Monday, May 10, 2010

Trackside Burnerz Radio Show.. (quick download)

Sometimes it really amazes me on how Hip-Hop really connects people. About a month ago i was surfing the internet and ran across a website called Deep After surfing the site i ran across a real nice radio show called Trackside Burnerz. After looking into the show i connected with the DJ who runs the show who goes by the name DJ Philly out of London UK. After doing some real heavy building with Philly it all made sense on why i was digging his show.. My man is real level headed and had a passion for Hip-Hop, and he serves up some nice selections.. His monthly radio show is dedicated to the writter's with music themed for the late night missions. Philly also pays mad homage to all the elements making for a real solid show. I recommend you check him out you just might like what you hear.

DJ pHiLLy intro
Illmind - Majic Night
Professor Green - Reefer Dreaming
Bekay (ft R.A. The Rugged Man) - Pipe Dreams
Soulful! - Oh It's Never
Percee P - The Woman Behind Me (Remix Instrumental)
Reks/ODB blend - Rise (inst)/Shimmy Shimmy ya
Keith Lawrence - Ripple
Cimer Amor (ft Tone Love of Tuff Crew and Dj Saint B) - Reaquainted
Masta Ace (ft Punchline) - get U
Kenn Star (ft Oddisee) - Q & A
Rahzel - Super Dee Jay
Homeliss Derelix - Survivin' The Game
PROSE - I gotta
Harry Love - U & I
GURU dedication
•Mostly the voice
•Just to get a rep
•Above the clouds
•Say your prayers
•Full clip (inst) - cuts Oakley Benitez (Family First Soundsystem)
•Guru - Lifesaver (premo remix)
Killah Priest - B.I.B.L.E
DJ Babu - Blackfoot
Thes One - The 6th Cup
Quasimoto - 24-7 (inst)
PROSE - The crew

To peep Philly and the Trackside Burnerz Show Copy & Paste Link:

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