Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adidas 80's Seriers...

Here is the new color skemes for the new Adidas 80's Seriers. These shell tops are more focused for the b-boy.. But any real Adidas junkie knows that once a year Adidas drops these color skemes in late summer.. So go to the dollar store and cop those checker fatlaces to match your rims..

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Sh*t....

By now if you didn't heard Madlib and MF Doom just released Madvillany 2 The Remixes.. I just heard it over the weeekend and for the most part it's a coo listen.. Anyway here is a track off of the project...
One Love,
Track: "3,2,1,4"

Quick Read.....

Ghostface Killa got a new book called "The World According to Pretty Toney," This book features photos, as well as Ghostfaces ethics, business savy, and much more.. Also included with the book is a bonus CD.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is going to be a show for any true westcoast hip hop head. The Legendary graffiti crew out of the Bay Area TDK will be a having a gallery showing @ The Five Ten Studio in Oakland CA. opening reception will be on August 1st and will run till the 30th..

Quick Download....

Just in case you haven't heard by now, Madlib just dropped a quick Motown Mixtape. If you haven't got it yet, here is the link....
Download It Here

Till next time,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Your Damn Swag Right....

Here goes some new threads from the legendary graff writter Futura 2000 and his company Futura Laboratories. With all the Nike SB's getting ready to drop there should really be no problem matching it up..

New Angry Sh*T....

KONGCRETE from The Monsta Island Czars just dropped his new long awaited project"Shackles Off". With production byMonsta Island Czars MeccaGodZilla & Gabarah (junclassic) and special guest appearance by MF GRIMM this album without a doubt will keep you interested. Kongcrete even takes a few shots at his nemesis MF Doom to boot..

Track: "Weasal" Feat. Spiega

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Adidas Pack...

Metro Attitude and Superstar, in a simple black, red, and white colorway. While the Metro Attitude is primarily white, and the Superstar primarily black, these two kicks definitely contrast each other well, and will be great for anywhere.. Exclusive release at Foot Action...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

?uestlove is winning....

Here is the new ?uestlove’s Air Force Ones. There appear to be two individual color schemes, one which features a metallic gold toe and the other a maroon and red toe. Also if you are lucky you will receive a golden ticket which will in able you to get a little something special according to ?uestlove...

Ya Remember Shyheim ??

Shyheim got a new one the track is called "Bottom Up".. Peep the track and watch the video...

Soul Power.........

I been holding on to this track for a while now.. This is the true out definition of SOUL POWER!! Please let me see just one B-Boy DANCE to this track..
Track: Nicole Willis "Holdin On"

Monday, July 21, 2008

The 2009 Swag For The Ladies...

Here are the Nike Air Max BW Classic - Vivid Pink. These rims feature white, black, and vivid pink color scheme. Unfortunately, these rims aren’t slated to release until 2009.

New Sh*t......

This is the new project from the VA native Praverb The Wyse. This cat reminds me of Theory Hazit, he has the same type of values with the strong lyrical content. One of the key points of this album is the fact that Praverb doesn't use any fowl language or kicks any type of ma-ham-bo, ja-ham-bo type sh*t (guns, money, drugs).. Which is really rare these days when it comes to m.c.'s..
Thumbs up Praverb,
Track : "I Grind You Grind" feat. Trinidad
Produced by:Teddy Roxpin

New Sh*t.....

Here is a nice album to bump in the jeep.. This is the new project by the westcoast native Shawn Jackson intitled "First Of All".. I have to say this is a very strong album with some good Detroit production.. I been bumping this one strong for the last week or so... In the meantime here is some of that eardrum medicine for you...
Track: "Strategies" feat. Guilty Simpson

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Jay Dee Track????

Ran across this one and thought I would share it.. This is rumored to be J-Dilla last recorded track before his passing...
Rest In Power,
*Track: "Oxtopus"

Something For The Hip-Hop Collector...

This is the new project by Ben Stokes, Paul Insect, Klim Kozinevich and Scott Wetterschneider of Bigshot Toyworks. They all got together to create and dedicate this toy to Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow yup that's right Cut Chemist and Dj Shadow are winning...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 5th Element ... THE KNOWLEDGE

This clip breaks down the dangers in flouride, Aspartame, and the Agenda 21.. I recommend you peep it, especially if you are not up on it!

Get Your Own Cr8....

Here is the Mighty King Denz co rock shocking it...
Nuff said..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Furry Tales.....

This is a trailor from the up and coming project by Emagen 1(Artist from San Francisco CA.) and Ruben Plaza(film editor from Sacramento CA.)This production is called Furry Tales and is due out late of 08". In the meantime check, check, it out..
Production: Deejay Fooders

Exclusive Footage.......

This is exclusive footage of Egyptian Lover and Afrika Bambaataa doing their thing in Reno, NV. a few months back with King Kamonzi, N.S. Zulu's, Warparty Zulus, S.D. Zulu's and UZN Portland Chapter. This was a sold out crowd of 900 plus people.. Much love to the All City Live staff, and the Northstar Reno Chapter for making this possible..

*Footage Courtesy of: Hek Tek Bronx N.Y. UZN*

About Time.....

Okay those who know me personally know that i am a huge Simpson fan.. So when i seen these i had to share them.. These are the Nike "Marge Simpson" SB Dunk. With Blue Suede to match her hair, yellow to match her skin, and the green Nike swoosh to match her dress.. Then to complete the package the added the "Gum Sole"...I'm surprised Nike didn't release these as a pack with the Homer included, maybe next time...

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Shit....

Here is the unreleased project by Spectac and 9th Wonder. With strong production and good lyrical content this album delivers... Maybe like 2 tracks were released on wax as single, but for the most part it's all unreleased material..
Track title: "Mama Say" the Midi Marc Remix

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saucony Is Winning.....

These are the new Saucony Shadow 6000 Candy Bar Pack. These color skemes were inspired by candy bars, Reeces, Kit Kat, and Snickers, with each sneaker taking on the colors of each of the candy bars.

Happy Anniversary Zulu Nation...

The mighty Universal Zulu Nation celebrates their 35th Anniversary and the 34th Anniversary of Hip-Hop. This years honores are Afrika Bam, James Brown, Sly and The Family Stone, Grandmaster Flash, Grandwizard Theodore, and George Clinton..

For All You Wu Tang Steve's.....

Ghostface Killa colabs with Downsideup and releases "The Starks". Peep out the two classic Ghostface symbols on the tee, the eagle and the Clark Wallabee..

Dj Clark Kent Nike Pack..

These are the Nike Dj Clark Kent 112 Pack. These sneakers are combinding some of the sneaker world’s most popular pattern and color skemes. (cement print, neon and 3M)also included in the pack is the Nike Air Force 1.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Drama King STILL Doing His Thing.....

This is a fairly new track by Cameron intitled "Let The Beat Build" feat. Deejay Kay Slay holding down the boards...
Big up to Kayslay for keeping that B-Boy shit alive!!

Where My Ladies @ ?

Here is a little something for my ladies.. These are the Nike Airforce 1 Octagon 4's. Peep the color skemes, and that embossed pattern design.. Say it with me, "Summertime, is the only time, for party time".

Monday, July 7, 2008

Peace Out Sacramento....

If you haven't heard or if you even care i am FINALLY leaving my hometown of Sacramento CA. By the time you read this i should have all my gear packed and hitting the road.. Where you might ask??? Where ever the Hip-Hop takes me.. But before i go i want to say thankyou to everyone that supported me thru the years.. Much respect to all the Sacramento pioneers that paved the way for me as i tried my hardest to keep that legacy alive.. Now it's someone elses turn to push the Hip-Hop ethics as hard as i did and the pioneers did before me... Once again much love and respect to the entire Sacramento Hip-Hop Community with out you all i couldn't be where I am today..

For The Hip-Hop Collector...

The legendary graffiti writter Futura drops a vinyl sculpture. The Futura tag is made of hot pink vinyl. There will only be 40 pieces available July 18th.

Get Your Swag Right.....

The New York City graf writter DAZE teamed up with Stussy and cameout with this colab project. Not only is the design sick, it is also available in 3 different colors for you hip-hop collectors..(out now)

Summertime buttas...

This is the Vintage Superstar from the Adidas Old / New Pack. They feature a black suede upper along with tan leather stripes, as well as an inner lining constructed from leather. Also, instead of the classic rubber toe. Adidas decided to flip it and went with a suede toe.

Friday, July 4, 2008

New Joint....

Dr. Dre is back this time he is letting Bishop Lamont tell his side of the story.. Classic Dre production with some real grown folks subject matter. Please do yourself a favor and add this one to your crate..
Track: "Grow Up" Feat. Bishop Lamont produced by: Dr. Dre

New Joint....

Here is two new joints on Tame One's new project "Da Ol Jersey Bastard" (an ode to the late great O.D.B.)Peep them out and tell me what you think...
Track 1:"Ha Ha Da Rah Rah" feat Sean Price
Track 2: Catch Me Feat. Del The Funky Homo Sapien

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary San Diego UZN

Much love to all my ahki's, queenz, shaka's, and malika's Happy Anniversary to you all... You know the Northstar Familia will be in the house..

2 To Bang....

Dave’s Quality Meat keeps banging them out.. This is the third and final Nike Blazer that they recently collaborated on. The swag on these are way to much for the other two.. That grey toned safari pattern with a pinch of that yurple.(purple) is doing to much... Say it with me.... "YEEEEE"!
Bape got some summer time joints bailing... Instead of doing all the loud crazy color skemes, this time they kept it classic with The Bape "White Polka Dot Pinstipe Madstas" (or Bapestas) These rims feature patent leather with printed patterns that play off of Bape’s signature white camo print colorway. But here is the kicker ( no pun intended) these are going to be hard to score since they are making them available to residents in Japan with a Bape Membership Cards... Membership cards for shoes ?? WOW!

For The Adidas Freaks.....

Here is a video to promote the upcoming Adidas Consortium AZX Collaboration.. This project pairs up 26 retailers across the world with a different letter of the alphabet to create an Adidas ZX running shoe. The first shoes will be released on August 8th across the world, the collaborators include ACU, Bodega, Colette, D-Mop, Limited Editions, Footpatrol, Goodfoot, and HUF.