Monday, October 14, 2013

We Out Here.... *Estria 2013 Battle*

Sup all you Hip-Hop junkies?!?!

I just got back from the 2013 Estria Battle that took place in Oakland, CA. The event went down successful nothing but good vibes, good people, and fat asses! Wow the butt science in Oakland is heavy, if you ask me.. =) (but that is another blog post haha..) It just felt so good to check in on some live Hip-Hop and build with crew..

Anyway here are some pics that I took of some of the pieces that I was feeling..



Big ups:

Kufy X, Toons, Prize, Brave, Gir, Drasar, Fooders, Seca, The GF Young Lords, Resek, and Often for holding us down and always showing us those proper check in's..  # Long Live Hip-Hop!

Thanks Kufy for the Estria Piece Book!

*This years word was "Dream" artists had 10a.m. -3p.m. to finish and everything must be off the dome.*

Young GFC Lords repping for the new generation of writer's.

Kufu 1 Get'n Free...

Doves showing the West how the East gets down..

"Artist Unknown"


Vendetta Check in, HAHA!

The next day even caught the homie Kebs rocking in SF, CA.  FWYH see's you kid!

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