Monday, October 20, 2008

Back From The Mighty 4 ....

Sup party people, dang talk about in and out... It seemed like i didn't even leave the office.. It sure did feel good to check in with my peoples as well as connect wit some elders and get my build on.. For those who missed the Mighty 4 you missed out, it was a great positive event with kids, and parents in attendance along with a whole lot of hip-hop.. Much respect to Paulskee and the M4 staff for all the love, as well as all the elders, and all my zulu's it was great to see you all! ( Fooders, Gobz, Daze, Drasar, Markass, Refa, Kufu, Ground Level, Dragon, Manny, Cezar, Angel, Lastman)You all charged up my hip hop battery and continue to keep me motivated.. Before i sign off i want to give my brother Zulu Gobz a fat hug for the beautiful gift (Warparty Jacket) it was so unexpected, and very appreciated thank you my brother!!!!

-Zulu P

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