED lights instead of spray paint.. When the battery runs out, you have to shake the can to recharge it... Now i don't know what this could be used for maybe for a video, or a party on some light sh*t.. But then again with some creativity anything can happen... Oh yeah the artist who created this little jump off goes by the name of Aissa Logerot...
crazy shit yo,

T-Shirt Check.....

My mans Bron 4000, aka Bron Oners, aka Angry Brown Man, aka Gamez Oner from the Sucka Free (San Francisco) laced me up with a custom design for a Funkwhatyaheard exclusive tee.. What you think? My man Bron has been getting it in for over 20 years plus on this west coast graffiti tip.. For those who don't know who he is, your slipping in the darkness.. For those who do know, you are on your square..Not only is he a dope writer he is also a Hip-Hop Junkie and that alone is a dyeing breed in the world of graffiti..
Big Up's Bron 4000,

Painting By BRON 4000 / Check Bron Out Here!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Audio Candy....

Beat Junkies just did there live radio show on sunday night.. Did you catch it??? I did and to keep my cyber junkies in the loop here is a clip of the show.. The show is paying some homage to Baatin/Slum V., Rhetthmatic goes first, Frank Nitt grabs the mic does a little something- something, and J-Rocc closes out the show.. Check the clip and if you dig it, click the link and peep the rest of the show....


New Sh*...

Rob Swift has a new DVD Documentary out called As The Technics Spin.. This documentary is a up close, and personal flick.. Featuring all the peoples that support Swift and made him who he is today.. If you appreciate some good Hip-Hop this one is for you...
Thumbs Up,

Check,Check, It Out.....

The UK boys from Bassment Session just released there new Podcast dedicating it to the late great Baatin from Slum V. It's NOT a mixtape nor any type of move from a deejay to get some shines by all means.. It's more just a appreciation and a dedication to a M.C. who will be missed.... Not only are they playing a TON of Baatin's music, they are dropping some jewels in between tracks, and every Hip-Hop head can appreciate that.. It's a nice listen, composed well, and a classy way to pay some homage... So what you waiting for???? Check the tracklist and tell em' Funkwhatyaheard sent ya......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

Northstar Sacramento is doing something for the youth in the community.. This event is all ages and is a benefit show for the WIND Youth Services.. If your in Sacramento CA. do the right thing and support your local Hip-Hop

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

Oh No got a new sampler beat tape out called Ethiopium... The instrumental album is based on all Ethiopian samples.. Look for the beat tape to hit shelves late August....
Now check in duke,


X Large....

X Large worked with Manhattan Portage on a technical backpack. The backpack comes in durable canvas and features different colors on different panels, including camouflage patterns on the front. Furthermore several logos have been placed on the backpack. Look out for a release of the XLarge x Manhattan Portage Backpack in the coming weeks.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Sh*t...

Here goes a little something-something for that B-Girl in your life.. Check out this Hello Kitty NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted baseball cap.. The Hello Kitty appears at text on the underbrim in an Old English font... You can grab this one at Cap Collector...

Quick Download..(World Premier)

Here is a nice on to start your Hip-Hop Monday on the good foot.. Check out this "1992" boot leg betty recording of Lord Finesse and T-Money cutting sh*t up live on Harlems WBLS 1075FM.. Lord Finesse and T-Money are cracking jokes, mixing, and taking callers for the Top 10 Hip-Hop Countdown.. This is a real stank copy of this show, straight off the box and recorded to the Sony High Bias Cassette Tape.. So your going to hear commercials, some weird pauses and a little static some times.. But that's what makes it Hip-Hop cause you know it's a straight dub of a dub of a dub... Not some internet MP3 posted on a million blogs....
*Big Ups REV for the lace! *