Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New shit..

Check out this footage of the Ironlak team ( Tues, Sofles, Sirum, Linz and Reals) getting bizz on that painting tip..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turn It Loose....

The feature documentary "Turn it Loose" is celebrating its premier in Paris. From backstage at the Red Bull BC One in Soweto, to the backstreets of Senegal, Japan, Algeria, America, France and Brazil, TURN IT LOOSE combines human drama with the visual intensity of the dance, revealing the passion, sweat and artistry needed to compete at the highest levels.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lunch TIme Breaks...

Crazy Legs got a Ustream show called Lunch Time Breaks that has been making some noise as of late.. The show features Legs and his co-host D-stroy on the mic cracking jokes playing soul, funk, breaks, and salsa.. If you got a minute check in you just might like what you hear... The show airs everyday 2pm-4pm eastcoast time..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SF VS. THE TOWN.. Beat Battle

The homie Mons Roc from Cash Dreed went out on the sneaks with his cuzzo E.C. to enter a Beat Battle.. Just incase you didn't make it here is the footage.
Salute to you Mons!

Happy B-Day.....

I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother Drasar Monumental and wish him a happy born day.. If you know this cat make sure to check out his blog (hiphopbattlefield.blogspot) and give him a pound for making it thru another year!

New Shit... (quick download)

Here is some new shit for you from the Wu family... Better snatch it up before the link gets broke!

01. Yellow Jackets-Roll With Killer Bees 03:12
02. Armel, 12oclock, Prodigal Sunn Rev Burks-Headline 03:05
03. Wu-Tang Clan-Assed Out 02:32
04. O.D.B Boy Jones-Dirts The Boogie 03:32
05. Bobby Digital Kinetic-You Must Be Dreaming 02:46
06. Johnny Blaze-M.E.F. 03:00
07. Ghostface, Trife Da God Solomon Childs-Smooth Sailing 02:33
08. King Just, Nate Y.C.-Get It Started 04:49
09. Street Life-Faced Down 03:02
10. Remedy Killah Priest-The Testimony 04:32
11. Solomon Childs-Action 02:55
12. Killer Bees-No Game Around Here 03:09
13. Rev Burke Rugged Monk-Into You 03:05
14. Remedy Jo Jo Pelligrino-Transporting 02:53
15. Prodigal Sunn Rev Burks-Flight Of The Killer Bees 02:54

Copy & Paste Link to download

New Shit...

Brotha East 3 from Rocksteady / Zulu Nation sat down with Brotha Bams to get a real nice up close and personal interview.. If you haven't had a chance to check in I suggest you do..
Ahki Peace,

Read Interview Here (Copy & paste Link)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Download..

Here is a really nice audio documentary put together by UK's own Mark B for Radio One.. Instead of me telling you about it, i rather have Mark's people tell you..

*props to Unkut*

In the cold harsh winter of 2002 UK producer Mark B was approached by BBC's Radio One team do a short documentary based around the art & knowledge of record collecting from a Hiphop perspective. Already aware of the global coverage & support of Radio One with the success of the Mark B & Blade Unknown LP (2000) he jumped at the opportunity to take a break from the studio & touring to further his skills & learn the art of producing a radio documentary.

After a few shorts meetings with their team Mark bounced a few ideas off of them & took the challenge one step further by expanding an already well covered theme to the heart of New York City to investigate the story behind one of Hiphop's most recognizable & biggest ever hits both on the streets, radio & MTV audiences alike. No matter what music you listen to underground or commercial, rock pop, house techno or reggae it’s more than likely you will know the song in question but it's very doubtful you will actually know the true story behind this song or its original source.

Straight from the rotten apple Mark B exposes the dirty dealings of break trading, record producing, record diggin’ & the origins of an LP sold to over 20 different producers before falling into the hands of Dr Dre & Melman.

With the help & interviews from the legendary DJ Marley Marl, VIC, Dilated Peoples, Bubba Sparxxx, DJ Greenpeace, David Holmes, Tommy Koi of Mr Bongo Records, Andrew Mason of Wax Poetics & Jared from The Sound Library Record Store this is one documentary you don't want to miss.

This is strictly for promotional purposes only & is a free download. This download will only be available for 1 week. Please spread the word if you like it.

Download Here: (copy & paste link)

New Shit...

Red Bull Beat Battle went down in LA. if you didn't get a chance to check in, here is the footage.. Prepare to see a bunch of producers playing air keys, air drums, and air guitars.. This shit is funny if you ask me and i still think these battles need judges.. The crowd shouldn't be the judges cause all you got to do is bring your posse, have them cheer, and you win.. They need to fix that shit....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 6/17/10

Here is last weeks show.. Enjoy!
Happy Monday,

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's about that time where me and my manz and demz from Hip-Hop Battlefield go in on some savage angry ass Hip-Hop.. Tonight we are going to feature a gang of new and exclusive hip-hop as well as have a few home boys check in. Like always everything is live and all off the dome...
See you tonight ,

Watch the show here LIVE 9PM sharp!

New Shit (quick download)

DJ Eclipse filled in for Premier last week.. Here is the link to the show... ENjoy!

"Live From HeadQCourterz" 6/11/10 Playlist

1. Apollo Brown feat. Magestik Legend "Just Think" prod. by Apollo Brown
2. Little Brother "Tigallo For Dolo" prod. by Khrysis, cuts by DJ Flash
3. Black Sheep feat. Q-Tip, Dave & Mike Gee "Birds of a Feather" prod. by Tough Junkie
4. Rah Digga "This Ain't No Lil' Kid Rap" prod. by Nottz
5. Illa Ghee feat. Big Noyd "Hardbody (Remix) prod. & cuts by DJ Skizz
6. Eminem "On Fire" prod. by Mr. Porter
7. P Brothers & Roc Marciano "Long As It's Real" prod. by P Brothers
8. KRS-One "Wolf" prod. by Da Beatminerz
9. Killah Priest "Shadows" prod. by Kount Fif
10. A.G. "Infected" prod. Ray West
11. Sean Price "Let Me Tell You" prod. by Beat Butcha
12. Mic Geronimo "U R Not the Same" prod. by B-Money
13. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) feat. Chace Infinite "The Darkest Cloud" prod. by Statik Selektah
14. KRS-One "Who Da Best" prod. by DJ JS-1
15. Doitall feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Edo G & Probz "Lets Go" prod. by Mel & D
16. Big Daddy Kane feat. MC Lyte "True Story"
17. Spectac & Amiri "As If" prod. by Amiri
18. Spectac & Amiri feat. K. Sparks, Median & Strick "As If (Remix)" prod. by Amiri
19. Eternia & Moss feat. Rah Digga & Rage "The BBQ" prod. by MoSS
20. K-Dot-O-Dot "Dick Punch" prod. by Arkeologists
21. Jon Hope "Which One" prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
22. AZ "Feel My Pain" prod. by Frank Dukes, cuts by Statik Selektah
23. Massinfluence "Morning Breath Chasers" prod. by Devil McDoom
24. Big Shug "Spit Six" prod. & cuts by DJ Premier

PT. 1

PT. 2.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Shit...

Check out this clip on the wax tip.... Happy hump day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Shit...

Here is some footage from the 2010 Meeting Of Styles.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mortal Combat Rebirth...

This one has been hitting the internet waves hard... This 8 minute clip of "Mortal Kombat" has been posted on YouTube. Rumor has it that the film is a test for a potential R-rated film about the classic game, the short is directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Crazy Legs 2010 interview...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

House Shoes..

Quick interview with Detroit's House Shoes.. You know what to do...

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Shit...

Tools of War is back with the park jams.. Here is clip # 1 from week #1 ... You betta ask someone!

Happy Monday,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Shit...

2010 B-Boy Kmel trailer.. You betta check in jack!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Some new Kings Destroy... COPE2, OVIE ONE, JEE KD, ENO BTC, STAY NORWAY. You betta ask somebody!

HMMMMMM..... DOH' Nuts....

Today is National Donut Day! So when you got some time shoot out to Dunkin Donuts and score your free donut so you can be down with today's celebration...

New Sh*t..( quick download)

Here is some new shit for you to start your weekend off at the disco.. Frank Nitt from the super group Frank N Dank dropped a podcast last week for his new EP intitled "Jewels In My Backpack". I just scored the album, but due to so many technical difficulties i can't even put up a link for the album.. But i figure i'd still do the right thing and at least score you the podcast for his new album.. Check it out it's all live and off the dome.. Its got some bangs on it no question!

Download Podcast Here:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Afrika Bambaattaa..

When it comes to Pops i always got to support.. Now with that being said check this clip of brotha Bam getting bizz in Florida wit some super hero's of the Florida B-Boy scene...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Premier... Pete Rock

Defrag sets down with Pete Rock and Premier for alittle one-on-one interview.. Do the right thing and check in jack!

*props 2 h.beast"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Community Morale....

Dulux Walls – Global film for the Let’s Colour Campaign by Euro RSCG London. Let’s Colour is a worldwide morale boost to transform hoods with colourful paint. This 2 minute global film was shot by multi-award winning director Adam Berg over four weeks in Brazil, France, London and India. Every location is real and they remain transformed by a palette consisting of 120 different colours. The people in the film are not actors, they are real people who rolled up their sleeves to transform their community with colour.

for more info on the project: letscolourproject.com


Here was last nights episode "Hateocrazy" of the Boondocks. I haven't had a chance to watch it just yet, but i figure i share it just incase you haven't seen it either...

*props to hhdx*

Premier.... ( quick download)

Okay we are back from our day off from work and gearing up for the work week. So to start you off on the good foot here is a nice video anthology from the DJ Premier catalog.. Now check the tracklist!
Happy Tuesday,

1 – Afu-Ra : Defeat
2 – Show & AG : Next Level Remix
3 – Fat Joe : The Shit Is Real Remix
4 – Jeru : Ya Playin Yourself Remix
5 – Crooklyn Dodgers : Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
6 – KRS One : Rappaz R.N. Dainja
7 – Jeru : Me Or The Papes
8 – D&D All Stars : 1,2 Pass It
9 – Rakim : When I Be On The Mic
10 – Bahamadia : True Honey Buns
11 – Royce Da 5′9 : Boom
12 – Big Shug : Crush
13 – Group Home : Superstar
14 – All City : The Actual
15 – Nas : Nas Is Like


Pt 1: http://netload.in/dateitbxVXSIqx1.htm

Pt. 2: http://netload.in/dateiuNxZ1kpnAi.htm

Pt 3: http://netload.in/dateiyfwEycPQCJ.htm

Pt. 4: http://netload.in/dateiUAGUMAsagG.htm

Pt 5: http://netload.in/dateivHIasSeGkh.htm

Pt. 6: http://netload.in/dateivYBaIRzzxM.htm

pt. 7: http://netload.in/dateizzglhdy7E3.htm

Pt 8: http://netload.in/dateiLgVn3Qqllj.htm