Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary Zulu Nation....

You know what time it is?!? It's baack the biggest and longest hip hop celebration of the year the Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary! This event promises to be a great celebration with 3 days of hip hop in its purest form and some of the baddest deejays on this so called planet earth.. Special guests Chuck D. DMC, Grandmaster Caz, Dj Cutman L.G., The Fearless 4, Soul Sonic Force, and so many more pioneers and legends in the house!
Ahki peace,

Buzzzzzz.. Buzzzz...

Here is the Nike SB Dunk Low Premium “Mosquito” that comes in Vanilla, Vermillon Red, and Black Frost featuring a dope speckeled midsole not to mention an insole that has a mosquito on it. With the right hat these could be dangerous....

Monday, October 27, 2008

The 5th ELement.. The Knowledge...

Acclaimed Rock photographer Charles Peterson is back with a new subject - the world of contemporary b-boying/b-girling. With Cypher, Peterson takes a fresh look at this phenomenon with his own brand of fine art documentation: part Larry Fink, part Barbara Morgan, with a heaping dose of the spirit that defined his previous powerHouse monograph, Touch Me I'm Sick. He focuses not only on some of the most radical performances by today's most talented b-boys/b-girls but also on the fans, the sidelines, and the camaraderie of the crews.

get Your Swag Right.....

Twelve Bar has released their latest New Era cap today - the “Stealth” New Era. It is the first New Era cap to be made of Nubuck and its fabrication and color is inspired by the original black Jordan V sneaker. Limited to 100 pieces only


Lacoste Revan3 Hi “Weatherproof” has now been released. The sneaker comes in a brown/purple and a black/green colorway, both looking very solid. Aside from using a nice mix of premium leathers on the upper, the “Weatherproof” series

What Im Pumpin In The Range....

This is what im pumpin in the range ya heard me???

( In No order)

* Madlib - Dil Cosby
* Dave NY Phoreyez Mixtape
* Doomed - Ill Root Mixtape
* House Shoes Live
* Illa J - Yancy Boyz
* Q-Tip - Renassance
* Lakim Shabazz Mixtape
* MF Doom / Madlib - Madvilliany 2
* Shawn Jackson / Giant Panda - New Jack Hustle
* Jay Dee - The Shinning
* Charles Hamilton / Dj Skee And Then They Played Dilla Mixtape

and im out this hoe..

B-Boys Make Noise...

These are the Adidas Gazelle 2 in a royal blue color scheme. The shoe is constructed from a soft suede material along with white accents. The back end features small white Adidas logos that are scattered across the heel area. Pretty smooth for that footwork if you ask me...

Quick Download......

Here is something i thought you enjoy at the office today.. Instead of music this time i decided to hit you off with a flick... Here is a live performance of the Liks putting the smash down with some of their peoples..
Peep It...
Download Here Duke!!!!

Cut Master Cut Fasta......

Here is a recent clip of Grandmaster Flash live on the smash at the London Cafe..
You betta ask somebody....
Also if you don't know cop this Grandmaster Banger..... You betta stop sleeping kid!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check In.......

The new Vapors Magazine is out and Issue 50 features the artwork by artist Futura 2000 on the cover. With his recently held exhibition in L.A., Futura is back on the map, but to me he never left!!!!

All Day I Dream About Sex..

These are the Adidas Celtics Superstars. This shoe celebrates the 2007-2008 championship of the Boston Celtics (17th Championship overall). The gold & green colorway is inspired by the Celtic team colors and the Larry Obrien Championship trophy. The shoe includes the 07-08 championship banner on the tongue, the words “Boston” on the medial of the LEFT shoe and “Celtics” on the medial side of the RIGHT shoe. The foot bed also includes the Celtics mascot, championship trophy and the 17 championship banners. These sneakers will be limited to 500 pairs and will be available on November 1st

Don't Sleep... NEW SH*T...

Deejay Babu from the Beat Junkies just dropped his new Duck Season 3.. For those that are sleeping you better wake your ass up! Babu keeps it extra funky on this project with some nice production, funky cuts, and some special guest cameo's... This project features everyone and anyone that is making some noise in these streets...
Track: The Unexpected feat . MF Doom / Sean P.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stevie Cab.....

This is the Vans Legends Pack which commemorates Steve Caballero’s O.G. status in the game of Sk8 Boarding.. The collection includes his signature Half Cab model along with a Sk8-Hi and an Era. All three appear in black with red Batman-like print on the quarter panel and ankles.

Quick Download....

This one just came in my in box.. This is the new Ruste Juxx mixtape with a couple of cameo's from the BCC.. It's on some stick up shit if you aint knowing...
Download Here KIKO....

More Err Force 1's ...

Nike is set to release the Nike Air Force 1 Mid WP in late November. The ACG inspired Nike Air Force 1 Mid Supreme WP features boot like construction and materials including the water/wind/precipitation repellent 3XDRY material and boot laces. The winterized upper sits on a Blue/Clear midsole and a sticky rubber outsole.

Get Your Swag Right....

Here is MTNOPS newest release with Estate LA, this lid featuring the use of Sherpa fleece, Gore-Tex and Thinsulate. Available soon at both MTNOPS.com and EstateLA.com.

Quick Download.....

Here is a quick download of one of the illest in the game Deejay Jazzy Jeff, live in San Francisco CA. with Madskills on the mic.. This is as hard as it gets on the party rocking tip.. So what you waiting for??? You betta check in!
Download Here Dogs....

New Sh*t....

Rob Swift just dropped this new project entitled Turntable Jazz.. In this project has Lyrics Born hosting, and Rob is putting all types of cuts, and bruises on the tracks.. I kind of digged it, and i appreciate Robs cuts...
Thumbs Up Rob,
Track Title: Nonverbal Communication

Pump Up!! Or Air Out Sucka.....

Reebok worked with some artists on the classic Pump Omni. This first set of three Pump Omni’s seems to have been designed by artist Kanae. He presents three striped designs on the upper, in black/white, blue/white and beige/white. All three come with a fur lining in white and matching white soles. Oh yeah and don't sleep cause each color way is limited to 350 pairs...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back From The Mighty 4 ....

Sup party people, dang talk about in and out... It seemed like i didn't even leave the office.. It sure did feel good to check in with my peoples as well as connect wit some elders and get my build on.. For those who missed the Mighty 4 you missed out, it was a great positive event with kids, and parents in attendance along with a whole lot of hip-hop.. Much respect to Paulskee and the M4 staff for all the love, as well as all the elders, and all my zulu's it was great to see you all! ( Fooders, Gobz, Daze, Drasar, Markass, Refa, Kufu, Ground Level, Dragon, Manny, Cezar, Angel, Lastman)You all charged up my hip hop battery and continue to keep me motivated.. Before i sign off i want to give my brother Zulu Gobz a fat hug for the beautiful gift (Warparty Jacket) it was so unexpected, and very appreciated thank you my brother!!!!

-Zulu P

TWS Prod. @ 23rd Yard Oakland CA....

Here is 2 clips of some bay area kings getting bizz.. These clips feature Raevyn, Crayone, and Picasso co-rocking the 23rd yards at the "Oakland Wall Of Fame", and taking care of that official town biznass! Oh yeah, for those saps that don't know Crayone just got a M4 Appreciation Award..
Much love Cray,
TWS Prod. 23rd Yard 1 of 2

TWS Prod. 23rd Yard 2 of 2

Quick Download...

Your peoples Phonte from Lil Brother just dropped his new podcast from the Gordon G. series.. He got a gang of new music on it as well as a few bangers to keep it moving...
Stop laggin and check in,

Put Them In The Iron Maiden.....

Iron Maiden just dropped their 3rd colab with Vans.. This time around, they are using their Powerslave album cover as inspiration, which originally released back in 1984. The model of choice is the Vans Sk8 Hi, and they feature a blue suede construction with detailed Egyptian artwork on both side panels that coincide with the album cover.

Quick Download....

Your peoples House Shoes dropped a few new podcasts the other week.. This is one of them featuring a live production show(basically all producers are spinning their beats live) with House Shoes, Nick Speed, 14 KT and a few other cats live and direct in Detroit @ Alvins..
You betta check in,

Download Here Duke!

Err Force 1's ....

Here is a flick of one of the hardest AirForce 1's to date.. These are the waterproof Air Force 1 Supremes they come in olive green with a gum sole and white Swoosh. These release October 25th!

New Shepard Fairey Book..

Fairey features works from his 2007 show at the Jonathan Levin Gallery in New York City. The signature political propaganda artworks spread over 140 pages, filled with the usual red, black and tan color schemes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hip-Hop Weekend! (out of town)

All real Hip-Hop heads, B-Boys, and B-Girls know where they got to be this weekend.... That's right in the Sucka Free (San Francisco) for the Mighty 4 Anniversary.. This jam is going to really "do it" due to the fact they got so much damn shit going on it aint even funny! Break Comps, Beat Battles, DJ Battles, Graff, Popping Battles name it! This is going to be the one for Northen Cali for sure.. Also too i heard my nigga Fooders is going to enter the Rap Battle, Beat Battle, and the Skratch Battle!! That's what's up, watch him pull the triple threat and sweep it. HAHA

So just hearing he is going to enter i had to check in! So you know your peoples got to be in the house.. So for the next few days i won't be posting anything up, but i will return with some footage, and some pics for ya'll of the jam.. But before i cut out of here to seek some Hip-Hop i left you some new music to peep..

-Outie 5000 P

Sh*t Im Taking On The Road!

This just popped up out of left field my peoples the Beatnuts got a unreleased project out.. Everyone seems to be dropping unreleased material albums.. But the good thing it is from artists that people actually check for, so it works for everyone. Anyway i haven't had a chance to peep this project cause im getting ready to catch a plane out of here, so now i know my I-pod going to have some proper beats!!
Beatnut PLEASE don't fail me now,
Track: Fluid

The next one in the I-Pod is John Robinson...Yall remember this cat from the Science Of Life? Well he got a new project (mixtape) with MF Doom on production.. So far i liked what i heard, so i have to take this one on the road with me to get a real check in! Here is the first track off the project. I picked this one due to the fact that he talks about himself and so the listener can get a idea what this cat is on...
Track : Outside Prospective

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Might Have To Get This....

Apple announced the other day their all new MacBook line-up. The entire MacBook series was updated in terms of design and also in terms of technology. The most interesting updates include the unibody enclosure, updated graphic cards and the LED display. The new MacBook comes in 13″ and 15″.

B-Boys Make Noise....

The Puma Yo! MTV Raps series continues with the "Stepper". It comes in black and white, with wild patterns that we have already seen in the collection, around the ankle. Overall a solid release, and for the ones that like it a bit more subtle, the neon pink and green will not come out below your denim.

New Sh*t...

Here is a new project from Big Noyd called "Street Kings".. If you are up on Big Noyd then you should already know what to expect.. (gun talk, and paper chasing) For the most part the project is soild, and he does have a few on it for sure with some nice production.. Here is one off the project called "Family"

Coo Pics...

ya'll remember "Coo Pics" ??? Well that is what it is a 'Coo Pic" ..

Get Them Rims Right!

Starks Laces releases their “Trail Pack” collection. The multi-color braided styles are seen in the form of the Step Tech with black,yellow, gray and the Dots with black and white. Check your local Starks dealer for availability as boot-weather approaches.

Element Doing Their Part....

These are the "Conscious Connection Pack".. They are actually eco-friendly sneakers as they were created from materials such as latex, and chemical-free shell textiles which are less harmful to the environment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wu Tang Got A Movie....

Wu-Tang Movie Trailer

Here is a trailer for the newest DVD to hit shelfes. It's called "The Story Of The Wu Tang Clan..
Peep the trailer duke!

Quick Download....

Download Here Dunn Sunn!

Download Here Dunn Sunn!

These came in my in box from my homeboy Markasss.. These are two classic Mix Master Mike Mix Tapes put out around the mid 90's.. These are by far are the most grimmest mixtapes i ever heard! So many samples and concepts these mixtapes are WAY ahead of their time! Also for those who don't know "Rescue 916" was dedicated to the city of Sacramento, (when Mix Master Mike used to live in Sacramento) and the cover art is designed by a ex writer from Sacramento named Rapski...
-Just a little history for you P

Supervillian Pack...

Nike SB is scheduled to release a Super Hero / Villain Pack over the next few months. The models of choice are the Nike Dunk High and Dunk Mid.Included in the pack will be the Nike Dunk High SB - Boba Fett, the Nike Dunk High SB - Storm Trooper, Nike Dunk Mid SB - Storm Trooper, and the Nike Dunk Mid - Batman.

Futura Making Moves....

Futura Laboratories has released the new “Crazy” series of New Era caps. Even though the name of the caps is a bit off, the caps themselves turned out pretty nice. They come with a classic FL logo embroidery on the front and panels in two different colors.

Quest love....

Your peoples Questlove hooked up with Undefeated and is dropping this little combo... First Nike's and now Undefeated, Quest is winning ....

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Lazy Customs....

Lazy will be releasing the Jailbreaker (Series III) denim dunk high.
Its gonna be 'The Last Breaker'.

Release on Sunday, 12 Oct ‘08, 10pm Est.
Limited to 6 pairs only.

New Shit...

Mr. Huge Hefner aka Diamond D. Just dropped a new project called the Huge Hefner Chronicles.. I checked in, and it does have a few funny ones on it for sure.. It also features some pretty smooth production as well... But Diamond sure does sound a little angry on this project.. haha
Here is one off the album called "Dont Beg" Diamond is jive as fu*k for this one...

Graff Battle .....

16 of California's most talented and revered Graffiti Artists in live painting battle. Artists are determined and selected by Estria, a Bay Area Graffiti Legend.
Confirmed Painters (to date):

* Estria
* Bounce (defending champion)
* Done TDK
* Apex BA
* Pose2/Maxx Moses
* Slide TMC
* Max Ehrman/Eon75
* Pryde
* Aero
* Buder ICP/TMF

Also Featuring: Live Outdoor performance by Mosdef!

Vans Halloween Pack... Ya Heard?

Vans got together with retailer CCS on a Halloween Pack. The pack consists of a Vans No Skool Mid 2, t-shirt and matching skateboard deck. The collab is a tribute to 80’s skate thrash graphics and was designed by JP Elliott, exclusively for CCS.

All three pieces in the pack have been printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, making sure you shine when the lights go off.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Kangol.....

Kangol is celebrating this week their 70th anniversary. For the occasion they present the classic 504 hat in a limited edition. It comes in all black wool with white Kangol embroidery in a special packaging and numbered edition.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick Download....

This slipped in the in box the other day.... Your peoples from Detroit Black Milk got a new mixtape to download... It features the usual suspects i.e. Guilty Simpson, Royce Da 5'9, Elzhi, Phat kat, along wit Busta Rhymes, Bishop Lamont and a gang of other cats.. This mixtape is to promote his newest release coming soon, as well as to gear up for his new Caltroit Tour...
Yada Download Here!!