Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Hype.... We LIVE! ( Quick download)

Sup everyone?!?! Here is some Friday Hype for you to get you ready for your Hip-Hop weekend. Peep this download of NWA live in in 89', at a concert in Anaheim, CA. The show gets so live that a fight breaks out with the Bloods and Crips while NWA is on stage... People you have to remember in California at this time gangs where at an all time high and it was no joke in Southern California, people were getting it left and right and no one was safe. So when you got thousands of people in one area and NWA live on stage you know shit's bound to go off..

Straight Inta Anaheim (3-24-89)
1. Introduction/Gangsta Gangsta
2. I Ain't Tha 1
3. Fuck Tha Police/Dopeman
4. Dopeman
5. Boyz N The Hood
6. Hard Mutha Fucka
7. Talkin' Shit
8. Easier Said Than Done/Radio/Easy Does It

To Download Copy & Paste Link:

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