Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Download.....

Okay i been sitting on this one for a little while cause i really wanted to listen to it (due to all the hype that was on it) so me being me i had to check in and go in at the same time.. This mixtape was exclusively dropped through and put together by Mike Waxx, rumor had it that it was a year in the making mixtape.. So automatically i had to really peep it and see what the heck is going down.. It's got its up and downs and some jive remixes,blends, and some new Doom tracks.. Most of the production is by Doom, with some different approaches.. The main complaint i got is they call it a mixtape, but NOT one track is mixed.. So i think they should have called it a compilation NOT a mixtape.. But i give the deejay some credit he had some coo blends, and the deejay let some of his peoples spit on some tracks so they can shine as well.. Peep it out and ya'll let me know what you think..
Download Here

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