Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hip-Hop Morale.....

For the last week or so Prize out of Oakland, CA. has been just sketching up a ton of stickers lately. Last night my man sent me a sticker of Lord Finesse that he just whipped up.. Soon as I seen it I bugged out with no hesitation... Then asked him if he could whip up a Bam? Then the next morning (today) I wake up and he sent me a pic of a Bam sticker. Talk about quick work in no way shape or form did I think he was going to do it so fast....  Now if that ain't Hip-Hop morale I really don't know what it is?! 

Dope work Prize,

*Crazy thing is he will stick them up. *

*click pics to get close ups*

Peep Prize Here:

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