Friday, July 15, 2011

B.F.F.R. (quick download)

Everybody has been asking what's up with a new Battlefield Funk Radio Show? Due to me and Drasar busy Hip-Hop schedules we have not been able to do one. But PLEASE know this we are both holding a ton of new music and we have been itching to get back in effect mode. S0 please bare with us as we look to do a new show in the next two weeks or so.

But in the meantime here is a old archived show that has never been released for download. This show was done last year (1/14/10) and in this show we feature a ton of new Hip-Hop. My man Drasar opens up the show and drops a ton of blends and keeps it real heavy in the cr8's. We also drop a Hip-Hop trivia question, and we pay homage to a fallen souljah ( Teddy P. ) Then the 2nd half of the show Drasar wants me to go in, so I drop a ton of new heat that was out at the time as well as flip in a few records off the fly.

*Once again these shows are all off the dome, we have no playlists, nor any idea what we are going to do, say, or even play.. This show is 100% ORGANIC HIP-HOP!*

To Download MP3 Of This Show : Copy &Paste Link:

Here is the whole entire LIVE footage of the show(1/14/10) incase you want to check the tapes!

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