Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hip-Hop Weekend! (out of town)

All real Hip-Hop heads, B-Boys, and B-Girls know where they got to be this weekend.... That's right in the Sucka Free (San Francisco) for the Mighty 4 Anniversary.. This jam is going to really "do it" due to the fact they got so much damn shit going on it aint even funny! Break Comps, Beat Battles, DJ Battles, Graff, Popping Battles name it! This is going to be the one for Northen Cali for sure.. Also too i heard my nigga Fooders is going to enter the Rap Battle, Beat Battle, and the Skratch Battle!! That's what's up, watch him pull the triple threat and sweep it. HAHA

So just hearing he is going to enter i had to check in! So you know your peoples got to be in the house.. So for the next few days i won't be posting anything up, but i will return with some footage, and some pics for ya'll of the jam.. But before i cut out of here to seek some Hip-Hop i left you some new music to peep..

-Outie 5000 P

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