Friday, May 29, 2009

Out The Office....

Sup party people? I'm going to be out the office for a few days and rolling up to Oakland /San Francisco to handle some town biznass.. I should be returning around thursday June 4th .. When I return I'll have some footage of my trip and a new mixtape full of all new exclusive Hip-Hop music for you to bump...
thanks to all the peoples that check in on a regular,

Seattle Stand Up..

Here is a clip of Seattle's own DJ Supreme La Rock co-maxin at his crib playing a few of his 45's that he has in his stash box.... Peep the stacks in the background, dood is really holding.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

Here is a little something that might rev-up your motor-sickle real quick... Going down May 29th @ The Power House Arena, live in direct in Brooklyn, NY.. If your out in that neck of the woods this is your sure shot.. Oh yeah and when you slide in, make sure you check in, and grab Disco Wiz new book "It's Just Begun"...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angry Sh*t.. (quick download)

Haven't done this section in a while, i guess cause i haven't ran across any angry shit lately... There has been some really good releases as of late, but nothing to really wake me up and get real hype.. So when i ran across this one I had to check in.... This is the latest M.O.P. mixtape release hosted by Foxx.. It features some new tracks, tracks i haven't heard, and some others that just made me turn it up... Of course when you check for a M.O.P. joint, YOU should expect tons of screaming, yelling, and that angry shit.... So do yourself a favor, and buckle you seatbelt!

Tee.. Bee.. Kay...

Ran across my peoples Pier a few weeks back from the TBK crew.. After catching up with my man and seeing how the fams was we got to talking and he let me in on where the TBK click stashes there flicks of all there work from past to present.. So i figure i would share the link with you....Not everything is up, but there is a enough for you to check in on from steel horses, freeway shots, and productions so what you waiting for?????

Peep TBK here......

Reprezent .. Reprezent..

California Independent clothing line Reprezent just dropped a trailer for there clothing line.. It features some b-boys, b-girls, m.c.'s and everyone else that is on there roster... Check it out and get in the know...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coo Pics.......

It's another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that's what it is, a "Coo Pic".... This weeks "Coo Pic" was done by no other then the Hawaiian Graffiti writer/Rocksteady Crew member who goes by the name East.. Recently EAST thru some new flicks and old flicks of his burner's on his internets page.. So out of respect i had to give him his shines... Check out EAST's "95" character of a Rocksteady UZN B-Boy gettin loose... I remember looking at this one back when it was published in a black and white Hawaiian Graffiti mag called Hawaiian Knights, and to see it now still makes me bug out, let alone to see this character in full color straight classic ... Anyway if you digging this shot, then i suggest you peep him out, and see what else he got popping in cyberspace... 
-P. Rock
Peep East Here....

Mark It On Your Calender....

If you are a Dunny head, or a Dunny Hustler, then you just might want to read on.... Graffiti writter Huck Gee out of the Sucka Free (San Francisco)  is about to release one of the most rarest Dunny's from series 1 back on the set, with the 20-incher. The release of this joint will be June 18th and will come hand signed by Huck Gee... Only 200 will be made and they are running for $400 each... That's a lot of queso-queso for a toy if you ask me.....


Check out the New K-71 colors from Krink. Some of the new colors are Blue, green, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, dye-based inks.. If you dig them i suggest you grab them before they are gone...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Check It Out....

Dope Factory decided to step it up and drop these Nike SB rare dunk keychains.  Peep the detail steez on these joints... They got nine different sneakers to choose from, including the “Bearbrick” Dunk, Danny Supa Dunk, “Hawaii” Dunk, “Tiffany” Dunk, “Heineken” Dunk, Stussy Dunk, “Supreme” Dunk (elephant print), Zoo York Dunk, and the ultra-rare “Paris”Dunk.. If you digging them i suggest you go online to dope factory  and score yours for about $15 bucks U.S. money's...

For My Star Wars Peoples...

Scheduled for a July 4th release, these Fetts will also be made available a whole two weeks earlier at the annual Medicom Toy Exhibition @ Parco Factory, Japan (from June 20-29th / blogged) - with a SRP of 9,450 YEN (US$100 / SGD$144) for the set. Limit has been set at 1,000 - so do check with your fav retailers for (eventual) availability.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

footwork television...

B-Boy Foots out of California dropped his new trailer for Footwork Television.. Foots sits back drops a little personal inspiration on some of the music videos that inspired him to get loose on this hip-hop shit.. He also shows a little footage of some underground heat. Check the clip out and get in the know..

Friday, May 22, 2009

King 157

Westcoast graff legend KING 157 just dropped some new limited edition tees ranging from all types of flavas on his myspace page.. If you are feeling these westcoast editions i suggest you swoop cause these tees will sellout..

Sacramento CA.. Stepping It Up

From an online store to a physical shop, Dragatomi opened up shop in my hometown Sacramento CA..This is a really big move for Sacramento cause there is no toy store in the city let alone with the growth of the city this could really do good... If you are in Sacto i suggest you check in, and tell them Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

2317 J. Street (Btwn. 23rd and 24th St.) 
Sacramento, CA 95816

New Sh*t..

My peoples Lazy got another exclusive release dropping on his site.. These are are called "Carving Owns Death".. If you are feeling them i suggest you jump on them pronto.. The release date is May 24th ,  with 6 pairs being made only on a pre order basis.. Lazy is the man when it comes to custom sneakers the detail and color skemes he uses will flip your wig... If you dont believe me PEEP HIS SITE HERE and tell him Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Download....

DEEJAY RIFF RAFF dropped a new mix called "Mix Style Work".. Every time i hear this cat he always takes me thru a nice ride of good selections.. Most of the time i don't have a clue what he plays, let alone what he is going to play next.. But i know he keeps me locked in and always keeps me guessing and wondering, what is he going to flip next to transition his mixes.. And this mix is no different, he plays all types of flaves from jazz, to japanese rap, techno, and then some...Give him a listen and by mid mix your going to be glad you turned it up....

Download Direct Here!!!!

Sure Shot Single...

My mans and dem' John Robinson aka Lil Sci, got a new track floating around in cyberspace.. The name of the track is called "The Big Picture".. Give it a listen and if you dig it, you know what you got to do... 
Big Up Sin BK stand up!

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix...

If your going to be in San Francisco this weekend then this is were you need to be.. Triple Threat hosts there monthly Flava Of The Month and this months flava is the Native Tongue and Soulquarian families...  So if you dig the sounds of Dilla, De la Soul, Bilal, D Angelo, Slum V, ATCQ, The Roots, Badu, Common then you know where you need to be.... 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sure Shot Single... (Hot Beats)

Got this in my inbox from 14KT's peoples so i had to go in on it... Digging what i heard, i had to give KT his shines.. So with that being said, here is a new 14KT colab track he did with Tony Ozier for Tony's new project called Mental Candy.. The name of the song is called Futurstic Soul, give it a listen and if you dig it then you know what to do....

Ladies Stand Up....

Here is trailer for a new documentry called "ALL THE LADIES SAY" This joint checks in with six b girls who been holding it down for a minute now in this hip hop game.. The video talks about how hard it was to get the respect in the game, let alone some of the struggles they had to take on in such a male dominated b boy world...
:more info:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For My Gamers....

Tony Hawk is feeling the pressure from the EA Sports skateboarding game called Skate.. So to zap the creators of Skate up Tony decided to skip a year, get his mind right, and then go back in with a whole new concept.. This is the new control for the new Hawk game called Ride.. The control will be a wireless jumpoff with sensors through the board to give you that real feel every skater dood craves.... You can't flip it, but rumor has it that the control really feels good and if you know how to skate you will really appreciate this new control and gameplay.. No price released just yet but you know everyone is going to check for this one....

New Sh*t.. (quick download)

Here is that new Prodigy shit for you to peep.. Not only is it new it's a double disc... So do the right thing and check in!
Free P,
-P Rock

01. Prodigy - Intro
02. Mobb Deep - Bidadidat
03. Prodigy - People Talkin (Jay-Z Diss)
04. Prodigy - Hood Rich
05. Prodigy - So Ill
06. Prodigy - Dissin 1 (Interlude)
07. Mobb Deep - Know The Game (Frankie Cutlass Remix) Ft. M.O.P
08. Mobb Deep - Okay Dunn (Produced By Clinton Sparks)
09. Prodigy - Mobb Run The Rap Game
10. Prodigy - Power Rap Freestyle
11. Prodigy - Heads Off Ft. E-Money Bags
12. Mobb Deep - The Code Part II Ft. Tragedy Khadafi
13. Prodigy - Sold My Soul Ft. Twin Gambino
14. Prodigy - Three Stacks Ft. Twin Gambino
15. Prodigy - Interlude
16. Mobb Deep - Project Niggas Ft. Young Buck
17. Prodigy - Walk With A Shotgun Ft. Illa Ghee
18. Prodigy - Interlude

Disc 2/2:

01. Mobb Deep - The Gold
02. Prodigy - Straight Murda Ft. 50 Cent
03. Prodigy - Sleep When I’m Dead
04. Mobb Deep - Somebody Be Dead
05. Prodigy - Murda Murda Ft. Tony Yayo
06. Prodigy - Got Got
07. Prodigy - Interview (Interlude)
08. Prodigy - That Go Ft. Keak Da Sneak
09. Prodigy - I Betcha Ft. Kokane
10. Mobb Deep - We Don’t Love Them
11. Prodigy - Interlude
12. Prodigy - Dissin 2 (Interlude)
13. Mobb Deep - It’s Ya Birthday Ft. Twin Gambino
14. Prodigy - Serial Killer Ft. 50 Cent And 40 Glocc
15. Mobb Deep - U All Right
16. Mobb Deep - Freeway
Download Here...

Straight Sauce...

Peep this ill ass Ravage Transformer USB drive.. This ill USB is going for $40 bucks and really works.. Not only can you plug it into your computer you can actually transform it...
Straight buttas,

For My Hat Fienz....

Here is something to give some extra spice to that New Era cap.. Peep this NEW ERA cap bite that slides on your fitted.. So now you can add some originality to some of your favorite caps.. You can grab these little add ons at STLESS...

For The hip-Hop Collector...

Puma is getting ready to send every writer and Hip-Hop collector bum rushing the shelves looking for these Limited Edition 'Bode' Da Lizard" rims... Not only are they dropping some sneakers for the Bode' family they even got that ill gear, that sweater is straight nutso! if you are on the hunt i suggest you peep your local puma store and if your lucky they just might have it on deck...
(props to c.t.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming To A Spot Near You....

Deejay Robswift is getting it in this summer.. Peep your mans out at the following locations and tell him Funkwhatyaheard sent ya!

May 5: NYC
Scratch DJ Academy 434 6th Avenue NYC

May 8: Beaver Dam WI
Club 208 208 Front Street Beaver Dam WI

May 9: Milwaukee WI
The Rave 2401 W. Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee WI

May 28: The Gong DJ Battle NYC
Presented by Roc Raida. SOBs 204 Varick St. NYC

June 4: Basel, Switzerland @ Kaseme

June 5: Zurich, Switzerland @ Der Club Im Haus

June 6: Marseille, France @ Cabaret Aleatoire

June 13: NYC - DMC East Coast & US Supremacy
DJ Battles: Santos 96 Lafayette St.

July 4: San Francisco, CA @ Poleng Lounge

August 7: NYC @ Whiskey Ward

August 8: Babylon Village NY @ Masonic Lounge

August: Japan/Asia - "As the Technics Spin" Tour

The 5th Element.... The Knowledge!

Checkout this nice clip of some oldskool footage of the art of rapping and the origins of rap.. If you are a M.C. i suggest you check in.. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop culture then you NEED to peep...

Peep it.....

Did you see the David Park stop motion video outlining the history of sneaker culture? Dave did the project for school and he really went in on it.. He covers the necessary bases including Hip-Hop to basketball, with some nice visuals, smooth beats, and a all out nice concept for the sneaker heads..

WHO HAAA!!! (quick download)

Here is the new Blaq Poet album sampler for you to check in on.. All production besides 2 tracks on the album are all Premiere from Year Around Records.. So you know its going to be grimmy.. After checking in, it looks like Blaq Poet and Premiere are getting it in no question, the sampler does have a few good ones on it.. With so much hype on this project everyone is waiting to see the final outcome.. If you are one of them cats that just can't wait for June 30th, then this album sampler is for you.. Give it a quick check in and then say it loud, "Who Haa"!
Download Here...

Quick Download....

This one goes out to all my golden era Hip-Hop Heads..  Here is a a nice complete line up of all them Buckwild D.I.T.C. joints for your jeep.. No need to hype this one up just check that tracklist and grab dem bumps... 
Ya heard meh?

Disc 1
1. Channel Live - Mad Izm Remix (Original Remix)
2. Nas - Life's a Bitch Remix 1
3. Artifacts - C'Mon Wit the Get Down Remix (feat. Busta Rhymes)
4. Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game (Remix)
5. Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond Remix
6. Beastie Boys - Get It Together Remix (feat. Q-Tip)
7. Jemini the Gifted One - Scars and Pain
8. AK Skills - Nights of Fear
9. Big L - MVP Remix 1 (Unreleased)
10. Funkdoobiest - Rock On Remix
11. Ill Biskits - A Better Day (Unreleased)
12. Grand Puba - I Like It Remix (feat. Sadat X)
13. Reservoir Dogs - Back to Berth
14. Kool Keith - Yo Black
15. F.A.T.A.L. Fountain - All About Warz
16. O.C. - Burn Me Slow
17. Little Indian - One Little Indian (Remix) (feat. the Foreigner)
18. Chubb Rock - What a Year
19. Mike Zoot - Live & Stink)

Disc 2
1. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On Remix
2. Showbiz & A.G. - You Know Now Remix
3. Bushwackass - Caught Up In The Game
4. Guru - Respect the Architect (Remix) (feat. Bahamadia)
5. Tha Alkaholiks - Damn Remix
6. Street Smartz - Problemz
7. Brand Nubian - Rockin It
8. Big L - MVP Remix 2 (Unreleased)
9. Black Sheep - North South East West (Remix) (Unreleased)
10. Jemini the Gifted One - Story of My Life
11. Diamond D - You Can't Front (feat. Lord Finesse & Sadat X)
12. Nas - Life's a Bitch Remix 2
13. Sadat X - The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)
14. Special Ed - Lyrics (Remix)
15. Channel Live - Mad Izm (95 Remix)
16. Lace Da Booms - Cut That Weak Shit Remix
17. O.C. - Love Child (Unreleased)
18. Rakim - Guess Who's Back Remix
19. Reservoir Dogs - The Difference
20. Mystidious Misfitss - I Be (Remix)
download Here...


Did you catch the new build it yourself DIY Speakers? These little jump off's go for $18 smacks and give you the hookups to plug in all your favorite audio devices.. Not only are they portable they are made of cardboard! The cardboard speakers contain six colored pencils that allow you to flip the boxes to your own unique style... 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick Download....

Here is a live set of the Triple Threat Deejays (Vinroc, Apollo, Shortkut) "getting it in" at there monthly jam called the Flava Of The Month.. This mix was recorded live on September of 2003, and released to promote the monthly... The month's theme was all disco, straight funk, and R&B Oldskool.. If you love that R&B oldskool flava with a dash of that toe jam funk then this is your sho' shot...
(props to Psol)

download Here...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Sh*t (quick download)

By now if you haven't heard about the new J Dilla album Jay Stay Paid either you are under a rock, or you must not be up on your hip-hop studies... The project drops in June and will feature Pete Rock hosting the entire project with executive producer Ma Dukes (Dilla Mother) pushing the project out.. Here is a really nice exclusive sampler put out by the Beat Junkies to gear all us Dilla fans up for it's release... It features some real ill production (of course) and some nice m.c.'s to tie it all up... Do yourself a favor and raise it up for our mans Dilla Dog..
Rest In Power,
01. KJay FM Dedication
02. King
03. I Told Yall
04. Lazer Gunne Funke
05. In The Night (Owl N Out) � While you slept (I crept)
06. Smoke feat. Blu
07. Blood Sport feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P.
08. caDILLAc
09. Expensive Whip
10. Kaklow (Jump On It)
11. Digi Dirt feat. Phat Kat
12. Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid feat. Danny Brown & Constantine
13. Milk Money
14. Spacecowboy Vs. Bobble Head
15. Reality Check feat. Black Thought
16. On Stilts
17. Fire Wood Drumstix feat. DOOM
18. Glamour Sho75 (09)
19. 10,000 Watts
20. 9th Caller
21. Make It Fast Mega Mix (Unadulterated Mix) feat. Diz Gibran
22. 24K Rap feat. Havoc of Mobb Deep & Raekwon
23. Big City
24. Pay Day feat. Frank Nitty of Frank n� Dank
25. See That Boy Fly feat. Illa J & Cue D
26. Coming Back
27. Mythsysizer
28. KJay and We Out
Download Here....

Stop Sleepin......

Have you checked in on the Kings of the City Graffiti Film Festival that is taking place all this month at the Maysles Institute in Harlem?? If you been sleeping on it here is a quick clip of some highlights that went down.. You just might want to check in...
-P Rock

Its Baaaack.....

Roc Raida is back with his classic Gong DJ Battle.. This is one of the jivest comps out their in the world of deejay battles.. If you don't make the cut you get the "GONGSKI", so sucka butt deejays beware...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pac Man Fever.....

Have you seen the new Nike Dunk Quickstrike from Nike SB?? The shoe takes its inspiration from the Ms. Pacman character from the popular 1980’s arcade game. The rims feature a nice color skeme to put any street sweeper on pause.. With the proper threads these could be really dangerous...

Wheedles Groove...

Here a quick look at a film called Wheedle’s Groove.. This flick is featuring Mr. Supreme La Rock out of Seattle giving some science on a group that he used to bump when he was coming up as a deejay in Seattle.. Supreme hooks up with with some cats and get this ill Seattle group to step back out on the stage and show Seattle does have that soul power... Check the trailer and get in the know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back On The Set.... (quick download)

Sup party peoples I'm back from my weekend trip. (Brothers had to go back home to pay homage to ma dukes for Mothers Day.) Now that I'm back I can get you your Hip-Hop fix and news that you all crave, and i got a gang of new stuff to post this week so be on the lookout for it... To start the week off with a bang I'm giving you a exclusive world premier mixtape that i did for Wildstyle Technicians that hasn't even hit the shelves yet.. If you are a fan of this southern Cali clothing line you should be receiving this mixtape when you purchase any Wildstyle gear.. This mixtape will not be for sale but you can catch it here for a limited time for free.. ( so i suggest you download it pronto) The mixtape was put together by yours truly ( Planet Rock) and is chalked up with all new exclusive music, drops, and doubles.. Before i post up the link i would like to say thanks to the entire Wildstyle family for their support.. Much love to Izzy, Daze, Zone and Pesa keep banging that fresh original westcoast flavor... Now check in on the mix and if you dig it then you already know what to do... Also be on the lookout for my next colab mixtape project called Ruff Neck Radio Remixes.. Its going to feature all EXCLUSIVE production and remixes...
Don't sleep,

Download Direct Here!

For My Pacific Islander Peoples...

WIP CAPS CORP or “WIP” just dropped their newest hat dedicated Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. It represents a sporting icon with a nationalistic twist. The hat is flipped in two color ways featuring WIP logo, and the Philippines national flag. Both are available at

For The Beat Nerds....

Here is something for the beat nerds or the Hip-Hop collector.. Peep these MPC 2000XL and SP1200 USB flash drives.The 4GB flash drives feature Toshiba memory with casing constructed from PVC rubber.. At the moment both drives are pre-order only with a scheduled ship date of June 12, 2009. See the website for complete details.

For The Collector....

Michael Lau’s Snake Square S007 (6"), his tribute to Metal Gear Solid, debuted a few months ago at his CSBOOTH16 event. While the figure concept comes from the vaunted video game franchise, Michael puts his stamo on it with his styled out take on Snake's crocodile head and tail disguise. As we get closer to the celebration of the historic Gardener 10th Anniversary in LA, MINDstyle has just announced their exclusive monotone edition of Snake Square S007 which will be released sometime this month with a retail price of $125.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The 5th Element .. The Knowledge!

Here is some exclusive footage the Amen Ra Of Hip-Hop Culture Afrika Bambaataa dropping some science at the 2008 Meeting Of The Minds (What Was You Called Before 1492) The clip is short, but if you listen closely you hear Brotha Bam dropping dem jewels.... (props to Ahk El One for the footage)

New Sh*t.. (Quick Download)

Red and Meth got a new 12 piece mixtape out to hold the party people off till there 2nd album Blackout 2 drops, which releases on May 19th, 2009.. This time Method Man & Redman checked in with the Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern for this mixtape. So you know at least the mixtape will have some certification on it in terms of deejays who have put in that work to host a mixtape for them... So you can expect some cuts, bruises, and shouts on it no question... After running threw the project a couple did catch my attention but i really haven't gone in on it like i wanted to before i posted it up.. It was hard enough to find a active link for it.. Most download links for this mixtape are already broken.. So I suggest if you are reading this you just might want to download this project PRONTO.. No telling how long the link will last..

01. Lights Out Intro
02. Dangerous MC’s
03. Big Dogs
04. A Yo (feat. Saukrates)
05. Well All Rite Cha
06. How High
07. City Lights (feat. UGK)
08. Interlude (”We Back For The Smokers”)
09. The Rockwilder
10. Tear It Off
11. 4 Minutes to Lock Down (feat. Raekwon & Ghostface)
12. Lights Out Outro (”May 19th Is The Date For B.O. 2, Bitch!”)
Download Here....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

Your peoples Dj Eclipse did a sub for DJ Premier's radio show Live @ Headquarters on Hip-Hop Nation last week... Keeping up with the Premier tradition Eclipse is dropping nothing but that new music, rocking doubles, cracking jokes, and taking live phone calls on the air.. If you want to get in the know to what is new in terms of new Hip-Hop music this radio show is your fix..
Now check the tracklist duke,

DJ JS-1 feat. Large Professor “Like This” prod. and cuts by JS-1
Big Tone “Squo” prod. by Big Tone
Pacewon “Turn It Up” prod. by Dragon Balti
Fashawn feat. Evidence “Our Way” prod. by Exile
Bishop Lamont “Friends” prod. by Hi-Tek
Finale “What You Mean To Me” prod. by M-Phazes
Jon Hope feat. Khalil “Starbucks” prod. by SFMG
DJ Honda & Problemz “P Rated R” prod. by Honda
Phil The Agony feat. Talib Kweli “Think Green” prod. by Phonix
Blaq Poet feat. N.O.R.E. “Hate” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
Torae & Marco Polo “Party Crashers” prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by Linx
Finale “Heat” prod. by J Dilla, cuts by DJ Sicari
Skyzoo “Alphabet Soup” prod. by J Dilla
Relik “It Ain’t Safe” prod. by Undefined, cuts by DJ Kwestion
Raekwon feat. The Game “Flashback Memories” prod. by BT
Q-Unique “Connivers” prod. by Q-Unique
Evidence & Alchemist (Step Brothers) “It’s Coming Down” prod. by Exile
Defari “Show Some Luv” prod. by Khalil
Verbal Kent & Kaz One “Big Bang” prod. by Kaz One
Big Tone feat. Blu “A Song Called Triumph” prod. by Big Tone
The Three Amigos feat. Sadat X “You Don’t Own Me” prod. by Naive
Theo3 “Make It Big” prod. by DJ Alibi
Theo3 “Make It Big” (remix) prod. by Muneshine
Statik Selektah feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli “The Thrill Is Gone” prod. & cuts by Statik
DJ Muggs feat. La Coka Nostra “Do It” prod. by Muggs
Download Pt 1.
Download Pt. 2

New Sh*t.. (quick download)

Here is the newest mixtape from The Chef aka Raekwon with DJ Absolut on the mix.. The mix tape is the intro to Raekwon's new Cuban Linx 2 album (which will be out in a few weeks).. This mixtape is chalked up with lots of new music, interludes, funny punchlines and some nice colabs on the tracks.. What else can you expect from the Chef.. So you already know what to do.... CHECK IN.
Peep the tracklist duke,

01. Raekwon - Intro [00:14]
02. Raekwon - Blood on Chef's Apron Freestyle [01:32]
03. Raekwon - Cake Baking [01:36]
04. Raekwon - Interlude Part One [01:43]
05. Raekwon - Dedication Freestyle (Produced by B.T.) [01:46]
06. Raekwon - Beauty (Feat. Noreaga & Joel Ortiz) [05:14]
07. Raekwon - the General [00:59]
08. Raekwon - Interlude Part Two [02:05]
09. Raekwon - Cocaine Blunts (Produced by B.T.) [02:17]
10. Raekwon - Whips & Kicks (Feat. AZ) (Prod. B.T.) [02:21]
11. Raekwon - Stick Up Music (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda) [02:52]
12. Raekwon - Interlude Part Three [01:59]
13. Raekwon - Fortune and Fame [02:11]
14. Raekwon - A Bigger Gun (Feat. Twista) [03:59]
15. Raekwon - Bird Chirp [02:48]
16. Raekwon & Jadakiss - Gutterman Music 2:21]
17. Raekwon - Interlude Part Four [00:45]
18. Raekwon - What Do I Do? (Prod. B.T.) [02:59]
19. Raekwon - Letter to BIG [01:58]
20. Raekwon - Trenchmen (Prod. B.T.) [02:07]
21. Raekwon - Interlude Part Five [01:29]
22. Raekwon - on the Fly Note [00:59]
23. Raekwon - Interlude Part Six [03:22]
24. Raekwon - Flashback Memories (Feat. the Game) (Prod. B.T.) [04:49]
25. Raekwon - R.I.P. (Feat. B-Real) (Prod. B.T.) [bonus Track] [03:02]
Download Here...


Your mans and dem K-Def is about to drop his second volume of never-heard-before beats.. With production made between '92 and '96 this just might give you the ear drum medicine you are looking for.. With a release date of July 14th and he is dropping it on vinyl as well! Here's a album sampler to hold you over till the project drops....
One love,

Your Weekend Hip-Hop Fix....

Bay Area Graffiti King Estria is taking his battle over to the Eastcoast for a one day jumpoff ... Going down at the Riverbank State Parkon 145th & Riverside along Hudson River Saturday May 9, 2009 Time: TBD This is going to be a FREE event, open to all!!! 16 of the nation's most talented artists will compete for the crown in a live, one-day painting competition. Winner will be flown to Oakland in October to compete in the Finals, plus receive $500 cash. Featuring live performances, Black Book Battles, and a B-Boy Battles.. This is one event you will not want to miss...

Now Peep the clip for last years event that went down live in direct in Oakland CA...

Big Nike Lo...

Nike will be releasing the Big Nike Lo again this season...The sneaker comes representin some some Japanese flavors both on the heel and on the tongue logo tag. The uppers are made of leather, mesh and nylon. The heel of the black/white colorway.. Some soild summer sneaks if you ask me...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Sh*t... (Quick Download)

This one goes out to all my peoples on the Eastcoast.. The new Killa Cam "Crime Pays" dropped today and Funkwhatyaheard scored it.. So here is a quick download for all you Harlem boys out there in cyberspace.. I haven't had a chance to really go in on it to give you a review.. But today i know i will check in for sure on the project...
Happy Cinco De Mayo,
-P Rock!
Download Killa Cam...

New Sh*t....

New Era brings the fury with a variety of animal print 59Fifty caps with faux fur. Cheetah, Giraffe, Leopard, Tiger and Zeebra prints are available in a variety of colors. For Yankee fans out there, there are Yankee logoed fitteds available in these prints as well. Available now at Amazing Store

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mi Dancehall.. (Quick Download..)

My manz at Hip-Hop Battlefield went in over the weekend and dropped a live Mi Dancehall Ragga Muffin Mix for all you Hip-Hop Shottas out there in cyberspace.. If you are up on my manz Drasar Monumental's Wax Weapons Edition then i need not explain.. But for those who aren't my mans drops a LIVE 30 minute mix every week or so from his personal stash of records to keep your head snapping and deliver nothing but that ear drum medicine.. Don't sleep on this Ragga mix it's nothing but that rude boy sh*t... Chalked up with remixes, doubles, and some "Battlefield" cuts on it it.. YEE!
Don't Sleep,

You Rock 23's On Your Jeep.. I Rock 23's On My Feet!!

Over the weekend the Jordan “Toro Bravo” Pack, was released.. So you know every shoe store in the U.S. was slammed up for these jump off's.. The Air Jordan 5 pack is inspired by the Toro Bravo, a special bull bred for the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The black Air Jordan 5 represents both the Toro Bravo, known for its aggressiveness, strength, vigor and intelligence, and Michael Jordan’s basketball career, which exemplified these qualities and more. The red Air Jordan 5 represents the passion, inspired by MJ’s drive for the game and taking its color from the red bandannas runners in Pamplona wear. The two-pair pack comes in a customized package, inspired by the wooden gates that separate the bull from his escape. The Air Jordan 5 pack is out now! Did you score yours????

New Shit... (quick download)

I received this in my in box late last night from my man Markasss.. I wasn't going to post it up because i really don't put up whole albums for download. But i figure i would cause i haven't really been posting music as much so i figure this album would be appreciated.. The album is called "Are You In" and was put out by Nike.. Watch the video and hear from De La on there colab project with Nike..

Nike Sport Music - De La Soul from nikedelasoul on Vimeo.

It is one track long but here is the play list to get you in the know...

01. Mornin’ Rise ft. Raheem DeVaughn
02. Good Morning
03. Big Mouf
04. Attack of the Stet
05. Pick Up the Pace (Run)
06. Poetic Greed ft. Gina Loring
07. Greedy Man ft. Billy Ray
08. Victory Laps
09. We O.D.
10. Forever
Download Here...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Coo Pics..

It's another edition of "Coo Pics" cause that is what it is, a "Coo Pic".. This weeks Coo Pic is of the hommie ELI from TMC repping that Bay Area flavor.. Checkout my man holding it down super heavy at last years Mighty 4 in San Francisco on the Jean/Leather jacket tip...

Break Desciples

Break Disciples 2009 from RoxRite on Vimeo.

Here is a clip of the hommie Rox Rite new trailer for his new crew Break Disciples..If you haven't seen it then you just might want to peep..
Happy Friday!