Saturday, July 4, 2015

Funk The 4th....

While you out there blowing shit up and celebrating American Independence.. I will choose to better myself and continue to push myself  in anyway, shape, or form to keep that Hip-Hop morale up. No matter how wack the scene gets and how thirsty people become. I will continue to choose to lock myself up in my little Hip-Hop sanctuary to practice, create and progress!

*Happy 1 year of painting to me!


Don't get it twisted, I will get in that ass on some deejays shit! 20 years on that strong best believe that... I just don't play out as much due to all the thirst and direction it has gone.. But PLEASE best believe I practice on a daily(skratching, mixing, trick mixing) and still dig more then ever! (always looking for the perfect beat)  I just got into writing again to keep the Hip-Hop spirit up and for the challenge.

-Salute to all those who still rock for all the right reason, NOT to be the man but just cause you love how Hip-Hop makes you feel!

*Damn i need to update more! =/

*Click the pic for close up*