Thursday, December 5, 2013


While you were eating your turkey and cranberry sauce the GFC crew was celebrating and giving back to there culture (Hip-Hop). Every year the GFC crew rocks for the hood and spits jewels on the true meaning of "Thanks Taking." What did you do?!?!

*I didn't get a chance to make it out this year but my brotha Kufu still gave me a shout, SOMEONE CARES!*

Click pics for close up's

As a added bonus just incase you been sleeping on the crew... Here is a 2 hr. all live mix I did about a month ago for the crew.. Nothing but that underground grime for that proper eardrum medicine!

1) Fat Joe - "The Shit Is Real" DJ Premier Remix
2) J-Twice - "It's Going Down Sucka"
3) Scum - "Scum Live"
4) MF Grimm - "If You Don't Know"
5) Roc Marciano - "By The Book"
6) DJ Spinna - "Dillagence"
7) Pretty Tone Capone - "Marked For Death"
8) Lord Finesse - "Isn't He Something"
9) Rock La Flow - "Wreckamic"
10) Magnificent Shakeem - "You Better Be Treacherous"
11) The Wizard Of Rap - "Escape From East New York"
12) T.D.S. MOB - "What's This World Coming To"
13) Hitman - "Mental Pressure"
14) Geo & Ricochet - "This Is How It's Done"
15) T.D.S. MOB - "The Rhyme You're About To Hear Is True"
16) The P. Brothers Feat. Boss Money - "Blam Blam For Nottingham"
17) Constant Deviants - "Fulton Street"
18) Fla Fla - "Master Movement"
19) Madlib - "Young Blood"
20) Constant Deviants - "Problem Child"
21) Brothers Of The Mind - "Stop Schemin"
22) Finsta Bundy - "WTF"
23) All Natural - "50 Years"
24) Father Don - "Piece Of The Action"
25) P. Brothers Feat. Milano - "Got It On Me"
26) Big L. - " Give It To Em L."
27) Blvd Mosse - "Can't Eecape The Hypeness"
28) Nardo Ranks - "Gun Pon Cock"
29) Asher D. & Daddy Freddy - "Ragga Muffin Hip-Hop"
30) Stezo feat. Dooley O. - "Piece Of The Pie"
31) Psycho Les - "Psychodelic Shit" Mobb Deep Remix *Planet Rocker Blend*
32) ORF Big Band - "La Serena" 
33) Kashmere Stage Band - "I Wish -Pt. 1."
34) Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - Scorpio
35) Frankie Gee - "Date With The Rain"
36) Voices Of East Harlem - "Take A Stand"

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