Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Damn I be lagging like a mutha fu*ka when it comes to updating the blog...

 I just have been reaching in deep to stay creative and trying my hardest to keep my personal morale up. Sometimes it's real hard to do, especially these days this year has been radical as f*ck! So I try my hardest to just stay up on my studies and keep trying to progress no matter what. ( they can't take that away)

I'm actually going to be clicking up with the Vendetta Posse to go on a little Hip-Hop Holiday.... It's been a minute since I even played out on some DJ shit. I'm actually really looking forward to just playing all that super greasy, hard knock drum shit, loud as fuck... I don't really DJ as much these days. (cool off the politricks and extras) So I just tend to stay in my own world but I couldn't resist with these types of doods on the road I know it's going to be JIVE AS FUCK... HAHA!

Anyway see you in the battlefield brothas &sistah's


* Shout out to "Dazeroc" " Eran" and the entire GFC CREW...  Special shout out to my cuzzo Prize we stay building!!!!!!!!

*click pics to get close ups*