Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Electric Kingdom.....


Sup Cyberspace?

Your boy 'P" took some pics for you on how we get down on this side...  Big up's to the Wahset brothers for checking us in and a big shout out to the GFC for holding us down...

It's funny sometimes how this Hip-Hop shit works, something so simple as building and keeping tradition alive, sure does take you places as far as check in's are concerned.... Shit got so real cats got a personal invite to watch brothers throw down at some secret society spot in Oakland and go in for that extra heavy build session...

I attached some photos just incase you want to peep..

Big up to:

Prize, Angel, Kuf, Refa, Skeme, Brave, Dey, Gir, Lems, Koncrete Gobz, Drasar, Sha, Ground, Cre8, Phade, and Brotha Resek your car is nuts!

We all out here,


*If you look close at the photos you can catch the "Good Morning Vietnam" EP cover artwork from MF GRIMM's latest project. As well as his future artwork for his follow up anticipated release, "The Golden Triangle". *

Cover photo: Drasar Monumental, Kufy, P, Koncrete Gobz.

Day 2:

New Skeme Richards mixtape dropped last week.. I gave it a listen and I recommend you check in. Perfect for some vibeout or even some nice sketch beats...



Thursday, August 1, 2013

New shit..

Peep this clip of Bob B. destroying his back yard Mega Ramp..

Totally nutso if you ask me,