Monday, September 8, 2008

Back In The Mix.....

Well I am back at headquarters and done with the Rock The Bells Tour (WOW brothers are tired). I checked in with a few of my peoples, and also built with some new peoples establishing contacts on the way.. It just feels good to be home relaxing and catching some real sleep in my own bed.. I got a few weeks off so I am just going to make the best of my time, practice heavy on the decks, keep up the knowledge, and still try my hardest to keep the new info popping on the blog..

But before i check out, i want to say big up to my man Drasar, you did your thing baby paw! (i still can hear the M.O.P. banging in my head!!) Also much love to all the brothers and sisters of the Zee, it was nice building and meeting you all.. Last but never the least, thanks Bams for the opportunity and all the support you give us all it's always a blessing to build with you and all the family!
See ya'll in N.Y. Ahki Peace,

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