Friday, October 11, 2013

NEW SHIT... (Quick Download)

Peace everybody,

I made a morale mix for my crew so they have some beats to sketch with... After shooting it to them on some underground shit they all responded back with that proper feedback. Then the next thing I know one of the members (Kufu) made me a little cover for it and blessed it with a name and the rest is history..

So here it is all my cyber Hip-Hop homies, it's nothing crazy but it is ALL LIVE, 2 hours long and nothing but Hip-Hop morale!

Anyway enjoy the mix and salute to all those that check the blog and support me,

-Get'n Free Constantly
-Northstar Zulu
-Vendetta Vinyl

*Big up to all the independent labels putting out that fly shit*


1) Fat Joe - "The Shit Is Real" DJ Premier Remix
2) J-Twice - "It's Going Down Sucka"
3) Scum - "Scum Live"
4) MF Grimm - "If You Don't Know"
5) Roc Marciano - "By The Book"
6) DJ Spinna - "Dillagence"
7) Pretty Tone Capone - "Marked For Death"
8) Lord Finesse - "Isn't He Something"
9) Rock La Flow - "Wreckamic"
10) Magnificent Shakeem - "You Better Be Treacherous"
11) The Wizard Of Rap - "Escape From East New York"
12) T.D.S. MOB - "What's This World Coming To"
13) Hitman - "Mental Pressure"
14) Geo & Ricochet - "This Is How It's Done"
15) T.D.S. MOB - "The Rhyme You're About To Hear Is True"
16) The P. Brothers Feat. Boss Money - "Blam Blam For Nottingham"
17) Constant Deviants - "Fulton Street"
18) Fla Fla - "Master Movement"
19) Madlib - "Young Blood"
20) Constant Deviants - "Problem Child"
21) Brothers Of The Mind - "Stop Schemin"
22) Finsta Bundy - "WTF"
23) All Natural - "50 Years"
24) Father Don - "Piece Of The Action"
25) P. Brothers Feat. Milano - "Got It On Me"
26) Big L. - " Give It To Em L."
27) Blvd Mosse - "Can't Eecape The Hypeness"
28) Nardo Ranks - "Gun Pon Cock"
29) Asher D. & Daddy Freddy - "Ragga Muffin Hip-Hop"
30) Stezo feat. Dooley O. - "Piece Of The Pie"
31) Psycho Les - "Psychodelic Shit"  Mobb Deep Remix *Planet Rocker Blend*
32) ORF Big Band - "La Serena" 
33) Kashmere Stage Band - "I Wish -Pt. 1." 
34) Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band - Scorpio
35) Frankie Gee - "Date With The Rain" 
35) Voices Of East Harlem - "Take A Stand"

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