Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mark It On Your Calenders...

October 8th New Era is set to drop this one at their Soho flagship store location ( London UK ).. To set the event off, New Era will be hosting a pre event disco featuring a gang of B-Boys and B-girls and tons of media so everyone can get there shines on... Everyone that attends this jsm will score a Burgundy fitted cap constructed of suede while winner will get blessed with white cashmere joints that include gold embroidery... Now say it with me, "Buttas Bee"...

Check,Check, It Out.....

I WANT one .....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Peep this clip of a new documentary put out by Northern Cali head Christian Rodriguez. The name of the documentary is called "Citizen Me: The Forgotten Class".. Instead of me telling you about it just watch the clip!
Salute to you C. Rodriguez,

Happy B-Day.....

Happy B-Day Charlie Brown.... 60 years old in the game!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coo Pics.......

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics' why?? Cause it's a "Coo Pic".. This weeks pic is brought to us by the Westcoast Southern Cali Killer Izze from the WST (Wildstyle Technicians) this one went down in Sunny San Diego, CA. this joint gets my headnod!

For more Spraycan abuse check his blog!

As a added bonus: Peep the time lapse video here!

IBE 2010 Main Event...

The IBE (International Break Dance Event) went down in Heerlen, south of Holland over the weekend... High Calibur game if you ask me!

TEAM IBE LEGENDS (left side)
Representing the yrs 2001-2002-2003 (the All Battles All pioneers from the early years)

Do Knock
Lil Amok

Representing the yrs 2004-2005 (when IBE became The Notorious)

Alien Ness
The End
Bruce Lee

*props to KTB*

Out Now.......


Radical Moves......

Alright man this 2010 sh*t aint no joke.. Peep this clip and prepared to be in shock mode....

New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

Tom Sachs did a collaboration with Krink to drop a limited edition marker set (100 piece). The set, which includes a homemade ‘police barrier’ base that houses three markers: a Black K-70 permanent ink marker, a White K-12 paint marker, and a Red K-66 ink marker. Signed and editioned on the bottom,

Monday, September 27, 2010

For My Hip-Hop Collectors...

The Mighty Cope got a Montana Can dedicated to all his work in this game... If you are looking to score it you betta act fast cause this one is limited edition...

Check,Check, It Out.....

MadC, Slide, Serk, Omsk167 and Caparso went down Slovakia to paint a wall at Rendez Jam 2010... If you aint up on it then you already know what to do...

New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

The homeboys from Woodland CA. sent this one to me in this inbox.. Enjoy!
Happy Monday,

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Shit.. (quick download)

Normally i DO NOT post albums on this blog.. But this time I felt I HAD TO, come on man it's Big L! With that being said check this new 2010 album featuring unreleased material and remixes by the legend himself..
Rest In Paradise,

Don't sleep this link WILL get broke!

01.Now Or Never
02.On The Mic (Roc Raida Turntablist Mix)
03.Ebonics (Remix) Ft. T-Rex
04.We Got This
05.Platinum Plus (Original Riverside Mix)
06.Furious Anger Ft. Shyheim
07.Still Here Ft. C-Town (Hi-Tek’s Original Mix)
08.Games Females Play
09.Nigga Please Ft. Stan Spit & Mcgruff
10.Who You Slidin Wit (Buckwild Remix)
11.Universal Freestyle
12.Devil’s Son (Live In Amsterdam)

To Download Copy & paste Link:

Check,Check, It Out.....

Peep this practice clip of B-Boy R2O from the Atari Funkerz Crew out of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil getting his style on..
Happy Friday,

*props to Navator TV for the nice footage*

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out For Mines.....

This quick sketch goes out to my mans Kufy X, Daze Roc, Toons, Sha 1, Refa 1, Izzy, and Young Prize thank you for your inspiration and you know " P" is down to ride!!!

*Stay tuned for the burner to hit the wall real soon*

Ske & TKID Styling on you!

T-Kid and Ske took some personal footage of their trip to Chicago for the Meeting Of Styles.. If you haven't seen this one you already know what to do!
Prepare for a Style massacre,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Shit.. (quick download)

The homeboy from London DJ Philly just dropped his new show on the Deep If you aint up on this show i suggest you check in.. My man dedicates his show to all the elements of Hip-Hop, gets the proper check ins with the drops, and most importantly keeps them drums greasy! CHeck the tracklist you just might be surprised on what you see...

DJ pHiLLy™ Intro
Worst come to worst (inst) - Dilated Peoples
Mean Streak - Rakaa Iriscience feat. Chali 2na prod. by El-P
Real life - Kool Sphere feat Verbal Threat)
Up All Night - Planet Asia feat. Copywrite
What I'm after - Lords of the Underground prod by K-Def
Sing Like Bilal Freestyle - DJ Premier feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, A.G.
I Just Wanna Rhyme - Pumpkinhead prod by Marco Polo
Crack Era - Q-UNIQUE
Haters Anthem - Jean Grae
A.V.E.R.A.G.E. - Kazi prod by Madlib
Chase Manhattan - DJ Muggs vs Ill Bill feat. Raekwon
I got game - Stig
The Messiah - Prose (Steady & Efeks) (Efeks on the mic prod. by Steady)
Cold Steel (inst) - Phat Kat prod. J-Dilla
Main Aim - Cella Dwellas prod. Nick Wiz
Still in Love - Rakim prod. Nick Wiz
Building - DV ALIAS KHRYST feat. Mobb Deep
Hiatus - Diamond D Feat. CRU (Diamond D Remix)
Hustle on the side - Mood
Loving The Game - Main Flow feat. Planet Asia, 7L & Esoteric
Wotchagonnado - Mr Beatnik
Sidewalk Swag - Omega Crew prod. by Manikmati
Domestic Science - Feat. Wildflower, Tempa, Estelle, prod. Skitz cuts by Harry Love
Ya'll Should All Get Lynched - NYOIL prod. by DJ slice
Smash It Up (Remix) - SoundBwoi Killaz prod. by DJ slice
Creme De La Creme - Rock Steady (ft Grazzhoppa)
Angel Dust - Hasan Salaam Feat Lord Jamar
CMRbeats14 - Cimer Amor
Guru RIP - Looptroop Rockers & Timbuktu
Love Comes & Goes (inst) - Ed OG & Da Bulldogs prod. Diamond D
Run For The Hills ('Force of Habit' Leak) - Prose (Steady & Efeks) Ft. Ed Strong & King Kaiow of The IRS (Clean Vocal)

To download Show:

Hip-Hop Morale #1

Im going to start a new section on the blog called "Hip Hop Morale" on this new section i will be featuring strictly things that will boost your morale up on this Hip-Hop sh*t.. ( just incase you stop believing in this Hip-Hop im going to make you think different) This month's morale boost is brought to us by Baby Boogaloo out of Oxnard CA. If you aint up on this cat I SUGGEST you google him...


As a added bonus check the Father (Wildchild) and son Duo gettin bizz!

Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Meeting Of Styles (Chicago Edition)

Just incase you were caught slipping here is some RAW footage from the 2010 Meeting Of Styles Chicago Invasion that went down over the weekend (17th-19th).. If you look close there is a shot of Gigs getting it in from the westcoast, straight rider if you ask me!

*San Francisco's edition of M.O.S. goes down this weekend! (24th-26th)

For more info:

(Im looking for a plane tickets right now!)

As a added bonus.. Here is a gang of really nice photo's of the entire Chicago edition... Check in!

New Shit..(quick download)

My brother in this Hip-Hop game Drasar Monumental over at Hip-Hop Battlefield.blogspot just dropped a 30min Mixtape banger featuring nothing but those hard grimmy drums!

Do yourself a favor check the tracklist and hit that play button jack,

*This mix is ALL vinyl*


1.Drasar Monumental Drama Intro--- Produced by Drasar Monumental.

2.Nutso & Brainsparker---"Story Music". Produced by Brainsparker.

3.Obscure Disorder---"Overdose Music" Produced by A-Trak.

4.NYG'z---"G-Dom" Produced by Premier.

5.Apollo Brown---"Propa"-featuring Odysee & Tranquil....Produced by Apollo Brown.

6.Roc Marciano---"G" Produced by Pete Rock.

7.Beatnuts---"All My Life" Produced by Beat Nuts.

8.Checkmate---"Devil vs. Maker" Produced by Kemo.

9.Godfather Don---"Seeds Of Hate" Produced by Godfather Don.

10.Mic Geronimo---"Shit Is Real Accapella flipped over a couple beats by Psycho Les & 45 King..

11.Homeless Derelix---"Raise It Up" Produced by Architect.

12.Nutso & Brainsparker---"Haze" Produced by Brainsparker.

13.Phil Most Chill---"Walking Papers Instrumental" Produced by Phil Most.

14.Rae & Ghost---"Miranda" Produced by Allah Math.

15.Sean Price---"Onion Head Accapella flip"

16.Evidence---"Stick & Move Instrumental" Produced by Evidence.

17.Selfish (Uncut Raw)---"Baby" Produced by Fluent.

18.Guru---"Where Is Our Money-- Drasar Monumental Remix ".

Download Here:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coo Pics.......

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics" why??? Cause it's a "Coo Pic".. This weeks "Coo Pic" is brought to you by my brother Kufy X from the TNS/TCB crew.. My man Kufy has been mad productive these last couple of months.. I mean really getting it in and this one is no exception.. Check out the fills and those details in the 3-D turntables and mixtapes, WOW!!! Kufy X called this one a Mixtape Session cause i know for a fact he had that shit blasting to 10 when he co-rocked this one!!
Turn It up,

Put A Zee On It #5

Just incase you were caught slipping.. Alien Ness from the Mighty Zulu Kingz got a blog up and running.. The blog features some Hip-Hop history, some rules to the B-Boy game, and some nice footage to keep you locked in.. If you got a minute you just might want to check in on it..
Zeez Up,

Peep blog here:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Shit... Check, Check, It Out

Here is some real new shit to get you hyped on your Tuesday morning.. My mans and demz Crayone from the TWS crew just dropped a DVD for the masses.. The video features a gang of rare and unreleased footage of the grandmaster getting it in on the town.. From his early years in the 80's wrecking shop all the way up to the 2000's smashing shit.. I haven't seen this one yet but i already know its straight full court press!
Big ups Crayone,

Ill be getting mine shortly!!!

(Raw Collection of Videos from the past and present). 1 hour of raw and edited video footages from the 80's to some that is recent as 2009.
• Home Turf - Crayone and Stylz (Corba Segment) (80’s)
• Home Turf - KSUN and DA battle at Mark Twain High School (80’s)
• KRON News Segment - Crayone - (80’s)
• Art Notes (Ch 9) - SF Graffiti Scene (Very Popular) (80’s)
• Home Turf - Arts Commission in front of SF City Hall (80’s)
• Built From Skratch - Crayone (Recent)
• Crayone Grim Reaper & Dragon at Pacifica Tattoo Shop (2002)
• Crayone Live Performance 2007 - Richmond ca. (Recent)
• KTVU News Segment on KUK (Recent)
• Crayone's T-shirt video - Hip-Hop Connects the Bay (Recent)
• TCF Bay Fitted Mural - Crayone, Fury, Shiek, Pengo and Nate1MPC (2006)
• Latin Tempo - Rene Castro, Jim Prigoff, and Crayone (80’s)
• Sundragon Mural (Oakland) - Raw Video (Recent)
• Bombing the N-Judha Tunnels - Neon & Crayone (Music by Bas1) (2000)
-Bonus Raw footage of the Classic Lost City of Letters. (25min.) Created by Satyr, Nate1MPC and Crayone.

To purchase this dvd:

New Shit....

Just incase you were caught slipping last night... Here is some live footage of DJ Melo D of the Beat Junkies getting it tuff style on the Mikidzshow.. Melo throws down some classic party rocking joints, slaps in some doubles, and sneak in a little interview all off the fly.. Check it out Melo does his thing...

*Melo starts at the 1Hr. mark*

Monday, September 13, 2010

New shit.. (Quick download)

Professional Skate Boarder Stevie Williams clicked up with Tek from Smiff & Wessun and dropped a new mixtape for the DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) camp. I haven't had a chance to go in on it yet, but knowing Boot Camp there should be at least one on it...
Happy Monday,

To Download Copy & paste Link:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix.....

Looks like the NS family is backing up some heavy Bay Area Spray Can Artists .. Check this line up out.. If you are from Northern CA. then you already know what is about to go down!

Practice Session Vol. 3 (quick download)

Last night I decided to record a Practice Session.. I figured it has been a while since I thru a new one up.. Let alone a lot of cats have been asking for some new beats.. So i figure i do the right thing and check my peoples in... Like always you can expect nothing but the rockets and high power frequency.. Once again this is a practice session and it is all 1 take and all off the dome.. I had no scripts, nor plans, I just turned on the wheels and went in with no mistakes allowed!
Now hit play button jack,

*This mix is very raw so levels will tend to bounce*

To download: Copy & Paste Link

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BLADE.. King Of Spraycan Art

What up all my Hip-Hop heads by now you should be back to the grind and recovering from your 3 day weekend. So to help you recover and still continue to keep that Hip-Hop alive. Here Is a real nice 30 minute mini documentary covering the history of the mighty Blade. In this mini documentary Blade breaks it all down. From how he started this movement of spraycan art, what he has been up to these last 20 odd years, and some other personal topics that would interest anybody... The footage and interviews are excellent giving you a personal indebt interview that any fan of spraycan art would appreciate. Please do yourself a favor and check in jack!!!
Happy Tuesday,

*The story he tells about CAP is jive as f*ck, HAHA! *

Friday, September 3, 2010

From Mambo To Hip-Hop.. A South Bronx Tale

I figured since it's Friday and most people are stuck at work or in a office thinking about there 3 day holiday. I decided to post up this ill ass documentary called, "From Mambo To Hip-Hop: A South Bronx Tale". This video is about the history of Mambo and how it invaded the Bronx NY, and how it influenced a whole new culture called Hip-Hop. The documentary features a cast of legendary Hip-Hop heads including Afrika Bams and a cast of legendary Mambo heads, with some EXCELLENT raw footage. Do yourself a favor and check in on this one ..
Happy Friday,

-P Rock Rock On

* Salute to all my M.P.'s and L.P's out there!*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latin Powers....

I figured I post this one up for all my Latin peoples who love this Hip-Hop shit... Peep the classic track by the rap group who go by the name "Latin Empire". The name of the song is called "Asi Es La Vida" which in english means "That's Life". Peep the Hip-Hop energy, outfits, flags, and footage in this video.. Directed by Henry Chalfant ( the man responsible for Style Wars) with cinematography by Carl Weston (the man who brought us all the Video Graf series.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Check, Check, it out.....

Here is some footage from a jam that went down a few weeks ago in Dallas, Texas called "Kick N Habits Sneaker Showcase.. Yup and that is what it is dedicated to all them sneaker freakers out their..