Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Sh*t .... (Quick Download)

DJ Premier dropped a tribute set for the late great Malcolm Mclaren on his "Live From Headqcourterz" radio show. If you didn't get a chance to check the show. Here is the mix for you to check in on it features all them classic joints that made Malcolm who he was as well as some classic samples to fill in the gaps. DJ Premier goes in no doubt flips all them doubles as well as composes the mix very well. Then as a added bonus Panchi and Premoe grab the mics and drop a little science on the 80's and street deejays.
Rest In Paradise,

1. Malcolm McLaren–It Was A New York Phenomenon
2. Sex Pistols–Anarchy In The U.K.
3. Malcolm McLaren–Zulu Nation Party
4. World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) # 1
5. World Famous Supreme Team–Buffalo Gals
6. World Famous Supreme Team Show on (WHBI) # 2
7. World Famous Supreme Team–World’s Famous
8. Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team–Do Ya Like Scratchin’ ?
9. Malcolm McLaren (f. KRS-ONE)–Let It Flow (Do Ya Like Scratchin’)
10. Malcolm McLaren–Seeing Bow Wow Wow Show(LIVE)
11. Bow Wow Wow–I Want Candy
12. Malcolm McLaren–42nd Street
13. World Famous Supreme Team–She’s Looking Like A Hobo
14. Art Of Noise–Beat Box (Original Version)
15. Art Of Noise–Close (To The Edit)
16. Malcolm McLaren–EL San Juanera
17. Yes–Owner Of A Lonely Heart
18. Yes–Leave It Art Of Noise–
19. Moments In Love
20. World Famous Supreme Team–Hey DJ
21. Malcolm McLaren (f. Burn One & Forrest Gump)–SHOUT OUTS

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