Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ear To The Street.....

Okay here is another column I am adding to the blog this column is called "Ear To The Streets". On this column I focus on some street news so to set it off is no other then Mr Ladies Love Cool J himself.. Mr. Cool J. hooked up with Sears and came out with a clothing line for the youth.. "Making affordable clothes for the inner city kids" according to Mr. Cool J... As long as there is no skull heads, or cross bones then ill support it.. Cause the last thing i need to see or any other person needs to see is that Skull & Crossbones bullsh*t.. Those are the sucka's who hide the keys from us all.. If you don't know what i am talking about then you best do your homework..

Also in the news MF Doom, has a new project coming out called "Born Into This", this will be his newest album in 3 years. This project will feature production by Dilla and Dangermouse, as well as have special guest appearances by Ghostface, and Rae. The album is scheduled to drop mid October... Hopefully his fans check for him, cause all the tom foolery Doom has been pulling on his fans is differently going to take a karate chop on his cake no doubt about that..

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