Friday, February 27, 2009

New Mobb Deep

Here is a new cut with Mobb Deep featuring CNN the track is called "Wobble Wobble"...

Next Stop The Sucka Free....

Peace ya'll I'm about to be flying out to San Francisco tomorrow morning with my man Drasar Monumental (hiphopbattlefield) for this weekend record dig in Oakland CA... Rumor has it these deejays that are selling there stash got some shit, so we have to check in....So soon as we touch down we got to meet up with family..(NS Bay Area Zulus) then smash on the dig.. Then after that go seek some Hip-Hop in the city.. So i will be out of the office for the rest of the weekend. But when i get back i will have a few pics up and a little description on how the Sucka Free(San Francisco) is feeling to me in terms of that Hip-Hop these days... Stay tuned for part 2. of this one...

Interglactic B-Boys...

You remember the AT-AT Boom box earlier in the week that i posted up?? Well here is his lil brother the R2D2 Boom Box... YEE YEE!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Check In..

Zulu Kingz Vs. Flex Flave.. Who you think took it?

Coo Pics...

It's about that time for another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that's what it is a "Coo Pic".. I thought this would charge up the Hip-Hop battery for the weekend ... A classic oldskool Zulu flyer should just be about right...


This is for all my RBG brothers and sistah's out in cyberspace.. If you are feeling it better cop it at the New Era Flagship Store.
-P. Rock

Gordon Gartrell..

Phonte and DJ Brainchild are back with yet another edition of the Gordon Gartrell Radio Show.. Like always they are throwing down that soul power...

Kelis “Get Along With You”
RZA “Domestic Violence”
Tanya Morgan “So Damn Down”
The Beastie Boys “Root Down”
The Swingle Singers “Fugue In C Minor (Todd Terje Edit)”
Jaffa “Elevator (The Herbaliser Remix)”
Bottom Fly “Wave #019″
Illa J “DFTF”
14KT “Ypsilanti”
8th1W “A Fool’s Lullaby (Could It Be)”
Carlitta Durand “You Got Me (Pt. 1)”
Reggie B & Miles Bonny “My Sunshine”
Black Harmony “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”
Mr. Scruff “Give Up To Get”
Afta-1 “Escape”
Koop “Summer Sun (Markus Enochson Remix)”
Download Here...

Practice Session...

I was zoning on the wheels of steel today, and i decided to just hit the record button on some "on the fly" type ish ..This is a clip from my session, "Party Rocking" with a Biggy Smalls Remix...
-P Rock


UK Sneaker source Offspring will celebrate 13 years in the kick game with their very own toy version of their mascot character. Dropping first in the store’s signature red, this one will be given free to customers who spend 50 or more smacks... A black colorway is expected to drop later in the year.

The Gobz Show.....

Gobz Show: TAKE ME HOME Vol. 1

This is a clip of my mans Zulu Gobz doing one of his newest projects "The Gobz Show"..This is a clip of my mans and some of his affiliates repping in the Capital Of California.. He even has a clip of Kevin Johnson (NBA PLAYER) getting jammed up by the public...(TOO JIVE) Gobz host the show, it is so off the fly you really don't know what to expect.. But i do know this, it is funny as hell... I can't wait to see more of this one...

Chi Ali....

Here is a clip of a former child emcee who goes by the name of Chi-Ali.. Once down with the Native Tongues collective, and now is incarcerated.. Chi-Ali sits down with PrisonPenn for a in debt interview on his early rap days...
Check in,

For My Gamers...

Checkout these classic Sega titles Space Harrier. Super Hang-On. Out Run. Thunderblade. These were all mid 1980 smashes in the the coin op world.. Now you can purchase these little models for your desk... These little jump off's are really small -- about 10cm long -- These are models and do not work.. But it is still real ill on a small model concept.... The whole set will run you about 50 smacks if you are intrested..

Here is a sneak peek of the new Sony PSP 2. Looks pretty ill.. Rumor has it the UMD disc drive is going to be removed.. Thus making even more battery life...


This is something different ...Starting at $320, these are designed by Blown Ups.. These are hand made and produced by some ill glass blowers... If you blow glass you betta step your game up...

Cook Up The Breaks....

Here is a clip of Mane One from the UZN San Diego Chapter doing what he loves to do, spin dem breaks.. For those who don't know Mane has been making a name for himself in the B-Boy Deejay circuit as of late rocking Mighty 4's and Table Manners break battles.. Not only does he spin the breaks he is also a really nice guy..
Sup Ahk!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark It On Your Calender....

The Brooklyn Projects X Nike Dunk Low SB is getting ready to drop.. If you are looking for them you better check in down south as in Southern Killa CA.

Stylin On You....

This is some serious pimpsh*t for your Hip-Hop room right here... These quilts where a graduation project, called “Life After Death”, of Anne Brenneke. This is as ill as it gets right here... She laced up 4 kings and crafted up some masterpieces... For those who don't know, quilts are all done by hand and if purchased can cost you some serious paper...


Upper Playground is getting ready to drop the spring league line up with New Era ..Here are a few of the cities/teams represented are: Los Angeles Diablos, Seattle Hoods, Brooklyn Brawlers, Oakland Outlaws, San Francisco Panhandlers, Chicago Racketeers, New York Pickpockets, Cleveland Slingshots, Portland Vipers, Philadelphia Players, and Boston Stranglers. Each lid has a wool crown with front and back embroidery. With matching tees to boot...

New Sh*t....

Here is the new track by Reflection Eternal.. Ya'll remember them right?? The infamous Talib Kweli and Hi -Tek are back, and are trying to break thru with this leak featuring Bootsy Collins... Rumor has it Bootsy was in the studio vibing and ask to get on the track... Check it out, Funkwhatyaheard got our fingers crossed for them...

Track" Internet Connection" Feat. Bootsy Collins

To keep you in the Talib spirt here is a clip from Rock The Bells with Talib doing his thing on stage. But before he goes on stage he has some technical difficulties then finishes up with Mos Def doing them Blackstar Joints...

Stepped The Cut Game Up....

You might have seen this one around but if not then you might just want to check in.. This is a clip of the Fretless Fader System.. Some deejay elevated the game on this Hip-Hop sh*t and designed a system that allows you to change octaves on your cuts as well as give you a extra channel to even be more creative.. This one looks real promising for skratch band routines...

To keep you in the spirit of this skratch sh*t.. Here is a 20min. Mega Mix by Spinbad paying homage to one of the illest on the cuts.. Jam Master Jay
Download Here....

Jive As F*ck...

Black Milk and M.C. Finale are jive as f*ck for this one.. This is the classic Mario game laid out to play , but instead of being Mario it's Finale M.C. .. While playing the game the beat in the background is the beat that will be featured on Finale project (produced by Black Milk)... They are seriously jive for this concept... HAHA

Kurious ....

Here is a new one by Kurious... Ya'll remember this cat he had that classic golden era track "Walk Like A Duck".. Well he is back with this new cut called "Back With V.I.C." here is the video for it check, check, it out...

Quick Download...

Here is a new mixtape "Hip-Hop 86", put out by one of the first mixtape kingz Tony Touch.. It got some joints on it for sure.. As well as a few susspect tracks, but it still is a good listen and he puts it all together and makes it flows.. If you can look over the one or two jive tracks you just might enjoy this one... But don't wait to long to snag it cause i KNOW this link will get broken soon enough....

01. RZA - Whar (feat. Kool G Rap, Ghostface)
02. Cappadonna - What’s Really Up
03. Duo Live - Shootin (feat. Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, M.O.P.)
04. Heltah Skeltah - W.M.D.
05. GZA - Short Race
06. Guilty Simpson - Piglet
07. Lil’ Fame - Thugathon (feat. Termanology)
08. Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
09. 50 Cent - Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth (feat. DJ Premier)
10. 50 Cent - Nigga Ill Hurt You
11. GZA - Pencil
12. Raekwon - Criminology 2 (feat. Ghostface)
13. Fat Joe - Winding Me (feat. Lil’ Wayne & Ron Browz)
14. Jadakiss - Death Wish (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
15. Billy Danze - Undescribable (feat. Busta Rhymes)
16. Uncle Murda - Give Me More Ammo
(feat. Red Cafe, Busta Rhymes)
17. Busta Rhymes - Conglomerate (feat. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss)
18. Jadakiss - Can’t Stop Me
19. Q Tip - Move
20. Q Tip - Renaissance Rap (Remix)
(feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Lil’ Wayne)
21. D.I.T.C. - Experience (showbiz & ag)
22. Uncle Murda - Murdera
23. Cashmere - Keep On Pushing
24. Jay Z - When The Money Goes
25. Red Cafe - Hottest In The Hood
Download Here...

Sure Shot Single....

Here is a new track that my boy Bru Lei threw out to promote his new project "Shroom Crumbs".. For those who ain't up better start checking for him... Originally from Cincinnati but now resides in Northern Cali, he is always putting in that work.. While some talk about it, Bru does it..
Thumbs up on this track,
Track Title "Gene Grae"

Sony Version Of A i-Pod...

Here is something to keep them exclusive joints wit you all day and night.. This OLED Walkman X-1000 by Sony is just like a I-POD touch, but it has a brighter OLED touchscreen display and in-built noise cancellation. Depending on whether you want 16GB or 32GB, this joint will run you $300.00- $400.00 smacks depending on the gig size...

Sharpie Rocket... WOO!

Here is something kind of jive .. This is a clip on how to make a fueled Rocket out of a Sharpie Pen.. Using nothing but supplies you find around the crib.. But becareful and remember safety first...
Check check it out,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Munk One...

Munk One decided to crack a few jokes on the celebs with these.. The “Go for the Green” tee, "If you mess with Rihanna, you mess with Jay-Z".. If you feeling them you can snatch them up at Upper Playground...

10 Deep

Here is the newest hat by 10 Deep...It features a crest embroidered on the front panels with a gucci color scheme... Be on the lookout for it...

B-Boys Make Noise....

Here are the new Nike Vintage Blazer High Pack..All three rims feature suede uppers along with yellowed soles for that old skool look... (straight ill for that footwork) They come in three different color schemes so you can match it up correct...

For The Wu Heads....

This goes out to all you C.R.E.A.M. kids.... Alife is about to drop these R.I.P. ODB jacket which was for friends and family only...But now due to some fine tuning you can grab one of these jump off's for $450.00.

New Sh*t.....

The new Kool Keith aka Tashan Dorrsett got in my hands over the weekend and i was digging it.. If you are up on Keith then you know what to expect.. But with this personality he got a little different subject matter.. He has a few good ones that stand out and the production is coo... I'm not saying it's slamming i'm saying it works, and he does good over them.. I recommend you search this one out and give it a spin.. Anyway here is a track i was feeling off the project....

Track: Above Sea Level

Quick Download.....

My mans Riff Raff out of Sacramental CA. sent me a off the head mix called "Journey To Humboldt" and that is what it is, a journey... He is keeping it real funky playing some illy Hip-Hop tracks that i really wasn't up on.... Then he ties in a few others that you SHOULD be up on.. For the most part it's a nice ride with a good selection of music.
"Thumbs Up",

Mr. greenweeds-nocturnalasshoesonathursday
Five deez-scared hunting
The grouch-the march
Fsko-can you dig it?
Dj jazzy jeff-world wide feat. baby black, and pauly yamz
Polyrhym addicts-the purist
Vast aire-poverty lane 16128 (karaoke)
Black moon-enta da stage
Gershwin BLX-keep on marchin'
Download Here...

Sucka Free Stand Up.....

My mans Toons is doing a invite only art show in colabo with Scion.. This event is going to be live and direct in San Francisco Feb 26, 2009.. Featuring some ill ass masterpieces by Grand Master Toons w/ his special guest Deejay, Sha One who specializes in that B-Boy Hip-Hop... If you are in Northern Cali you might want to check in....

Monday, February 23, 2009

For The Bearbrick heads....

The Original Fake x Medicom Toy “Dissected” Bearbrick is scheduled to release this upcoming weekend at the Original Fake store in Japan and at INVINCIBLE in Taiwan. Limited numbers better act fast... WOO!

Pimp Sh*t...

Here is something for you Star Wars fans with a twist of that B-Boy.. The At-At Boom Box... You betta ask somebody.... YEE!
AT-AT Boom Box


Check out th jive MP3 Player in a shape of a classic tape.. The MP3 player features a USB connector, headphone jack, and a tiny screen showing elapsed song time. Then to give it a boot you got to twist the tape spools to charge it and select tracks..

Or you can grab one of these at perpetualkid and rock it another way..


(Quick Download)

Today is my official 500 post on Funkwhatyaheard... So to celebrate i decided to make "The 500 Post Mixtape" for the occasion.. The mix features joints posted on the site as well as some exclusive jewels coming from the stash box...
Check the tracklist duke,

Ring The Alarm.. (Intro)
O.C. & A.G. – Put It In A Box
Shawn Jackson Feat. Guilty Simpson – Strategies
MF Doom – Trap Door
Selfish M.C. - Fourtune Cookies
Willie Evans Jr. – Excess
MF Doom – Can’t Reform
Kongcrete – Shackles Off
Raekwon Feat. Ghostface – Criminology Pt. 2.
Nucci Reyo – Like We Do
D. Julien – Toast It Up
Cam’Ron – Let The Beat Build (Freestyle)
AZ Feat. Nas – The Essence (Grammy Remix)
36 Zero & Darkim Be Allah – Crack Money
Ill Biscuits – God Bless Ya Life – (Drasar Monumental Remix)
M1 Platoon – Walk Thru The Fire

Download Here....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Obey Doing They Part...

Here is a collab poster with OBEY and B+ which will benefit Dilla’s Ma Dukes and her mounting medical costs. The OBEY x DILLA print is 18″ x 24″, and is limited to 400 pieces that are going for $55 smacks..These jumpoff's will and will be available through the Obey website.

Bloody Lazy's...

My mans Lazy got some new customs that he is about to drop.. These are the Nike Dunk "Bloody Lazy's". For those who don't know Lazy puts his customs all together by hand with the best detail known to man kind.. Usually he does only 1 pair per design so to see 6 pairs being released of a shoe is a shock.. So if you feeling these joints you better act fast!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sure Shot Singles...

Here is a new remix track from Lord Jamar called "Engage The Enemy". This track features Boston M.C.'s Al-J and Yusuf of Blak Madeen. This track will be featured on Black Madeen album called "Sacred Defense".. Betta ask somebody..

This is the new Mic Geronimo single featuring Royal Flush it's called "Everybody Raps" this joint will be featured on the Mass Movement Album featuring Edo G., Last Emperor, El Da Sensei, Fat Lip, Hiero, and a gang of others.. Be on the lookout for it it drops February 24th...

Here is a new single from N.O.R.E. called "Get It In" featuring Tru Life.. This track was produced by Scram Jones...

Kool Kieth aka Dr. Doom aka Black Elvis has a new alter ego who goes by the name Tashan Dorrsett.. This track will be featured on Tashan's new album which will be dropping February 24th.. The track is called "La Chacha".

Tek from Smiff and Wessun is getting ready to drop a mixtape.. So to promote the mixtape he dropped this track called "Break The Bricks Down", even though Cam'Ron already did his thing on this track, it still a nice listen to hear something from Tek...

Here is a new track from Havoc featuring Prodigy called "On A Mission" which will be featured on Havoc new project Hidden Files, which is out right now, FREE P!

L.A. Writters..

Interview with Retna

Interview with Revok

Interview with Saber

Here are three clips featuring MSK /7th Letter writers Retna/Revok/Saber.. In these clips each one of them is breaking down their history in graff as well as LA graffiti and the history of MSK. If you like westcoast graffiti this is something that you might want to peep...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Download....

Here is a project put out by a hungry deejay who goes by the name of Dame Hustle.. Dame is all about that good music so him being a deejay he decided to do the right thing... So Dame contacted a producer he was feeling (King I Devine)pitched a idea to him and the producer went for it.. Then Dame contacted some M.C's that could deliver and he tied it all together on the strength of Hip-Hop and the project "Hip-Hop Experiment" was born... I recommend you peep this one it got some real nice production and some nice M.C.'s to keep it all together..
Now peep the track list duke,
  1. Intro
  2. JD Era-25th Hour
  3. D.Julien-Toast it up
  4. Radio Skit
  5. J.Bully-Ya’ll Hearing This
  6. Passion Skit
  7. Skyzoo-Never Sleep Rmx
  8. E.Ness-The Orient
  9. Pay$oz-So Odd
  10. Nucci Reyo-Like We Do
  11. D.Julien-The Haunting
  12. Sha Stimuli-Light Work
  13. Emilio Rojas-Young fresh & Fly Rmx
  14. Rasheed Hadee-End Of The Day
  15. Outro

  16. Download Here....

Coo Pics....

Denz Steel Horse Oakland CA.

Production with Krash and Amend

Denz "Quick Sketch"

It's another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that is what it is a "Coo Pic".. My mans Denz from Chicago sent me a few pics and i just had to post them up.. I know i been posting my mans up a lot lately on the "Coo Pics" but look at this cat he is smashing sh*t.. Coming off the head, doing quickies or just straight out co. smashing Denz is all around a threat when it comes to this graff.. Look close my man is even throwing up them pitch forks for you Chicago heads...

2 to Rock....

These are the SBTG Saw Tooth Seriers Air Max 90's these feature an Acid Pop twist to the “Death From Above” design with metallic accents and animal prints. Oh yeah these are limited edition so act now...

Adidas released a watermelon inspired Forum Mid model sneaker that is part of their Consortium Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. The Forum Mid features watermelon pattern throughout the shoe and a watermelon slice on the tongue. With the right fit these could kill on the streets..

Big Up Krinks...

If you bomb then you are up on Krink Inks.. For those who don't write then Krink aint for you.. But so you know Krink Inks are official when it comes to rockin and rollin on that turf.. With all the success they been having they decided to make a move and now will be selling these ill markers in Singapore...
Big Up Krinks!