Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Free.... ( quick download )

Over the weekend I was able to sit back GET FREE and create with no distractions and damn it sure did feel good.. Being able to just turn up the Hip-Hop to level 10, sit on my milk crate and draw was well needed.. (refer to pic above) During my drawing session I started thinking about my GFC famz and started thinking about how they would appreciate some Hip-Hop while they are sketching. So right then and there I decided to lay down a quick mix for my famz on the Wheelz Of Steel. Plus too after I laid down my sketch it just felt right to lay a mix down.. Then again that's what Hip-Hop heads do when they get in a zone. (They just want to continue to create) So all I could do is respect my zone and just ride..

So with that being said here is the mix for your enjoyment.. Its all off the top of the dome on some 1 take type shit, with no scripts and no mistakes allowed! In the mix I used wax and Serato.. Cats always want to bitch about Serato or claim to be some exclusive wax deejays.. But little do they know that's some corn ball talk, cause nowadays NO ONE CARES! If that was the case cats would be pushing skills and technique more then just being a exclusive deejay.. So I figure I would flip it with both NOW WHUT?!? CORN BALLS... HAHA!!!!!
Happy Monday,

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