Friday, April 30, 2010

Last nights show.....

Peace yall here is last nights show.. Check in and for those who don't know the trivia question is still unanswered! Big ups to Daze Roc, and Izzy who were in the house, we had a chance to sit down with these brothers and get a few questions in.. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goes down tonight 9PM Sharp!!!

That's right folks it goes down tonight 9PM Sharp.. For those who already watch the show you already know how we get down. For those that haven't checked in i suggest you do. We feature nothing but that NEW & Exclusive underground Hip-Hop, interviews, phone calls, free giveaways, jokes, and Hip-Hop trivia. Tonight we got special guests "The Wildstyle Technicians" in the house with a up close and personal interview you won't want to miss!!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Medea Sirkas...

Robot Destroyer spends 2 weeks with Medea Sirkas documenting this legendary Bay Area dance group at Rock the School Bells 3 and Pro-Am International Hip Hop Conference. Medea Sirkas' members are Fayzo, Boogaloo Dana, Zulu Gremlin, Mr Getdown, and Ladybug. If your not up on this westcoast legendary dance crew do yourself a favor and check in jack!

Cope 2 and Shepard Fairey...

Cope 2 and Shepard Fairey were spotted getting bizz in NY.. Peep the clip and get in the know...

Monday, April 26, 2010

"COo Pics".....

It's about that time for a "Coo Pic" why cause it's a "Coo Pic".. Peep this flick of the young ahki from NSZ Wahset/ TNS Crew who goes by the name Young Prize.. My man is killing them Oakland CA yards.. For those who don't know Prize has been a understudy with the family sense he was 12 yrs old, and now he is 21 and rocking heavy!
You betta ask somebody,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Check in......

9 writers battled in the Bronx, New York City: How, Nosm, Dmote, Nicer, BG, Yes2, Bio, Ces and Revok! They didn't finish but here is the footage.. Stay tuned for part 2!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


God Bless you GURU you and your music will NEVER be forgotten!!!!!!!!!

Bio VS. Ces

Ces met Bio for a battle and left it up to the public to decide the winner. Check the footage and remember don't forget to vote!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Out The Office....

Peace cyberspace im out the office till monday.. Brothers got to shoot out to the San Francisco to handle some Hip-Hop bizz.. When i return i will have a few photos from the trip, and maybe even some footage to go along with it. Much love to all the people who check the blog on the regular..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goes down May 1, 2010...

Here is the official flyer for the jam me and the team are doing for the WST family.. The jam goes down May 1, 2010 and everything is FREE!! Much love to all the people and sponsors who made this event possible..

*click the flyer to get a close up*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Q Bert...

Over the weekend the Live At Yuri jam went down at the Nasa museum and DJ Q-Bert was scheduled to get it in. Here is the footage of the show..

Twist ...

Barry McGee Feature from TheCreativeLives on Vimeo.

One of the most influential artists of his generation Barry McGee aka "Twist" was recently asked to reinstall a work of his at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for their 75th Anniversary retrospective. What ended up happening was an installation that not only incorporated the original work created in 1996 but also sampled new work created days before the installation. In this piece we talk with Barry about the preservation of impermanent art and how reinvention keeps him excited.

NEw Sh*t ....

Here is some new MZK footage you better check in jack!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Check check It Out...

Looks like the Bay Area graff crew TDK is stepping it up for there homeboy with a book for the masses.. You already know this one going to be a westcoast classic!

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

Okay it's Monday morning and it's raining. So today I decided to lace you up with something to get that sunshine to come out in your hood with a little M.P. (Mexican Power) check in.. Seattle own DV ONE dropped a new podcast featuring nothing but that high power latin soul power. Nothing is mixed on it, but the composition and selection is real heavy. I really wish he mixed this project, but reguardless it delivers and it is a good listen. Check in you won't be disappointed!

2 download copy & paste link:

For The Beat Nerds... (quick download new sh*t)

Here is some new shit for all you beat nerds... This beat tape was made by a cat who goes by the name Leonard Dstroy from the Innate Sound Crew. Leonard hails from Kansas and the name of the beat tape is called "Higher Vibration". I attached a clip of dood so you can get a idea to how he gets down... If your digging it then you already know what you need to do!
Happy Monday,

One 2 by leonarddstroymusic

To Download Copy & paste Link:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

DJ Premier dropped a tribute set for the late great Malcolm Mclaren on his "Live From Headqcourterz" radio show. If you didn't get a chance to check the show. Here is the mix for you to check in on it features all them classic joints that made Malcolm who he was as well as some classic samples to fill in the gaps. DJ Premier goes in no doubt flips all them doubles as well as composes the mix very well. Then as a added bonus Panchi and Premoe grab the mics and drop a little science on the 80's and street deejays.
Rest In Paradise,

1. Malcolm McLaren–It Was A New York Phenomenon
2. Sex Pistols–Anarchy In The U.K.
3. Malcolm McLaren–Zulu Nation Party
4. World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) # 1
5. World Famous Supreme Team–Buffalo Gals
6. World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) # 2
7. World Famous Supreme Team–World’s Famous
8. Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team–Do Ya Like Scratchin’ ?
9. Malcolm McLaren (f. KRS-ONE)–Let It Flow (Do Ya Like Scratchin’)
10. Malcolm McLaren–Seeing Bow Wow Wow Show(LIVE)
11. Bow Wow Wow–I Want Candy
12. Malcolm McLaren–42nd Street
13. World Famous Supreme Team–She’s Looking Like A Hobo
14. Art Of Noise–Beat Box (Original Version)
15. Art Of Noise–Close (To The Edit)
16. Malcolm McLaren–EL San Juanera
17. Yes–Owner Of A Lonely Heart
18. Yes–Leave It Art Of Noise–
19. Moments In Love
20. World Famous Supreme Team–Hey DJ
21. Malcolm McLaren (f. Burn One & Forrest Gump)–SHOUT OUTS

To download Copy & paste Link:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Styling on you...

The peoples Kodac Visualz sent me a clip of him getting it in on the freestyle tip.. This went down after the 2010 NAMM show. If you like what you seeing make sure to check out his skratch battle this weekend in Sacramento CA. it's called "Fight Club". Now check the clip and happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

House Shoes got a new beat tape circulating for all you beat nerds.. Just incase you are intrested here is the link.. Instead of me telling you about it I'd figure I let Shoes tell you...

"An Experiment in Instrumentation is definitely one of the stand outs among the beat tapes in my opinion. There is not many words to describe the tape. There is also no lane it can be categorized in. Its a step in a new direction. A step of growth in my production. And most importantly, it's new material for my people. Enjoy, & all feedback is appreciated".

Copy & Paste Link

CHeck check It Out...

Los Angeles had their international Pillow Fight Day, this one looked fun!

Music By: Sylvia - Pillow Talk

Check check It Out...

Here is a clip of the Redbull Big Tune Invitational that went down at the SXSW. Did you get a chance to peep it?? If not then you already know what to do...

Check check It Out...

Peep this clip of the Balcones Burner Bash. This event went down March 6, 2010 in Austin. Twelve artists faced off in a graff battle painting a side of a Balcones rail car.
Check in duke,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

I haven't had a chance to go in on this one just yet. But I figure I post it up and share it with all my FWYH heads.. Check it out and let me know what you think.

01. Talib Kweli & DJ Unexpected – Tilling The Soil
02. Reflection Eternal – Back Again
03. Talib Kweli – Talib Speaks On His Beginnings (Interlude)
04. Talib Kweli – Thin Line (Demo)
05. Talib Kweli – The Manifesto
06. Talib Kweli – Definition (Featuring Mos Def)
07. Talib Kweli – Move Something (DJ Unexpected Remix)
08. Talib Kweli – Respiration (Live Performance) (Featuring Mos Def)
09. Talib Kweli – Outside The Lounge Freestyle
10. Talib Kweli – Get By (DJ Unexpected Remix)
11. Talib Kweli – Good Mourning (DJ Unexpected Remix)
12. The Notorious B.I.G. – Biggie Speaks On Brooklyn (Interlude)
13. Reflection Eternal – The Blast
14. Talib Kweli – Getting My Grown Man On (Unreleased) (Featuring Little Brother)
15. Talib Kweli – Put Ya Stamp On It (Hook & Eye Remix) (Featuring Akrobatik
16. Talib Kweli – Get Em High (DJ Unexpected Remix) (Featuring Common & Kanye West)
17. Talib Kweli – Good To You
18. Talib Kweli – Guerilla Monsoon Rap (Featuring Black Thought, Kanye West & Pharoahe Monch)
19. Talib Kweli – Talib Speaks On J. Dilla (Interlude)
20. Talib Kweli – History (Featuring Mos Def)
21. Talib Kweli – Never Been In Love Before (DJ Unexpected Remix)
22. Talib Kweli – Roll Off Me
23. Talib Kweli – Talib Speaks On His Biggest Misconceptions (Interlude)
24. Talib Kweli – Listen (DJ Unexpected Remix)
25. Talib Kweli – Shade 45 Freestyle
26. Talib Kweli – Take It Back (Featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
27. Talib Kweli – Supreme Supreme (Featuring Mos Def)
28. Talib Kweli – Where It Started (Verse Only)
29. Talib Kweli – Just Begun (Verse Only)
30. Talib Kweli – The Tree Of Knowledge Outro

Copy & Paste Link:

Ewok goes in.....

Ewok 5MH is rocking Tuff City Styles tattoo shop in the Bronx. The video also features a guest appearance by the graffiti writer Key TMB.

Live From HeadQcourterz.... ( Quick Download)

Here is last weeks Live From HeadQCourterz. DJ Premier has some special guests in the house (Nutso & Soul Brothers) . OF course you can expect nothing but bombs when Premier is on the wheels. Now check the tracklist!


1. brown bag all stars–the agenda
2. rytmus–jediny’
3. roc marciano–wuteva wuteva
4. kool sphere–intro
5. nutso (f. royal flush, mic geronimo)–this is my hood
6. joell ortiz–project boy
7. wu massacre(f. method man & raekwon)–mef -vs- chef 2
8. ghetto of st.–fresh out
9. sauce money–snipershot
10. wc–frontline
11. soulbrothas (f. nutso, butta verses)–original rap
12. nick javas–not a game (dj mix version)
13. soulbrothas (f. blaq poet, nygz, krumbsnatcha)–real mc’s
14. eternia (f. joell ortiz)–it’s funny
15. sadat x (f. money boss players)–everybody know
16. nutso–so tired
17. wu massacre (f. method man & ghostface killah)–dangerous
18. marco polo & ruste juxx–(f. rockness of heltah skeltah, freddie foxxx)–take money
19. kool sphere–unconditional

Copy & Paste Link PT 1:

Copy & Paste Link PT 2:

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hip-Hop Moral Episode.... 4/1/10

Here goes last night Battlefield Funk Radio Show we dropped a gang of joints on the masses.. Had our man Zulu Gremz call in and talk about the B-Boy Battle Masters Pro-AM and of course dropped a Hip-Hop Trivia question.. The question is still unanswered so if you know it PLEASE contact us with the proper answer and the Hip-Hop Package is yours in the mail. Big ups to everyone that called in and everyone that check us out live...
Happy Friday,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goes down live TONIGHT

That's right folks it goes down tonight 9PM Sharp.. For those who already watch the show you already know how we get down. For those that haven't checked in i suggest you do. We feature nothing but that NEW & Exclusive underground Hip-Hop, interviews, phone calls, free giveaways, jokes, and Hip-Hop trivia.