Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Put A Zee On It .. #2

Just incase you aint up on this Zulu bizz.. Here is the official NYC Zulu Nation Blog for you to check in on.. The blog features lessons, UZN NYC bizz, as well as some other things that just might interest you!
Ahki Peace,

Peep The Blog Here:

*props to K. Skool*

VISUAL CAFFEINE episode #1 from SEN ONE UZN on Vimeo.

As a added bonus my brother Sen from NYC UZN/NS sent me a link to his new project called "Visual Caffeine". This is a public access show that my man puts together out of his own time to spread the light on all this Zee bizz... ENJOY!

*Salute to you SEN and keep banging out that work!*

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