Monday, January 3, 2011

Hip-Hop Morale Sessions... 2011 shots!

Over the New Years weekend I ended clicking up with my fams to have a little fun in the concrete jungle. Like I said before I refuse to sit on my ass talking all this and that how Hip-Hop changed and all this "shoulda- woulda" talk going in the New Year. I refuse to be on that level nor any type of wierdo politics that surround that type of behavior.. This year I have witness so much bullshit, cornball behavior, and out of pocket talk that it sickend me to a all time high. So to end the year off right some of the Northstar fams had to get together and do what we do, HIP-HOP.

What originally was only going to be 3 people on the low-low "Hip-Hop Morale Session" ended up being like 10 Zeez total, HAHA! Then again I know my NSZ's and when it comes to the brothers getting together cats are going to get wind and some phone calls are going to be made amongst the family.. Then again everyone knows if NS Zeez click up it's about to be all jokes, morale, and tons of Hip-Hop. So why would you not want to be in the house? Plus too, no one really gets me hype other then my brothers. So with that being said I want to say big ups to all of them and thank them all for there continued patience with me and the opportunities that they give me to learn from them and better myself in such a beautiful culture as Hip-Hop..
I love you all,

Shouts out 2: Refa 1, Drasar Monumental, Kufy X, Sha 1, Daze Roc, Manny, Ground Level, K-Shabazz, Migs, Fooders, Jess, Michelle, and Lady D. for setting off the New Years on the proper direction!

Big ups to the rest of my famz that couldn't make it out: Jewels, Justin, Joey, Vince, Cantos, Gobz, Foots, Epik, Gina, Nino, Riff Raff, Psol, Bron, Cold Chris, Kamos, Borg, Jamal, Matt Cash, Mikey Ice, Zulu Roach, Rob Loot, Bas 1, and Young Prize.. One love to you all and Happy ZEE Year!

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